Floor pipeline damping device

A shock absorption device and pipeline technology, applied in the direction of pipes, pipe elements, pipes/pipe joints/pipe fittings, etc., can solve the problems of inconvenient pre-embedding of expansion bolts, poor shock absorption capacity, and poor installation firmness.

Pending Publication Date: 2021-10-01
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] Although this kind of floor pipeline damping device can achieve a certain degree of shock absorption, it is extremely inconvenient to pre-embed the expansion bolts, and it is easy to cause secondary damage to the floor; in addition, the springs are plugged around, which has poor installation fi...
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Method used

Described floor pipe shock absorber, two spring shock absorbers 4 of each spring group are arranged symmetrically along the horizontal plane and inclined 30 °, and experiments show that the spring shock absorbers arranged at this angle can satisfy the requirements of most buildings. It can protect pipes and floors more extensively and to a greater extent.
[0011] The floor pipeline damping device, the shell 2 includes two shells 21 that are relatively arranged and form a ring, and the opposite ends of the two shells are connected to each other by a locking assembly, so as to facilitate the installation or disassembly of the shell, and also Easy maintenance of the shock absorber. The locking component at one of the opposite ends of the two shells 21 can be a hinge or a connecting pi...
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A floor pipeline damping device is characterized in that a pipeline penetrating through a floor hole is fixedly sleeved with a pipe pad through a fastening assembly, a shell covering the pipe pad is arranged outside the pipe pad and above the floor hole, a plurality of spring sets are installed between the shell and the pipe pad, and each spring set comprises two spring dampers which are symmetrically and obliquely arranged; and a bottom pad is arranged between the shell and a floor, an L-shaped spiral is clamped at the floor hole, and one end of the L-shaped spiral penetrates through the hole, the bottom pad and the shell to be connected with a fixing nut, so that the shell and the bottom pad are relatively fixed to the floor. Most horizontal vibration force generated when a house vibrates is absorbed by spring shock absorbers, and the rest horizontal vibration force is converted into horizontal friction force to be transmitted to the floor, so that the influence on the floor is extremely limited; and lower vertical vibration force is mostly absorbed by the bottom mat, so that the floor cannot be damaged. By means of the floor pipeline damping device, buffering and protection of the pipeline can be effectively guaranteed, and the floor can be protected against secondary damage.

Application Domain

PipesPipe elements +1

Technology Topic

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  • Floor pipeline damping device
  • Floor pipeline damping device
  • Floor pipeline damping device


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Example Embodiment

[0010] A floor pipe shock absorbing device, including a pipe pad 1, and both ends of the pipe extend to both sides of the floor and secured to the pipe through the fastening assembly, and a housing 2 is provided at one side of the floor. The bottom pad 3 is covered with the floor and the floor is provided with a fixed assembly that secures the outer casing and the bottom pad to the floor; there are several spring groups along the circumference of the pipe and the pipe pad. A spring group includes two spring dampers 4 in the horizontal direction and inclined.
[0011] The floor pipe shock absorbing device, the outer casing 2 includes two pieces of casing 21, and the opposite ends of the two shell sheets are connected to each other by locking assemblies to facilitate mounting or disassembling of the housing. Device maintenance. The locking assembly at one of the opposite ends of the two shells can be a hinge or connecting pin 22 that is hinged two-piece shell plate 21; and the locking assembly at another opposite end can be fixed to each other. The screw, the bolt nut or shell quick-removal lock 23. When mounting, the end of the two cases is relatively contacted into a ring, and then secured by the lock assembly, it is simple, convenient and stable, safe. Further, the outer casing 2 is provided with an annular pass groove at one side of the housing to the floor, and there is another dust cover 24 which can cover the annular pass slot, to facilitate the maintenance person to open the dust cover inside the damper device, can also be avoided Dust enter the normal operation of the parts inside the dust absorption device.
[0012] The floor pipe shock absorbing device, the fastening assembly includes a sleeve 5, and a collar 5 that is opened one end openings, and the bolt nut or pipe at both ends of the collar opening quick-removal lock 6; The jacket is sleeved outside the pipe, then rotates the bolt relative to the nut, or draws close to the ring opening on both ends of the collar opening, ie, the collar opening, ie, the collar opening, the tube The strip is firmly on the pipe. This type of fastening assembly is simple, easy to operate and safe, stable.
[0013] The floor pipe shock absorbing device includes a L-bolt 7, a corner end of the L-shaped bolt card, on the edge of the floor, and the one end of the L-bolt passes through the floor hole, the bottom pad 3, the outer casing 2 and the fixed nut 8 Screw fixation. The housing can be applied to the pressure to the floor by the L-bolt and the fixed nut, thereby pressing the outer casing and the bottom pad on the floor, and the setting of the L-bolt is the original floor hole, no extra drilling, Do not cause secondary destruction and adverse effects on the cave or floor.
[0014] The floor pipe shock absorber, two spring damper 4 of each spring group, is configured and inclined by 30 ° along the horizontal horizontal, and the experiment shows that the spring shock absorber provided in this angle can meet the imitation of most buildings. The required and more extensive and large extent protection pipelines and floors.
[0015] like Figure 1-4 As shown, the pipe 10 passes through the opening of the floor 20. The tube mat is sleeved on the outer wall, and the tube pad is fastened to the pipe through the collar and the pipe pad; then, the two cases are placed on On the upper side of the floor and covered with the pipe pad, and use the casing quick-removal lock to fix the two shells into a complete casing; the outer casing is placed between the floor, and the outer casing is formed along the pipeline direction between the outer casing and the pipe pad. Multiple spring groups, and the two spring shock absorbers of each spring group are tilted along 30 °; then penetrate the L-bolts from the lower edge of the floor, pass through the hole, bottom pad and the housing Fixed nut.
[0016] When the vibration is generated, the spring damper generates a deformation to apply a shock-shock buffer, which is inclined by the shape of the spring shock absorber and the vibration direction, which can be broken down into two irregular vibration power in the vertical direction and the horizontal direction. The vibration force in the horizontal direction will be absorbed by the spring shock absorber and the housing, and because the outer casing is disposed outside the floor hole mouth instead of the mouth, except for the cave, most of the vibration power will not The impact on the floor, while the vibration power will be converted to the horizontal friction to the floor, the impact on the floor is extremely limited; in addition, for the vibration of the house, the horizontal vibration of the house should be higher than the vertical vibration Therefore, the vibration force in the vertical direction is also small, and after absorbing and buffering by the bottom pad, it will not damage the floor.


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