Method for cultivating calculus bovis in ox gall through induction of Chinese herbal medicine

A technology of Chinese herbal medicine and bezoar, applied in the field of artificial cultivation of bezoar, can solve the problems of low yield and low success rate

Inactive Publication Date: 2021-01-01
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The invention provides a method for cultivating calculus bovis in ox gall through induction of Chinese herbal medicine, and relates to a cultivation method of traditional Chinese medicine treatment medicine, and particularly relates to a method for artificially cultivating calculus bovis. The method comprises the following specific operation steps that ox selection is carried out, wherein the variety, the male and the female are not limited, the ox losing the reproduction or the service ability can also be selected, the local variety of cattle is preferably selected, and the larger the age is,the better the cattle is; the cattle are fed with traditional Chinese medicine, wherein the traditional Chinese medicine comprises 30 parts of lucid ganoderma, 30 parts of fructus cannabis, 30 partsof pine nut kernels, 30 parts of cortex acanthopanacis, 30 parts of radix angelicae pubescentis, 30 parts of rhizoma atractylodis, 30 parts of mangnolia officinalis, 30 parts of poria cocos, 30 partsof grifola, 30 parts of spina date seeds, 30 parts of platycladi seeds, 30 parts of angelica sinensis, 30 parts of prepared rehmannia roots, 30 parts of white chrysanthemum, 30 parts of polygonum multiflorum, 30 parts of eucommia ulmoides, 30 parts of astragalus membranaceus, 30 parts of bighead atractylodes rhizome, 30 parts of Chinese yam, 30 parts of lily and 30 parts of radix ophiopogonis. According to the use result, the calculus bovis yield of each ox is about 100g, and the content of bilirubin in the calculus bovis is 70% or above.

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[0036]The present invention has been clinically tested in which: from 2014 to 2020, two old cattle, weighing 200-300KG, and local scalpers are selected in Jiangxi, Fujian, and Northeast Jilin each year. After 15 days of continuous administration of the above-mentioned formula drug, the combination of captive and stocking is adopted. About 100 grams of bezoar was slaughtered six months later.
[0037]The bezoar was submitted for inspection, and the content of bilirubin in the bezoar was more than 70%, and the quality reached the national natural medicinal standard.


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