Natural fungicide for peach tree gummosis diseases and preparation method and use method of natural fungicide

A natural fungicide, peach tree gum disease technology, applied in the direction of fungicides, botanical equipment and methods, biocides, etc., can solve problems such as difficult to degrade, environmental pollution, increase the difficulty of prevention and control, and achieve the goal of preventing gum flow Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-03-27
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[0004] At present, in the cultivation of vegetables and melons and fruits, chemical pesticides and fungicides are usually used to prevent fungi, and the environmental pollution caused by the large-scale use of chemical pesticides is becoming more and more serious; Species produce drug resistance and drug resistance, which increa...
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The invention discloses a natural fungicide for peach tree gummosis diseases. The natural fungicide is prepared from the following components in parts by mass: 40-60 parts of Artemisia stelleriana, 5-15 parts of rhizoma kaempferiae, 15-25 parts of rhizoma smilacis glabrae, 5-15 parts of Morinda officinalis, 20-30 parts of fingered citron, 45-60 parts of radix dipsaci, 5-15 parts of motherwort, 5-15 parts of dandelion, 3-10 parts of gynostemma pentaphylla, 5-15 parts of fructus forsythia, 10-20 parts of Chinese prickly ash, 10-20 parts of Artemisia argyi, 25-35 parts of Radix Ophiopogonis, 5-15parts of polygala tenuifolia, 5-15 parts of Rubus parvifolius, 3-10 parts of honewort, 25-35 parts of glossy privet fruits, 25-35 parts of Ligusticum wallichii, 10-20 parts of licorice roots, 3-10 parts of shepherd's purse and 5-10 parts of folium mori. When the natural fungicide is adopted to treat peach trees, peach tree gummosis can be prevented.

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[0025] The embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail below in conjunction with examples, but those skilled in the art will understand that the following examples are only used to illustrate the present invention and should not be regarded as limiting the scope of the present invention.
[0026] Table 1, Table 2, are the example formulations (in g) of the pharmaceutical composition of the present invention.
[0027] Table 1
[0028] .
[0029] Table 2
[0030] .
[0031] The preparation method of the natural fungicide for peach gum disease in the Examples and Comparative Examples includes the following steps in sequence:
[0032] (1) The raw materials are crushed, sieved, and mixed to obtain a mixture;
[0033] (2) Add 7 times the amount of water to the mixture, heat to 100°C and cook for 3 hours;
[0034] (3) Filter, collect the filtrate, add 7 times the amount of 95% ethanol aqueous solution to the filter residue, heat to 60°C and cook for 2-4 hours;
[0035] (4) Filter, combine the filtrate, and concentrate the filtrate until there is no alcohol, which is a natural fungicide for peach gum disease.
[0036] Mix the above-mentioned natural fungicide for peach gum disease with 500 times the weight of water to form the fungicide. Put it into the sprayer, and spray it once a week from the beginning of spring to one month before picking the peaches. The spray amount is 1.5L, sprayed at 5 o'clock in the afternoon every day.
[0037] Test (1):
[0038] The natural fungicides for peach gum disease obtained in Examples 1-10 and Comparative Examples 1-2 were tested on the same peach orchard. 130 adult cherry trees were randomly selected, and all of them had one fruit, and they were randomly divided into 13 Group, the test group was treated with the methods of Examples 1-10 and Comparative Examples 1-2, the control group was not sprayed with fungicides, and the rest of the planting conditions were the same as the test group. The test results are shown in Table 3.
[0039] Table 3 Test results of natural fungicides for peach gum disease
[0040] .
[0041] Test (two):
[0042] The natural fungicides obtained in Examples 1-10 and Comparative Examples 1-2 were used to treat peach gum disease. 20 plants were treated. The gum disease just started to appear, and the dilution factor was 500 times. The results are shown in Table 4.
[0043] Table 4 Example and comparative example natural fungicide treatment effect of peach gum disease
[0044] .


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