Visual intelligent monitoring system for firewall cover plate

A technology of firewall and cover plate, applied in CCTV system, TV system components, TV and other directions, can solve the problems of cable trenches that cannot be clearly seen, glass reflection, time consumption, etc., to facilitate handover work, Simple operation and long service life effect

Pending Publication Date: 2021-11-19
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Problems solved by technology

Substation personnel need 3 to 4 people to work together to open the firewall cover during quarterly inspections, rainy season inspections, and maintenance. It takes 20 to 40 minutes to open the firewall cover, which consumes both manpower and time
In order to solve the above problems, the patent CN210985597 provides a firewall cover plate with a glass layer. When the staff inspects the situation in the cable trench through the glass layer, it is not necessary to remove the firewall cover plate....
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The invention provides a visual intelligent monitoring system for a firewall cover plate, and the system comprises an intelligent terminal and an image acquisition unit located on the firewall cover plate, wherein the intelligent terminal and the image acquisition unit are electrically connected. The image acquisition unit comprises a glass layer and a reinforcing rod located below the glass layer, a camera device is installed on the reinforcing rod, and the camera device is connected with the intelligent terminal. The camera device is externally connected with the intelligent terminal to collect images of conditions in the firewall, a worker holds the intelligent terminal to be connected with the camera device on the firewall cover plate to collect the images during patrol inspection, convenience and rapidness are achieved, operation is easy, patrol inspection convenience and accuracy are guaranteed, patrol inspection conditions can be archived, and later gear shifting and maintenance are facilitated.

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  • Visual intelligent monitoring system for firewall cover plate
  • Visual intelligent monitoring system for firewall cover plate
  • Visual intelligent monitoring system for firewall cover plate


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Example Embodiment

[0023] The present invention will be further described below with reference to the accompanying drawings and examples.
[0024] This embodiment provides a visual intelligent monitoring system for firewall cover, such as Figure 1 to 4 As shown, the firewall cover includes a fixed frame 1, a cover frame 2, and a hinge 3 between the two, and the three, the fixed frame, and the opening of the cover frame are provided with the upper and lower corresponding. Lock 5; in the cover frame, a glass layer 4 is embedded, and the glass layer includes one layer of tempered glass and more than one PVB film layer, and there is also a handle 6 on the cover frame, the side of the fixed frame. A storage tank 8 is provided, a support rod 9 is attached to the storage tank, and the depth of the storage tank is larger than the thickness of the support rod and is smaller than the thickness of the fixed frame;
[0025] The support rod is composed of the top rod 10 and the bottom rod 11, and the top end of the top rod is attached to the side of the cover frame, and the bottom end of the top rod is provided with an anchor hinge 12, the top end of the bottom rod passes through the pin activity. Mounted on the hinge seat and can be rotated around the top rod, the bottom end of the bottom rod is attached to the storage tank; the top end of the bottom rod is provided with a hollow mounting hole, and the inside of the mounting hole is provided with a spring plug 13, spring plug The top top is in the anchor point in the hinged seat to limit the relative rotation between the bottom rod and the hinge; the spring bolts include the handle 14, the telescopic rod 15, the bobbin 16, and a spring, wherein the lower portion of the plug is a hollow structure The spring is mounted in the hydraulic body, and the top of the telescopic rod is on the spring, the tail of the telescopic rod extends from the bottom end of the insertion body and tops at the bottom of the mounting hole, and the retractable rod is elastically retractable, the handle is mounted in the plug External; on the hole wall of the tip of the bottom of the bottom rod, a slot is opened, and the upper portion of the handle is extended by the slot and can move up and down along the slider;
[0026] Two reinforcing rods 7 are provided on the cover frame, which are "ten" fonts, and the material of the reinforcing rod is steel, and the reinforcing rod is located below the glass layer and is fixed to it; the firewall cover is also installed on the firewall cover. 17 and through holes 21, where the through holes are located on a fixed frame; the imaging device includes an imaging assembly 18, a connecting line 19, and a socket 20, and the three are sequentially connected, and the imaging assembly and cable are installed and the reinforcing rod, the imaging assembly The imaging direction is facing downward, the socket is fixed at the through hole, and the neighbor side of the socket also has a rubber plug 22 for protecting the socket, and the image pickup apparatus is acquired by an image capture of the cable trench through the socket.
[0027] Combine Figure 5 with Figure 7 The intelligent terminal provided by this embodiment includes at least a housing 25 and a power supply bin at the bottom of the housing. The housing is provided with a protective layer, and the protective layer is injection molded with ABS and PE, and the sidewall 31 is provided. A brush 30 is attached to the bottom of the housing, and a slide rail is provided in the inner side of the brush, and the brush is engaged with the slider to engage the bottom of the housing, and the housing is provided with a controller and a button electrically connected to the controller. Circuit, memory, GPS positioning device, network transmission device, and power supply, where the network transmission device is 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G chip or WiFi module, the power supply is located in the power bin; the button circuit is also operated with the operation keyboard, the lighting device, Display device and transmission circuit electrical connection, display device is an LED display, and the transmission circuit is also electrically connected to the display device;
[0028]The housing is provided with an interface 23, a first slot 26, and a second slot 29, the interface and the lighting device. 24 is located at the top of the housing, and the housing also has an indicator light for switching a reminder, indication The lamp is electrically connected to the power supply device, the display device 27 is mounted on the first slot, the operation keyboard being mounted in the second slot, and the operation keyboard 28 is provided with a switch button, the lighting button, the shoot button, the return button, and the confirmation Button, the intelligent terminal electrically connects to the imaging device on the firewall cover by an interface to operate image acquisition, and the interface is connected to the socket of the firewall cover through the data cable.
[0029] The operational flow of the present invention is to connect the data cable from the interface of the intelligent terminal and the interface of the smart terminal and the interface of the smart terminal, and the interface of the intelligent terminal, the interface, and the interface of the firewall cover, and the interface of the firewall cover, and press the interface of the smart terminal, and press the interface. The switch button turns on the intelligent terminal, and the indicator is turned on, the power supply device is powered on the imaging device on the firewall cover, and the display device displays the live image of the cable trench collected by the imaging device, the staff according to angle or Schedule for shooting, confirmation, and storage, press the shooting button and the confirmation button for shooting and storage, and the GPS positioning device within the intelligent terminal is labeled, if it is insufficient at night, press the lighting button for filling Shooting, if it is too much on the firewall cover, the hair brush is cleaned. After the shooting is completed, the data line can continue to be connected to the camera device on other firewall cover on the inspection section, after all shooting, The collected picture will be transferred through the network transmission device; if the image is displayed in the firewall, the staff pulls the handle to cover the cover frame, while pulling the handle to prevent the spring blocking the hinged seat, then The splitting the bottom rod is expanded until the spring plug is inserted into the unfold anchor of the hinge, the fixed frame, the cover frame and the support rod form a stable triangular force structure, and the staff can pass through the fixed frame into the firewall. Further maintenance.


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