Valve element structure of proportional reversing valve

A proportional reversing valve and valve core technology, applied in valve devices, multi-port valves, sliding valves, etc., can solve the problems of reduced overcurrent pressure and high flow control requirements, and achieve large overflow, stable flow output and stable operation. Effect

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[0006] The present invention provides a new spool structure of proportional reversing valve, by designing a radial throttling groove and a variable-diameter cone frustum with full-circumferential openings on the edge of th...
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The invention provides a valve element structure of a proportional reversing valve, and belongs to the field of reversing valve manufacturing. The valve element structure is installed in a shell in a sliding mode, a high-pressure oil port and at least one working oil port are formed in the shell, a sliding hole is formed in the shell, and a valve element is arranged in the sliding hole in a sleeved mode and seals the sliding hole through the radial face of the valve element; the valve element slides so that a gap can be formed between the radial end face of the valve element and the sliding hole, and the gap is used for communicating the high-pressure oil port with the working oil port; when the valve element is located at the middle position, the face, making contact with the sliding hole, of the valve element is a shoulder sealing face; and reducing frustums are arranged on the edges of the two sides of the shoulder sealing face, and at least one throttling groove is formed in the radial face of each reducing frustum. The reducing frustum is adopted as a full-circumference flow opening of the valve element, the throttling groove with the radial opening is formed in the reducing frustum, and the valve element structure is very suitable for the application occasions that the flow control requirement is high under a small opening and the overflowing pressure is reduced under a large opening.

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  • Valve element structure of proportional reversing valve
  • Valve element structure of proportional reversing valve
  • Valve element structure of proportional reversing valve


