Intelligent electric blackboard eraser, control system and control method thereof

A technology of a control system and a control method, applied in the control system and its control, the field of intelligent electric blackboard eraser, can solve the problems of unfavorable dust absorption treatment, inadequate dust treatment, high labor intensity, etc., so as to improve the wiping efficiency and use Convenience, the effect of purifying the teaching environment

Active Publication Date: 2019-09-20
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[0006] Most of the traditional blackboard erasers do not properly handle the dust. Not only does it require a lot of manual labor, but also the dust wiping effect is not good, the efficiency is low, and it is not conducive to the absorption of du...
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The invention belongs to the technical field of cleaning devices for blackboards or stone slabs, and discloses an intelligent electric blackboard eraser, a control system and a control method thereof. The intelligent electric blackboard eraser control system comprises a power generation unit, an electric unit, an energy control unit and a detection indicator unit, wherein voltage after power generation and rectification, battery voltage, generator rotor speed and dust capacity in a dust storage box are detected, and meanwhile, a current operating state is indicted through a light-emitting diode (LED) light. According to the intelligent electric blackboard eraser, the control system and the control method thereof provided by the invention, a dust wiping method of traditional mechanical friction is abandoned, and a permanent magnet motor drives a dust collection fan to rotate at high speed, so that a space negative pressure is produced in a relatively sealed space, dust can be effectively sucked so as to be separated from a blackboard, the aims of reducing the manual labor intensity and improving a dust wiping effect are achieved, in addition, the effects on automatically storing the dust and being free of charging are achieved, the external energy supply is not needed, the convenience in use is improved, meanwhile, a dust collection state can be observed, and real-time processing can be carried out conveniently.

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Board cleaning devicesBatteries circuit arrangements +1

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Automotive engineeringExternal energy +10


  • Intelligent electric blackboard eraser, control system and control method thereof
  • Intelligent electric blackboard eraser, control system and control method thereof
  • Intelligent electric blackboard eraser, control system and control method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0100] Example 1
[0101] The intelligent electric blackboard eraser of the present invention needs to complete functions such as electric dust cleaning, dust storage, and automatic internal energy management, and mainly includes four parts: a power generation unit, an electric unit, an energy management unit, and a detection and indication unit.
[0102] Power generation unit: When the user wipes the blackboard, the horizontal movement of the mechanical friction between the blackboard eraser and the blackboard is converted into the rotating movement of the outer rotor permanent magnet generator rotor through the raised particles, which generates a rotating magnetic field in the motor, resulting in its stationary stator The winding is cut by the magnetic field to generate AC induced electromotive force. When an external load is connected, it will provide electrical energy to the load (such as figure 1 Shown).
[0103] Electric unit: The controlled permanent magnet brushless DC motor converts electrical energy into rotating mechanical energy, and drives the coaxial dust-collecting fan to rotate at a high speed, thereby sucking the dust into the dust storage box.
[0104] Energy management unit: It includes a battery and various power modules, which convert the alternating current generated by the power generation unit into direct current through a controllable rectifier unit to supply power to the load. At the same time, in order to prevent the battery from overcharging and over-discharging, the energy flow path is controlled by the electronic switch unit in combination with the dust cleaning and dust storage requirements and the detection results of related parameters.
[0105] Detection and indication unit: detects the rectified voltage of the power generation, battery voltage, generator rotor speed, and the amount of dust in the dust storage box to provide a basis for energy control. At the same time, LED lights are used to indicate the current operating status. To take appropriate measures to deal with.


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