Method for continuously producing pultrusion epoxy glass fiber boards for ultra-long time

An epoxy glass fiber, ultra-long-term technology, applied to other household appliances, household appliances, flat products, etc., can solve the problems of increased surface defects, product defects, fatigue performance reduction, etc., to delay aging glue and improve production Efficiency, the effect of solving the problem of old glue

Pending Publication Date: 2021-09-17
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[0004] At present, in the production process, especially after 5-10 days of production, due to the excessive reaction of the resin during use, after the appearance of old glue, the surface defects of the board increase, the mechanical properties of the board in the 90° direc...
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The invention discloses a method for continuously producing pultrusion epoxy glass fiber boards for an ultra-long time. The method comprises the following steps of (1) unwinding yarns on a creel; 2) spreading and guiding yarns; 3) impregnating in double steeping vats; 4) performing; 5) curing and molding a mold; and 6) curing through a post-curing oven to obtain a qualified product, wherein impregnating in the double glue tanks in the step (3) is used for fully impregnating the yarns in steeping vats, and the steeping vats comprise a first steeping vat and a second steeping vat; firstly, the yarns are impregnated into the first steeping vat, and then the yarns impregnated into the first steeping vat are impregnated into the second steeping vat; when the yarns are impregnated in the second steeping vat, the first steeping vat is cleaned; and when the yarns which are not impregnated are impregnated into the first steeping vat, the second steeping vat is cleaned, and the operation is repeated, so that old glue is avoided. According to the method, the problem of old glue can be solved, field production can be well controlled, continuous production without shutdown is realized, and the production efficiency is further improved.

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  • Method for continuously producing pultrusion epoxy glass fiber boards for ultra-long time


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Example Embodiment

[0020] like figure 1 , The epoxy glass fiber pultrusion method for the continuous production of ultra-long, comprising the steps of:
[0021] 1) Gauge retreat: Pull the yarn from the yarn group, and concentrate the required amount of yarn by the yarn frame device;
[0022] 2) Exhibition, yarn: Guide the yarn from the yarn to the next step, and the yarn is twisted by the exhibition yarn, so that the yarn is soft;
[0023] 3) dipping tank twisted pair: Let yarn full infiltration dipping bath, the dipping tank 7 comprises a first slot and a second gumming dipping tank 8; first yarn is immersed in a first dip tank 7 and then immersed in a first dip tank 7 through the yarn was immersed in the second dip tank 8; when immersed in the second dip tank 8 yarns, the first cleaning dipping tank 7; after dipping without yarn when immersed in a first dip tank 7, the second dipping tank 8 to clean up, and so forth, to avoid the emergence of old rubber;
[0024] 4) Pre-formation: The yarn after sufficient dip is passed through a preformed shape;
[0025] 5) Mold curing formation: curing by mold molding;
[0026] 6) Curing by rear curing oven to obtain qualified products.
[0027] , Dipping the entire process is performed in step 3) in the dipping apparatus, the dipping means left to right are a first threading plate 1, a first dipping tank 7, a first caulking rod 2, two threading plate 3, a first caulking five rod 4, the second dipping tank 8, the second lever 5 and the second caulking Caulking five rod 6; yarns during preparation, divided into the two five a threading plate, a first pressing means pressing the yarn dipping tank 7, a first caulking rod 2 good equipment, installed glue reflux means; old after emergence of glue, glue refluxed removal means, mounted on the second the yarn dipping tank pressure means 8, the removal of the first caulking rod 2 mounted on a second caulking rod 5, a second means mounted on the glue gumming reflux groove 8.
[0028] The present invention is primarily produced by pultrusion includes a specification plate girder 105 × 5mm, 150 × 5mm, 200 × 5mm, the first and second threading plate 3 employed a size of 450 × 200mm, through holes are arranged above the yarn 5 × 40, a pore diameter of 6mm; first and second rods 2,5 caulking, adhesive rod having a diameter of 16mm, chrome increased smoothness; first and second pole five Caulking 4,6, adhesive rod having a diameter of 16mm, chrome increased smoothness; first and second dipping grooves 7 for containing glue.


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