Scraped automobile oil collection device

A collection device and technology for scrapped cars, applied in the direction of filtration and separation, only multi-stage series refining process treatment, filtration circuit, etc., can solve the problems of low recovery efficiency, cumbersome treatment process, and large power consumption, so as to improve recovery, Ease of use and high recycling efficiency

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-05-15
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Problems solved by technology

Existing waste oil recovery can only be collected, and when reused, it needs to be reheated by a heater before filtering, which consumes a lot of power, and the oil temperature is high during filtration, easy to oxidize, the treatment process is cumbersome, and ...
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The invention discloses a scraped automobile oil collection device which comprises a sliding plate and a waste oil tank, wherein rollers are arranged at the bottom of the sliding plate; the waste oiltank consists of an upper part and a lower part; the upper part is of a square pyramid structure with a larger upper part and a smaller lower part; the lower part is of a square structure; both the upper part and the lower part are of communicated hollow structures; a circular oil outlet is formed in the lower end of the lower part; an oil inlet is formed in the top surface of the upper part. Whenthe scraped automobile oil collection device is used, scraped automobile oil can be greatly recycled, impurities in the scraped automobile oil can be filtered off, and the device is high in recyclingefficiency and convenient to use.

Application Domain

Treatment with plural serial refining stagesFiltration circuits

Technology Topic

Square pyramidFuel tank +3


  • Scraped automobile oil collection device


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Example Embodiment

[0017] Such as figure 1 As shown, the present invention provides a scrapped automobile oil collection device, including:
[0018] The sliding plate 9 is provided with a roller 10 at the bottom;
[0019] The waste oil tank is composed of an upper part 3 and a lower part 7. The upper part is a quadrangular pyramid structure with a large upper part and a small lower part, and the lower part is a square structure. The upper part and the lower part 7 are both connected hollow structures, and the lower end of the lower part has The circular oil outlet 8 has an oil inlet on the top surface of the upper part, and the inner side wall of the upper part is provided with a nano coating.
[0020] An oil pumping mechanism, which is composed of a power chamber 6 and a pump 5. The power chamber is in communication with the lower part of the waste oil tank, the pump is in communication with the power chamber, and anhydrous calcium chloride is installed in the power chamber;
[0021] Connecting pipe 2, which is connected with the oil inlet;
[0022] Oil collecting cover 1, which has a funnel-shaped structure, and the oil collecting cover is connected with the connecting pipe;
[0023] The first filter screen 11 is arranged below the oil outlet, and the first filter screen is 20-40 mesh;
[0024] The second filter screen 4 is arranged on the joint surface of the upper and lower parts, and the second filter screen is provided with activated carbon particles.
[0025] The connecting pipe is composed of a hose.
[0026] The waste oil tank is made of transparent material and is marked with scales.
[0027] A rubber ring is embedded in the oil outlet.
[0028] The inner side wall of the upper part is provided with a nano coating.


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