Device for facilitating loading and unloading of track type crane

A technology for crawler cranes and crane trucks, which is applied in the directions of cranes, loading/unloading, conveyors, etc., can solve the problems of slow speed and low efficiency, and achieve the effect of improving efficiency, saving costs, and saving loading and unloading time.

Pending Publication Date: 2018-04-24
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Problems solved by technology

[0004] In actual work, the small crawler crane has the above advantages, but it also has some defects in use. As a crane, it needs a special large crane to load and unload it during the moving process. At the scene, a large crane is needed to hoist the small crawler crane onto the carrier vehicle, and then hoist it off after reaching the destination to start the work. After the work is completed, it will be hoisted back to the carrier vehicle, and then i...
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Method used

In the above-mentioned loading process, sometimes encounter because the base and the ground friction force are too large, and there is an obstacle in the process of lifting the crane body 1 by the folding section supp...
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The invention provides a device for convenient loading and unloading of crawler cranes, which belongs to the technical field of crawler crane loading and unloading devices; the technical problem to be solved is to provide a device that can be freely loaded and unloaded on a carrier vehicle without relying on a large crane A crawler crane loading and unloading device; the technical solution adopted to solve this technical problem is: including the crane body and folding section outriggers, the number of the folding section outriggers is four, which are respectively arranged at the front and rear of the truck body Among the four corners of the folding section, the legs of the folding section are divided into upper and lower sections, and the upper section of the folding section of the legs is connected with the crane body through a hydraulic support. The legs of the folded section of the lower section are fixedly connected; the legs of the folded section of the lower section and the legs of the extension section are equidistantly provided with pin holes along the direction of the center line, and the extension ends of the legs of the folded section of the lower section pass through The pin shaft is fixedly connected with one end of the extension leg; the invention is installed and applied to crawler cranes.

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ConveyorsLoading/unloading +1

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TruckMechanical engineering


  • Device for facilitating loading and unloading of track type crane
  • Device for facilitating loading and unloading of track type crane


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Example Embodiment

[0015] Such as figure 1 As shown, the device for facilitating the loading and unloading of a crawler crane of the present invention includes: a crane body 1, a folding section leg 2. The number of the folding section leg 2 is four, which are respectively arranged on the truck body 1 In the four front and rear corners, the folding section legs 2 are divided into two upper and lower sections, and the upper section folding section legs 2 are connected to the crane body 1 through a hydraulic support 3, and further include extension section legs 4. The extension leg 4 is fixedly connected to the lower folding leg 2.
[0016] The legs of the lower section folded leg 2 and the extended section leg 4 are equidistantly provided with pin holes along the center line direction, and the extended end of the lower section folded leg 2 passes through the pin and the extended section One end of the leg 4 is fixedly connected.
[0017] The other end of the extension leg 4 is provided with an angle adjustment lug 5, and the angle adjustment lug 5 is connected to the base 6 through a pin.
[0018] The base 6 is a gasket structure, and balls are arranged on the lower side of the base 6.
[0019] The folding section leg 2 and the extension section leg 4 adopt a square steel structure and can be sleeved with each other.
[0020] The present invention provides a small crawler crane, which can complete the loading and unloading actions on a carrier vehicle through its own structure and its own power drive; in specific operations, the four folding section legs 2 of the small crawler crane are used to extend and retract. Sectional outrigger 4 is used as an aid to increase the length of the four outriggers, so that the height of the lifting crane exceeds the height of the manger of the loading equipment. At this time, the manger plane of the loading vehicle is moved below the crane, and the hydraulic support 3 is controlled to extend the support After the leg falls on the manger, the loading process is completed. After the crane is transported to the destination, the extension leg 4 is added to the end of the folding leg 2 again, and the hydraulic support 3 is controlled to shrink to raise the crane It is higher than the height of the manger of the loading equipment. At this time, the loading vehicle drives away and the crane body falls until the crawler tracks contact the ground to complete the unloading process.
[0021] The invention uses the principle of high platform movement to lift and lower a small crawler crane with a certain weight, which can replace the lifting operation of a traditional large crane. By making a lightweight and simple extension leg, the small crawler crane The crane can complete loading and unloading by its own power.
[0022] In the present invention, two upper and lower sections are arranged on the outriggers of a small crawler crane, and the total length of the outriggers can be adjusted with the pin holes provided in the upper and lower sections; when loading the truck, the upper and lower sections of the outriggers are in an extended state, and the four The outriggers form a 4x3m area between each other, excluding the height factor, this area can ensure the normal entry and exit of the mangers used to load vehicles.
[0023] In the specific operation, first keep the crawler of the crane in contact with the ground, and then control the hydraulic support 3 to contract, so that the folding leg 2 of the crane is spread out on all sides and keeps a certain distance from the ground. At this time, the extension leg is extended. 4 Sleeve the extension ends of the lower folding section legs 2, respectively align the pin holes provided on the two legs walls, and then insert the pins to complete the fixation; after the four extension legs 4 are fixed, control the crane The hydraulic support 3 is extended. At this time, the entire crane body 1 will be lifted up by the folding legs 2. When the lifting height exceeds the height of the manger of the carrying vehicle, the movement will stop, and the loading vehicle will be driven to the crane vehicle. Directly below the body 1, and then control the hydraulic support 3 to contract and lower the crane body 1. After the crane crawler is in full contact with the manger, the loading is completed, at this time all extension legs 4 can be removed;
[0024] During the above loading process, sometimes it is encountered that the friction between the base and the ground is too large, and there are obstacles in the process of jacking up the crane body 1 by the folding section legs 2. In order to overcome the resistance, the lower side of the base 6 can be additionally Balls are set to ensure the smooth progress of lifting the crane body.
[0025] The unloading process corresponds to the above loading process. The crane body 1 is also moved vertically by operating the expansion and contraction of the hydraulic support 3. The part in contact with the ground during the whole process is the base 6, which is different from the traditional crawler crane loading and unloading method. The invention improves the function of the crane on the original supporting foundation by adding extension legs 4 to the original outriggers, and completely separates the crawler from the ground, and finally achieves the goal of self-loading and unloading.
[0026] All outrigger brackets used in the present invention are commonly used metal materials, generally steel. The supports processed according to their shape, specifications and materials can withstand the pressure of general small crawler cranes. The material can preferably be carbonaceous. Moderate, good overall performance, the most widely used steel of Q235 material; comprehensively integrate the shape and structure of various steels, analyze the hollow rectangular steel with high strength, moderate weight, and easy processing. All outrigger supports can be selected as hollow rectangles. Square steel.
[0027] Finally, it should be noted that the above embodiments are only used to illustrate the technical solutions of the present invention, but not to limit them; although the present invention has been described in detail with reference to the foregoing embodiments, those of ordinary skill in the art should understand: It is still possible to modify the technical solutions described in the foregoing embodiments, or equivalently replace some or all of the technical features; and these modifications or replacements do not make the essence of the corresponding technical solutions deviate from the technical solutions of the embodiments of the present invention. range.


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