Low-conductivity micro-sensor and method for applying same

A micro-sensor, low-conductivity technology, used in fluid resistance measurement and other directions, can solve problems such as weak ability to shield external signals, and achieve the effects of improving anti-pollution ability, good shielding effect, and simple structure

Active Publication Date: 2018-01-12
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] In order to solve the deficiencies in the prior art, the present invention provides a low-conductivity microsensor, which solves the technical problems in the pri...
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The invention discloses a low-conductivity micro-sensor and a method for applying the same. The low-conductivity micro-sensor comprises a substrate, a circular current electrode, annular voltage electrodes, an annular grounding electrode and electrode bonding pads. The current electrode, the voltage electrodes and the grounding electrode are sequentially concentrically arranged on the same surfaceof the substrate from the inside to the outside; the electrode bonding pads are positioned on the surface, which is opposite to the electrodes, of the substrate and is connected with the various electrodes by lead wires, the voltage electrodes comprise six concentric circular rings with equal widths, the concentric circular rings are equidistantly distributed and are sequentially a first electrode, a second electrode, a third electrode, a fourth electrode, a fifth electrode and a sixth electrode from the inside to the outside, the first voltage electrode comprises the first electrode, the third electrode and the fifth electrode, and the second voltage electrode comprises the second electrode, the fourth electrode and the sixth electrode. The method includes that the annular grounding electrode is used for shielding external electromagnetic interference when the low-conductivity micro-sensor is used, excitation current signals are applied to the circular current electrode, voltages between the two voltage electrodes are measured, and the conductivity of liquid can be obtained by means of computing. The low-conductivity micro-sensor and the method have the advantages that influenceon measurement results due to water flow directions can be prevented by the circular and annular electrodes, the electrodes and the to-be-measured liquid have large contact areas, and accordingly themeasurement precision can be improved.

Application Domain

Fluid resistance measurements

Technology Topic

Electromagnetic interferenceAccuracy and precision +4


  • Low-conductivity micro-sensor and method for applying same
  • Low-conductivity micro-sensor and method for applying same
  • Low-conductivity micro-sensor and method for applying same


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Example Embodiment

[0024] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the drawings. The following embodiments are only used to illustrate the technical solutions of the present invention more clearly, and cannot be used to limit the protection scope of the present invention.
[0025] A low-conductivity microsensor, which is characterized in that it includes a substrate 1, a circular current electrode 201, a circular voltage electrode, a circular ground electrode 208, and an electrode pad; the current electrode 201, voltage electrode, and ground electrode 208 are concentrically arranged on On the same surface of the substrate 1, there are current electrodes 201, voltage electrodes, and ground electrodes 208 from the inside to the outside; the electrode pads are arranged on opposite surfaces of the electrodes of the substrate 1; The through hole; the through hole axis is coplanar, and the through hole is filled with a lead; the lead connects each electrode and each electrode pad; the voltage electrode includes a first voltage electrode and a second voltage electrode.
[0026] The voltage electrode includes six concentric rings of equal width and equidistant distribution, from the inside to the outside, the first ring 202, the second ring 203, the third ring 204, the fourth ring 205, and the fifth ring. 206 and the sixth ring (207); the first voltage electrode includes a first ring 202, a third ring 204, and a fifth ring 206; the second voltage electrode includes a second ring 203, a fourth ring A ring 205, a sixth ring 207; the electrode pads of the first ring 202, the third ring 204, and the fifth ring 206 are connected to form a first voltage electrode pad 402; the second ring 203 The electrode pads of the fourth ring 205 and the sixth ring 207 are connected to form a second voltage electrode pad 403; the first voltage electrode pad 402 and the second voltage electrode pad 403 are distributed on the current electrode pad 401 On both sides.
[0027] The substrate 1 is FR4 or LCP.
[0028] The current electrode 201, the voltage electrode, the ground electrode 208 and the electrode pad are all made of nickel material with gold plated on the surface.
[0029] The current electrode pad 401 is connected to the signal generator, the first voltage electrode pad 402 and the second voltage electrode pad 403 are connected to a voltmeter, and the ground electrode pad 404 is grounded.
[0030] When in use, first put the above-mentioned low-conductivity microsensor into the liquid to be measured, and then ground the ground electrode pad 404, so that a shielding area is formed inside the ring ground electrode 208, and the circles of the center current electrode and the two voltage electrodes The rings are all in the shielding area, which can eliminate the influence of external electromagnetic interference factors on the internal electrodes to the greatest extent. The start signal source sends out an AC excitation current signal I, the current signal I is conducted to the central current electrode 201, an alternating electric field is generated between the central current electrode 201 and the annular ground electrode 208, and two voltage electrodes are used to detect the voltage V of the alternating electric field. . Since each electrode is ring-shaped or circular, compared with electrodes of other shapes, under the same driving conditions, a greater proportion of the electric field can be detected, so the measurement sensitivity is higher.
[0031] During the measurement, the amplitude of the measured voltage needs to be maintained by the operational amplifier feedback circuit, and the conductivity of the measured water body is obtained by the following formula:
[0033] In the formula, K is the conductivity cell constant.
[0034] The above are only the preferred embodiments of the present invention. It should be pointed out that for those of ordinary skill in the art, without departing from the technical principles of the present invention, several improvements and modifications can be made. These improvements and modifications It should also be regarded as the protection scope of the present invention.


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