Cross-available-region resource scheduling method based on private cloud

A resource scheduling and cloud management technology, applied in the field of cloud computing and virtualization, can solve problems such as low work efficiency and limited resource utilization efficiency, and achieve the effects of simple structure, improved resource utilization efficiency, and load balancing.

Active Publication Date: 2019-09-06
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Problems solved by technology

[0004] The present invention aims to overcome the problems of low work efficiency and limited resource utilization efficiency caused by the manual management of multiple single cloud management platforms by var...
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Method used

S04: the unified cloud management platform reads the physical resources and virtual resources in each available area of ​​the private cloud through the S02 step, and according to the judgment basis of the S03 step, realizes the scheduling of different application services between each available area , so that the resources ...
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The invention discloses a cross-available-area resource scheduling method based on private cloud, and the method comprises the following steps: 1, enabling a physical machine permission: enabling a virtualization permission in a basic input/output system of a physical server, and enabling a hyper-thread function of a central processing unit; 2, installing an underlying management tool: installinga management tool of a private cloud by using an underlying platform of a physical server, wherein the management tool is used for collecting physical resource information including a CPU, an internalmemory, a network and security; 3, configuring a physical machine network; 4, installing a single cloud management platform; 5, carrying out cross-available area network connection; and 6, installinga unified cloud management platform. According to the method, available areas are connected mainly based on a network connection technology across a local area network or across the Internet, and computing resources, network resources, storage resources and security resources of all the available areas are subjected to unified cluster resource scheduling through a unified cloud platform. The method has the advantages that load balance can be achieved, and the resource utilization efficiency is improved.

Application Domain

Resource allocationSoftware simulation/interpretation/emulation

Technology Topic

Resource schedulingLocal area network +12


  • Cross-available-region resource scheduling method based on private cloud


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0029] Example: such as figure 1 The shown method for resource scheduling across availability zones based on a private cloud includes the following steps:
[0030] (1-1) Turn on the physical machine permissions:
[0031] By enabling virtualization permissions in the basic input output system of the physical server, the hyper-threading function of the central processing unit is enabled.
[0032] (1-2) Install the underlying management tools:
[0033] Use the underlying platform of the physical server to install private cloud management tools to collect physical resource information including CPU, memory, network, and security. The specific steps are as follows:
[0034] Start the external storage disk in the physical server and copy the low-level management tools to the boot disk. The tool is usually a simplified version of the Linux system; after the computer restarts, enter the installation interface, and install the low-level management tools through step-by-step selection.
[0035] (1-2-1) The basic input and output system of the physical server sends data to the message bus in the form of notification messages. The notification agent will obtain these notification messages, extract the measurement data, and send it to the server of a single cloud management platform ;
[0036] (1-2-2) The server of a single cloud management platform will regularly take the initiative to read the required measurement data through the application program interface or communication protocol to the remote or local physical server according to the strategy.
[0037] (1-3) Configure the physical machine network:
[0038] Perform network configuration in the installed underlying management tools. The main configuration items are IP address, subnet mask and gateway address. The principle is to ensure that the network address must be in the same network segment on a single cloud management platform to ensure that each order A heartbeat connection between a physical machine and a single cloud management platform.
[0039] (1-4) Install a single cloud management platform:
[0040] Select one of the physical servers in all single clusters as the initial master, and configure the IP address information of the single cloud management platform in the underlying management tool; the IP address must be on the same network as all physical servers Section; By default, the single cloud management platform will open the web service; after restarting, the single cloud management platform can be accessed through the web;
[0041] After that, through a single cloud management platform automatic identification system, physical machines are added to the cluster one by one; as a distributed management system, the master computer can actively or passively switch between any physical machines without affecting the normal use of the platform;
[0042] A single cloud management platform will take over the hardware resources of all physical machines. Each physical machine uses the aforementioned management tools as an agent to read physical machine CPU real-time occupancy, memory real-time occupancy, real-time disk occupancy and other measurement data, and use different sampling frequencies to manage undeniable data to a single cloud through a data converter Platform release.
[0043] (1-5) Cross-availability zone network connection:
[0044] Between different available zones across LANs or across the Internet, through routing technology and virtual private network tunnel technology, different broadcast domains are connected to perform data forwarding similar to local LAN;
[0045] In particular, gateways, routes, and virtual tunnels belong to the category of communication network systems and are not part of the private cloud;
[0046] In order to improve the stability of the system, a cross-connect communication method will be adopted, that is, each available zone will establish a communication connection with all other available zones.


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