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In measurement of a set, accuracy refers to closeness of the measurements to a specific value, while precision refers to the closeness of the measurements to each other.

Circular target circular center positioning method

The invention discloses a circle center locating method of a circular target, mainly relating to a great deal of target identification and target location. Firstly, rough circle center location is carried out to an image by using a simple contour centroid method, a key square region is extracted as a region of interest according to the information of a rough location circle center and a rough location radius, and pixel-level edge location is carried out to the circular target in the region of interest by a canny operator; then sub-pixel location is carried out to the circular target according to the geometric features and the gray information of the circle, therefore, a precise coordinate of sub-pixel edge points is obtained; after that, a curvature filtering method and an average filtering method are respectively used for filtering 'isolated points' and noise occurring in the sub-pixel edge points; finally, a least squares method is utilized to fit a circle to the filtered sub-pixel edge points so as to obtain the final circular center and radius. The method not only effectively improves the precision of circle center location, but also improves the robustness thereof, thus further improving the measurement precision of a measurement system and perfecting the stability of the measurement system.
Owner:南通欧特建材设备有限公司 +1

Object three-dimensional contour outline measuring set and measuring method

ActiveCN101451826AUniform light intensity at the spectral pointImprove energy utilizationUsing optical meansInformation processingMeasurement device
An object three-dimensional outline measurement device and a measurement method are disclosed, the device is composed of a laser diode, a lens, an aperture diaphragm, a two-dimensional Dammam grating, a cylindrical mirror and an area array CCD camera, a transmission line and a computer, the connection relationship therebetween is as below: a beam emitted by the laser diode passes through the lens, the aperture diaphragm, the two-dimensional Dammam grating, and the cylindrical mirror sequentially to form one-dimensional projection array stripes, which illuminates the surface of an objective to be measured, the area array CCD camera collects the grating projection strips modulated by three-dimensional digital shape on the surface of the measured objective and outputs the strips to the computer via the transmission line, the computer includes an image collecting interface, image collecting software and three-dimensional measurement information reconstruction algorithm software. The invention has, by utilizing the Fourier transform three-dimensional outline measurement structure, the advantages of high energy utilization rate, simple measurement structure, high measurement precision, convenient computer reconstruction information processing and great easiness for operation.

Optical measurement system and method for three-dimensional shape of large-scale complex curved surface member

ActiveCN106959080AIntegrity guaranteedGuaranteed measurement efficiencyUsing optical meansGratingData integrity
The invention provides an optical measurement system and method for a three-dimensional shape of a large-scale complex curved surface member. The method is based on binocular optical grating projection measurement technologies, point cloud poses of all station positions during multiple station position measurement are obtained via a laser tracker and a corresponding target ball, point cloud obtained via the multiple station position measurement is converted to be under a unified laser tracker coordinate system according to corresponding pose data, and overall merging of point cloud data of a large-scale complex surface-shaped member can be realized; in the system, a six degree-of-freedom robot is used as a carrier for a point cloud space pose tracking unit and a binocular structured light measurement device, single station position measurement precision is ensured via calibration of the binocular structured light measurement device before measurement work starts, and data integrity and measurement efficiency are ensured via measurement route planning. Via the optical measurement system and method, all kinds of large-scale complex surface-shaped members can be accurately measured in non-contact conditions; practical, reliable and complete original three dimensional shape data can be provided for evaluation of all kinds of processing quality.

Method and apparatus for using residual energy in a battery-powered computer

Methods and apparatus are described for providing a time-based warning indicating that the energy capacity of a primary energy source of a battery-powered computer has discharged to a low level, and using residual energy of the primary energy source to perform at least one pre-cutoff function. The time-based warning ensures that the warning is provided in a timely manner by overcoming problems caused by analog to digital converter voltage measurement accuracy limitations and flat battery operating voltage versus discharge curves. The primary energy source can be a rechargeable battery, which can also be the sole energy source for the computer. The battery provides power to operate the computer until the battery voltage discharges to the cutoff voltage. The methods and apparatus provide advantages because they reserve the residual energy in the battery to perform at least one pre-cutoff function within a first duration before the battery discharges to the cutoff voltage. For example, the residual energy can be used to retain data stored in the computer between opportunities to charge the battery. Some embodiments of the invention include hardware resources coupled with the processor to lock out power and application activation when the rechargeable battery has discharged to a predetermined hardware lockout voltage. The value of the hardware lockout voltage can be based on the battery retaining a residual energy sufficient for performing the corresponding pre-cutoff function within an amount of time that is expected to enable the user to perform the function.

