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Hanger bracket for installing and supporting suspended equipment

A hanger bracket for supporting suspended equipment from a support rail. The hanger bracket includes a rail cap adjoined to a side bar. The rail cap also includes a lip parallel to the sidebar. The rail cap rests on the top surface of the support rail. The lip adjoins to the rail cap at an opposite end of the rail cap from the sidebar. The hanger bracket, with the sidebar, the rail cap and the lip, has an inverted "J" shape. The sidebar of the hanger bracket mounts onto an element of the suspended equipment, so that the rail cap rests on a top surface of the support rail. A plurality of hanger brackets can support the equipment element on the support rail. The hanger bracket is first mounted to the equipment element of the overhead equipment, which is then lifted to raise the rail cap above a support rail. The equipment element is then shifted, to position the rail cap over the support rail. The equipment element is finally lowered to contact the rail cap with the top surface of the support rail. The hanger bracket can slide along the support rail to reposition the equipment element. The hanger bracket is intrinsically safe for hanging heavy equipment from a ceiling or roof structure as it utilizes the weight of the suspended equipment element to supplement the holding force of the hanger bracket, allowing the performance of several installation steps at the floor level.

Intelligent fire evacuation escape indicating system and method

The invention discloses a high-usability high-reliability and high-efficiency fire evacuation indicating system and a method. The system adopts a three-layer system structure formed by an evacuation indicating control host machine, passageway evacuation indicating control sub machines and passageway detection/indicating devices, wherein the passageway evacuation indicating control sub machines are positioned at stairs of each floor, each unit of the system exchanges information through an element interconnect bus (EIB), and the passageway detection/evacuation indicating devices are directly embedded into the control sub machines. Wireless backup communication is additionally added between the host machine and the sub machines (the passageway detection/evacuation indicating devices), and the integral reliability and the usability of the system are enhanced. The secondary threshold warning strategy of a composite fire hazard detector is adopted, a corresponding information processing method is used as an auxiliary measure, in addition, evacuation paths are continuously regulated according to the real-time fire conditions, the goals of shortening the warning time and reducing the mistake warning rate are reached, and the usability of the evacuation indicating system is further improved. The space positions of the detection/indicating devices are shown according to the floors on the basis of the three-dimensional geographical characteristics of the tall building evacuation paths, the building typical evacuation structure and the Dijkstra algorithm with an improved data structure are adopted, and the route planning efficiency of the escape route is improved.
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