Novel sample filter

A filter and sample technology, applied in the field of experimental equipment, can solve problems such as high pressure on the hand, hand fatigue, pollution, etc., and achieve the effects of reducing experimental costs, reducing labor intensity, and avoiding cross-contamination

Pending Publication Date: 2021-09-03
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In general experiments, gloves are worn, so that when filtering, manual installation of filter membranes and syringes and manual filtration are required, all of which have the opportunity to touch the filter head and cause ...
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The invention belongs to the technical field of experimental equipment, and particularly relates to a novel sample filter which comprises a rack, which comprises a base, wherein electric telescopic rods are arranged at the four corners of the top of the base, and a top base is arranged at the tops of the electric telescopic rods; a material collecting assembly which comprises a centrifugal tube base, wherein the centrifugal tube base is mounted in the middle of the top of the base, and a centrifugal tube body is arranged at the top of the centrifugal tube base; and a fixing assembly which comprises a carrying plate, wherein the carrying plate is installed between the electric telescopic rods. The structure is reasonable; manual filtering is replaced by a machine, so that manpower can be liberated, the labor intensity of workers can be reduced, and researchers can put more energy on scientific research; meanwhile, the situation that hands are stained with samples or cross contamination is caused can be avoided, so that the safety of workers is guaranteed; and, meanwhile, the situation that part of samples are lost due to action differences during manual filtering can be avoided, and the experiment cost is reduced.

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Preparing sample for investigationFiltration circuits

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  • Novel sample filter
  • Novel sample filter
  • Novel sample filter


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Example Embodiment

[0027] Example 1
[0028] A novel sample filter comprising:
[0029] The frame 100, the frame 100 includes a base 110, the top four corners of the base 110 are provided with electric telescopic rods 120, and the top of the electric telescopic rods 120 is provided with a top seat 130;
[0030] The receiving assembly 200, the receiving assembly 200 includes a centrifuge tube base 210, the centrifuge tube base 210 is installed in the middle of the top of the base 110, and the top of the centrifuge tube base 210 is provided with a centrifuge tube body 220;
[0031] The fixed assembly 300, the fixed assembly 300 includes a loading board 310, the loading board 310 is installed between the electric telescopic rods 120, the syringe 320 is arranged on the loading board 310, and the bottom of the syringe 320 is provided with filter membrane 330;
[0032] The drive assembly 400 , the drive assembly 400 includes a cylinder 410 installed in the middle of the top of the top base 130 , and the bottom output end of the cylinder 410 is provided with a push plug 420 through the top base 130 .
[0033] Specifically, four corners of the bottom of the base 110 are provided with supporting legs 140 , and the bottom of the supporting legs 140 is provided with anti-slip pads.
[0034] Specifically, the top of the object carrier plate 310 is provided with a limiting groove 311 matched with the syringe 320 body.
[0035] Specifically, the top of the centrifuge tube base 210 is provided with a circular groove matching with the centrifuge tube body 220 .
[0036] Specifically, the filter membrane 330 is detachably connected to the syringe 320 .
[0037] Working principle: In the process of using the present invention, by using machines instead of manpower to filter, manpower can be liberated, labor intensity of staff can be reduced, researchers can focus more on scientific research, and at the same time, hands can be prevented from getting stained. Loading samples or causing cross-contamination ensures the safety of the staff. At the same time, it can avoid the loss of part of the samples due to the difference in action during manual filtration and reduce the cost of the experiment.


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