Device and method for measuring swelling representation parameters of swelling soil

The invention discloses a device and method for measuring swelling representation parameters of swelling soil. The device for measuring the swelling representation parameters of the swelling soil comprises a sample container, a soil body permeation coefficient measurement part, a jacking cylinder applying a vertical load, a dial indicator for testing a swelling soil sample to generate vertical deformation, and a deformation pipe used for testing water seepage coefficients of the swelling soil. The method comprises the steps of: immersing the swelling soil sample into water for swelling stably, measuring the water seepage coefficients; and then electrically heating the swelling soil sample to ensure that the swelling soil sample is dehydrated and contracted stably, and measuring the permeation coefficients of the swelling soil. Therefore, the invention can be used for measuring water seepage and permeation coefficients of the swelling soil in a repeatedly-swelling deformation process by controlling temperature and water content changes of the swelling soil sample in the sample container so as to reflect the change of a fracture and a soil body structure inside the soil body of the swelling soil in the repeatedly-swelling deformation process. In addition, the sample container of the device is connected with an external pipeline through each joint arranged on the sample container, therefore, data measurement in an experiment process is facilitated, and measurement precision of data is increased.

Physical coordinate positioning method based on binocular vision

The invention discloses a physical coordinate positioning method based on binocular vision. The physical coordinate positioning method comprises the following steps: S1) setting a left camera and a right camera, establishing a coordinate system of a camera model, and obtaining a conversion relationship between the coordinate system of the camera model and a world coordinate system; S2) extracting a feature point, and obtaining a pixel coordinate of the feature point in a left image and a right image; and S3) calculating a space coordinate of the feature point in the world coordinate system. The left camera and the right camera are used for simulating two eyes, the coordinate system conversion model is established, then, each image shot by the two cameras is subjected to feature point extraction and pixel coordinate calculation, the pixel coordinate is converted into a theoretical coordinate of the camera model, and finally, the space coordinate of a target point is calculated. Measurement accuracy and efficiency is improved, and binocular coordinate positioning can have a better application prospect in the fields including an eye-in-hand system of an industrial robot, industrial cutting, logistics transportation business, packaging business, optical detection and processing and the like.

Metro tunnel fracture surface deformation detection system

ActiveCN101943577AWith long-term useWith automatic monitoringMeasurement devicesRailway auxillary equipmentData processing systemEngineering
The invention discloses a metro tunnel fracture surface deformation detection system, belonging to the tunnel engineering monitoring technical field. The system comprises a fracture surface scanning device, a mileage positioning device, an electrical equipment control device, a power source, a track detection vehicle and a station data processing system, wherein, the fracture surface scanning device, the mileage positioning device and the electrical equipment control device are arranged on the track detection vehicle; the power source is respectively connected with the fracture surface scanning device, the mileage positioning device and the electrical equipment control device through a power source convertor to supply power for the fracture surface scanning device, the mileage positioning device and the electrical equipment control device; a PLC controller is arranged in the electrical equipment control device; a rotary coder in the mileage positioning device, a sensor in the fracture surface scanning device and a rotary table stepped driver are respectively connected with the PLC controller; the PLC controller is connected with a wireless communicator through a wireless communicator in the station data processing system. The whole detection system of the invention has high portable integration degree, automatic operation process, convenient operation, low specialty technical requirements, rapid operation speed, extremely-time section surface measuring and high measuring precision, and the system precision is less than 3mm.

Distance measurement method of binocular stereoscopic gazing monitoring system

The invention discloses a distance measurement method of a binocular stereoscopic gazing monitoring system. The distance measurement method comprises the following steps that firstly, the coordinates of a principal point of an image, the focal length of a left camera and the focal length of a right camera are determined; secondly, the postures of the binocular cameras are adjusted so as to enable the binocular cameras to gaze at a target point; thirdly, a target distance measurement model based on a rotation angle is established; fourthly, the adjusted binocular convergence cameras are calibrated stereoscopically; fifthly, a transformational relation between the rotation angle and relative external parameters is established; sixthly, target distance measurement and coordinate reestablishment are carried out on the basis of the relative external parameters. On the basis of the distance measurement model, after corresponding parameters are introduced, the distances between the target point and the binocular cameras and the space three-dimensional coordinates of the target point can be worked out. According to the distance measurement method of the binocular stereoscopic gazing monitoring system, the measurement accuracy is high, the detectable distance is long, the result is worked out rapidly and accurately, and the requirement for target positioning of video monitoring can be met.
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