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Example Embodiment

[0027] The spool structure of the proportional reverse valve according to the present invention can be made of the following material, and is not limited to, for example, a spool, hydraulic supporting system, an electronically controlled device, and the like.
[0028] figure 1 A schematic structural diagram of the stroke structure of the spool structure of the ratio reversing valve of the present invention; figure 2 for figure 1 Medium M partial enlarged schematic; this embodiment is combined image 3 with Figure 4 Be explained.
[0029] The scaling structure of the proportion of the embodiment of the present invention is reversed, and the housing 1 is slidably mounted in the housing 1, and the housing 1 is provided with a high pressure port P and at least one working port (A and B), the A slip hole 10 is disposed on the housing 1, the spool 2 to seal the sliding hole 10 through the radial surface of the vane 2; the spool 2 slides to make the The radial end surface of the valve core 2 has a gap between the sliding holes 10, which is used to connect the high pressure port and the working port.
[0030] In general, two slip holes are disposed on the housing 1, and the spool 2 is in two slip holes; the spool 2 slides to the left or right, opens one of the sides The aperture so that the high pressure port is in communication with one of the working artifoutes, thereby performing a commutation action.
[0031] In general, the high pressure oil port is connected to the hydraulic pump in the hydraulic system for release high pressure hydraulic oil through the high pressure oil tube.
[0032] The two working ports are coupled to both ends of the actuator to facilitate performing commutation operations by the entry and outlet tubing.
[0033] like figure 2 with image 3 When the spool 2 is in a median, the surface of the spool 2 is in contact with the sliding hole 10 is a shoulder sealing surface 20; the edges of the shoulder sealing surface 20 are disposed on the edges of the thread. At least one throttle groove 22 is opened on the radial surface of the velocity taper.
[0034] In general, each group of variable diameter tapered coupling 21 includes a round counter (X and Y) having a different connected and inclined slope; each of the side sides of the shoulder sealing surface 20 respectively provided a set of such variable diameter tapered places, respectively. twenty one.
[0035] In general, the total four groups of variable diameter tapered counsers 21, which are used to open PA, Pb, AT, BT, but not only for the opening of the working oil, but also to open the oil port and the return port T. road.
[0036] The ratio of the proportional reversing valve of the present embodiment, wherein a plurality of lubricating oil grooves 25 are provided on the upper shoulder sealing surface 20.
[0037] Since most of the lubricating oil groove 25 corresponds to the sealing surface of the sliding hole, the spool is subjected to the suspension support of the hydraulic pressure, and the friction of the spool movement is reduced, and the hydraulic card tight of the spool is reduced, so it is changed It is necessary to switch to the valve when it is in a neutral position.
[0038] like figure 2 As shown, the ratio of the proportional reversing valve of the present embodiment, wherein the variable diameter tapered portion 21 includes a first round stage X, which is tightly coupled to the shoulder table, and with the first round. The second round stage Y is closely connected to the first round stage is located between the shoulder sealing surface and the second round stage.
[0039] The slope slope of the second circular stage is greater than the slope slope of the first circular stage; the maximum diameter of the first circular stage is slightly smaller than the diameter of the shoulder sealing surface.
[0040] In the present embodiment, the throttle groove is a thin-peropened throttle slot, which can be disposed on the outer surface of the spool in accordance with the different working conditions (four in the example), and the throttle groove is triangular. When the groove is designed by the rounded corner, the angle α (generally 30-60 degrees) is changed by changing the rounded radius r of the triangular joint, and the depth L can obtain different overflows; the impaired taper table is surrounded by The design of the cord coil resection is designed, and its projection is shown in a trapezoidal structure, and different overflows are obtained by changing the angle β inclined in the second round stage; the length x of the first circular stage is generally smaller than the length of the second round stage. Y. Y The length of the joint groove 22 is equal to the sum of the first circular stage X and the second circular stage Y.
[0041]When the valve core moves toward the left, the oil passage P-through B, A pass T; When moving to the right, the oil path P-pass A, B pass T; when the spool is left and in the throttle area [即 valve In the first round stage X area], the oil port P passes through the triangular throttle and the working oil port B, driving the cylinder, the oil in the oil cylinder enters the working oil port A, through the throttle, and returning port T Phase, the triangular throttle is a non-full-scale opening form. The overcurrent area gain is small, the throttling characteristics are good, and the valve port is small, the spool is small, the spin movement displacement is stable, and the flow control is precise However, it can be driven to drive the cylinder to operate, so that the host is operated smoothly; when the spool continues to the left and in the conical throttle area [ie, the spool second round stage Y area], due to the vials The overall opening form is large, and its overcurrent area gain is large. Under the same pressure drop, it can drive the cylinder to operate at a faster speed, shorten the time of load empty stroke, improve productivity, energy saving energy And the conical throttle processing is simple, the cost is low, the application is economical; when the cylinder is moved slowly from the rapid motion, the spool can be controlled back to move back, so that the spool is moved in the throttle area, controlling the cylinder The transition from the quick turn slow time; when the valve core moves to the right movement.
[0042] like Figure 6 to 9 According to the different working conditions, the throttle area can also be designed as a U-shaped joint groove, a semi-circular throttle groove, a triangular throttle groove, a trapezoidal throttle, and the like.
[0043] Depending on the conditions of the working conditions, the variable-diameter tapered portion of the sump region can pass different flows by changing the inclination angle β of the second round stage; such as Figure 5 As shown, when the angle β is 90 degrees, the overcurrent area is the largest; in order to avoid the first circular stage X of the throttle area, there is a large flow rate change, the cylinder is unstable, and the cylinder is unstable. The first circular stage X tilt angle can be appropriately increased.
[0044] like Figure 5 As shown, when the radial slope of the second circular stage is 90 degrees, the length of the joint groove 22 is greater than the length of the first circular stage.
[0045] In general, the valve core 2 is a left and right symmetrical structure, and has two axial end faces corresponding to each other.
[0046] The scaway structure of the proportional reversing valve of the present embodiment, wherein both sides of the housing are respectively provided with a control oil circuit (A and B), and both ends of the two control oil paths respectively correspond to the valve. 2 The two ends are in contact.
[0047] Specifically, two control oil cavities are provided in the housing 1, and the two control oil cavities are connected to the control oil circuit; both ends of the valve core 2 are located in two described control oil cavities, respectively. Inside; the control oil passage drives the vane 2 sliding through the control oil chamber.
[0048] The control oil chamber is also provided with a pretensioning spring 8 in contact with the core.
[0049] When the control cavity A, B does not guide the pressure, the valve core is placed in the medium, and the port P / A / B / T is not in communication; when the control cavity A is guided, The guide pressure is competed with the spring, and the spool begins to move to the right, so that the port P is connected to the A-through, the oil port B is connected to T, and the movement distance is related to the size of the guiding pressure of the control cavity A; When there is guidance pressure, the port P and B pass, the oil port A and T are communicated; so the electro-hydraulic ratio reversal valve is continuously changed by continuous adjustment of the guiding pressure of the control chamber.
[0050] Further, the proportion of the proportion of the present invention is not high, the structure is compact, the structure is compact, constructs, suitable for use in the small opening flow control requirements, excessive flow in large openings, is suitable for various Implementation of the opening or commutation of the type of hydraulic system.
[0051] The above-described embodiments of the present invention described only for describing, and does not represent the advantages and disadvantages of the embodiment. Through the description of the above embodiments, those skilled in the art will clearly understand that the above-described embodiment method can be achieved by means of some modifications necessary to be superimposed; of course, it can also be implemented by simplifying some important technical features. Based on this understanding, the technical solution of the present invention is essentially or for contributing to the prior art: the entire function and structure, and cooperates with the structure of the various embodiments of the present invention.
[0052] It will be noted in that the above embodiments are intended to illustrate the technical solutions of the present invention, not limiting the invention, although the present invention will be described in detail, and those skilled in the art will understand: The technical scheme described in the foregoing embodiments can still be modified, or partially or all of the techniques is equivalent to alternative; and these modifications or replacements do not allow the present invention to take advantage of the present invention. Scope.


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