Digital exhibition hall man-machine interaction system

A technology of human-computer interaction and exhibition hall, which is applied in the field of human-computer interaction system, can solve the problems of small recognizable area of ​​gesture recognition equipment, experiencers can't really integrate into it, and reduce user experience, so as to achieve smooth experience and high stability , Easy assembly and flexible effect

Pending Publication Date: 2021-12-17
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Problems solved by technology

Moreover, the recognizable area of ​​the gesture recognition device is small, and it is necessary to always pay attention to whether the hand is still in the recognition area, which causes trouble to the operation while watching it, increases the difficulty of operation, and reduces the user experience.
[0007] The head-mounted device (VR helmet) is a type of human-computer interaction medium. The head-moun...
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Method used

[0033] Step 3: Building the human-computer interaction system environment described in step 1 is to connect all hardware devices to present a structure as shown in Figure 2. Connect 9 LCD monitors to the signal output port of the multi-standard screen splitter for picture fusion. The signal of the split screen device is connected to the high-definition display port of the computer, and all the connecting l...
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The invention provides a digital exhibition hall man-machine interaction system based on somatosensory equipment. The digital exhibition hall man-machine interaction system is divided into an image acquisition module, an image processing system module, a synthetic photographing module, a misrecognition prevention module, a body language recognition model module and a system command module. In the field of exhibition and display interaction, an experiencer can complete man-machine interaction experience without wearing any equipment, and adults and children can experience and interact with the content in the exhibition hall. The operation difficulty is reduced by the simple and easy-to-learn body language, and the interest and the sense of participation are increased by the synthetic photographing.

Application Domain

AdvertisingCharacter and pattern recognition

Technology Topic

Image acquisitionLanguage recognition +5


  • Digital exhibition hall man-machine interaction system
  • Digital exhibition hall man-machine interaction system
  • Digital exhibition hall man-machine interaction system


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0030] DRAWINGS The following further detailed description of the present invention. DETAILED DESCRIPTION case merely described to explain the present application is not intended to limit the present application.
[0031] Step 1: Reference Figure 1-4 A digital exhibition interactive system, the required hardware package, build human-computer interaction systems environments, interactive systems, experience area.
[0032] Step 2: Step 1 in the hardware device by the figure 1 Description: figure 1 1 is a mainframe computer, figure 1 2 is a camera, figure 1 3 is sound, figure 1 In a liquid crystal display 4, No. 5 is a multi-split screen specifications.
[0033] Step 3: In step 1 the environment is set up interactive system all hardware devices connected as presented figure 2 The structure shown. The liquid crystal display device 9 is connected to the multi-standard screen splitter output signals do fusion screen, split screen signal is connected to the inlet port definition computer's display, all cables is the HDMI cable. As for the camera Graphical acquisition top of the screen, 220v power supply plug insertion port row and the data transmission port inserted in the computer host USB 3.0, wherein the camera is not more than 2.4m from the ground end, and a front camera face in the same screen, and 10 ° downward ~ 15 °. Sound were placed at both ends to create three-dimensional sound environment and better experience the effect.
[0034] Step 4: Step 1. The interactive system comprises an image acquisition module, an image processing system module, a camera module synthesis, preventing erroneous recognition module, a module body language recognition model, the system command module.
[0035] The image capture module, the camera image data acquisition, the acquired image data transmitted to the image processing system module. The process of human-computer interaction experience by itself does not need to wear any equipment, image acquisition camera needs to be placed in the position from the ground no more than 2.4m, from the experience of those who 2.5m ~ 3.5m, front camera and front facing the same screen, and tilted 10 ° ~ 15 ° on the scene image for image acquisition.
[0036] The image processing system and a face recognition function modules on skeletal location for further data processing function after receiving data:
[0037]Face recognition function, the depth processed by the image information matches the image according to the acquired key information human face, the face of the information analysis generates a new face image information. Skeleton position information function, the image information depth processing, the extracted image special position, and skeletal model position for comparison, the identical-image extracted key points and skeletal model position, the key point position of the image is performed skeleton model binding, returns the coordinates corresponding to the position of those who experience skeletal model of.
[0038] The camera module synthesis, after recognition by experience, new information obtained face image, the camera module passes the data to the synthesis, and the completion of the current hall scene camera experience by synthesis, while generating the two-dimensional code picture, after the camera is available photos by two-dimensional code.
[0039] Preventing the erroneous recognition module, in accordance with some of our physical body instinctive operation, hands naturally hang down, hands scratching, scratching one hand, rubbing the hands and eyes, eye rubbing one hand, to move too close from the camera position, to move too far from the camera position, hands folded, is determined unintentional operation, malfunction does not transfer any data information.
[0040] The body language identification module model, body language recognition model, we set some commonly used body language data, the clenched fist open hand when selected, Mobile said it has been clenched fist drag and rotate the scene, waving to the left indicate switching Next experience indicates wave by switching previous right, hand push forward an enlarged scene, to zoom out scene rearward handle.
[0041] The system command module, system commands for the current system, the implementation of model identification information data module body language transmitted, is converted into the current instruction within the system, thus completing the interaction between experience and machine. As the overall process Figure 4 Indicated.
[0042] Step 5: The image 3 The structure shown. Experience need to stand in the middle of the screen, from the screen position of 2.5m-3.5m, interoperate.
[0043] Although the above embodiment has been described the case of a digital Hall interactive system, it is understood that the embodiments described above cases are exemplary and are not to be construed as limiting the present disclosure, those of ordinary skill in the art in the present application may be made within the scope of the above Example are several variations, modifications, alternatives, and modifications.
[0044] More specific embodiment of the present application, do not limit the scope of protection of the present application. Any of various technical concept of the present application to make corresponding changes and other modification, should be included within the scope of the claims of the present application. Thus, the scope of the scope of the invention should be taken in the appended claims.


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