Carnation gray mold prevention and treatment vaccine

A carnation ash and carnation technology, which is applied in the fields of pest control, biocide, plant growth regulator, etc., can solve problems such as unfavorable carnation plant overall growth, damage to leaf photosynthesis, carnation flower bud falling, etc. Spots, the effect of promoting lighting

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Problems solved by technology

[0002] Botrytis cinerea damages the leaves of carnations to a certain extent in the existing carnation cultivation stage, and a large number of black spots appear on the leaves, and mold occurs o...
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Method used

Step 1, adding antivirus alum powder and mancozeb solution is sterilized on carnation plant, reduces the physiological activity of bacterium, reduces the infection on plant of bacterium;
Step 2, add prochloraz...
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According to the carnation gray mold prevention and treatment vaccine provided by the invention, antivirus alum powder is added, and the antivirus alum powder is utilized to destroy bacterial cell structures on carnation plants and reduce bacteria on the plants; a mancozeb solution is added, harmful bacteria on carnation plants are killed through the mancozeb solution, and the immunity of carnation is improved; prochloraz is added, so that scabs appearing on carnation plants are removed through the prochloraz, and the scabs on the plants are reduced, and light-receiving effect of leaves is promoted; garlic oil is added, the surface viscosity of the leaves is improved through the garlic oil, and a certain protection effect on the leaves is achieved; and the Wofengsu is added, and certain trace elements are supplemented to the carnation by utilizing the Wofengsu, so that the light-receiving capacity of the leaves is improved.

Application Domain

BiocidePlant growth regulators +4

Technology Topic

Trace elementAlum +6


  • Carnation gray mold prevention and treatment vaccine


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0014] In order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, the technical scheme of a vaccine for the prevention and treatment of carnation gray mold in the present invention is:
[0015] The carnation gray mold prevention and control vaccine is characterized in that it includes 1-antiviral alum powder, 2-mancozeb solution, 3-prochloraz, 4-garlic oil, 5-wofengsu, 6-water-soluble solution.
[0016] Among them, anti-virus alum powder: mancozeb solution: prochloraz = 1:4:2.
[0017] Among them, the comprehensive preparation ratio is bactericidal liquid: garlic oil: Wofengsu: water-soluble solution = 5:1:2:2.
[0018] Combine below figure 1 The preparation method of carnation gray mold prevention vaccine is further explained.
[0019] A method for preparing a vaccine for preventing and treating carnation gray mold disease,
[0020] Step 1. Adding antiviral alum powder and mancozeb solution to sterilize carnation plants, reduce the physiological activity of bacteria, and reduce bacterial infections on plants;
[0021] Step 2. Add prochloraz to repair the carnation and reduce the diseased spots on the leaves;
[0022] Step 3. Adding Wofengsu to add certain influence elements to carnations to improve the disease resistance of the leaves and promote the lighting ability of the leaves;
[0023] Step 4. Add garlic oil to protect the leaves.


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