Tailing pond major safety risk quantification method

A technology of safety risk and quantification method, applied in the field of quantification of major safety risks in tailings ponds, can solve the problems of lack of empirical testing, risk assessment and control research, and lack of dynamic risk assessment, so as to achieve targeted perception, enhanced safety risk awareness, The effect of reducing blindness

Pending Publication Date: 2021-12-17
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Problems solved by technology

Most of the previous studies analyzed and evaluated the risk factors of dam failure in the operation stage, or only identified the risk indicators in each stage of the life cycle, and failed to conduct more in-depth risk evaluation and control research.
[0009] (2) The identification of risk factors for tailings ponds is basically at the stage of qualitative research and theor...
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Method used

[0133] In addition, for the undisposed enterprise of the early warning result, the risk is corrected by ra...
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The invention discloses a tailing pond major safety risk quantification method. The method comprises the following steps: S1, identifying unit risks, and forming a unit security risk and hidden danger violation electronic evidence database; S2, dividing a safety evaluation unit of the inherent risk characteristics of the tailings pond into a dam body unit, a flood drainage unit, an auxiliary facility unit and a surrounding environment unit; S3, carrying out the quantitative measurement of inherent risk indexes of risk points; S4, taking a weighted accumulated value of the place personnel exposure indexes of the inherent risk indexes of the plurality of risk points as a unit inherent risk index H; S5, taking the reciprocal of the unit safety production standardization score percentage as a unit risk frequency index; S6, aggregating the initial high-risk risk management and control frequency of the unit and the inherent risk index of the unit; S7, correcting the initial high-risk safety risk value of the unit by adopting a real risk dynamic correction index. The method aims at improving the intrinsic safety degree and safety management level of the tailings pond enterprises, preventing major and extra-major accidents and reducing accident harm consequences, and provides technical guidance for safety risk management and control of the tailings pond enterprises.

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Climate change adaptationResources

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Environmental resource managementSecurity management +7


  • Tailing pond major safety risk quantification method
  • Tailing pond major safety risk quantification method
  • Tailing pond major safety risk quantification method


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Example Embodiment

[0154] Example: In a Tailings Example risk quantification using this method.
[0155] According to the technical data provided by the company and on-site investigation, the results of the survey of analogy, as well as the characteristics of the tailings system, the risk of harmful factors in the identification, analysis, based on the risk of dam break event point as a unit entire system evaluate.
[0156] Major risk assessment dam unit.
[0157](1) High-risk equipment (H s ) - dam body.
[0158] The tail mine is a valley-type tail mine (Valley bottom tail mine), and the dam mode is the upstream tail mine dam, and the tailings stack is wet stack.
[0159] The correspondence between the nature of the dam body and the hazard index is as follows.
[0161] (2) High risk technology (K 1 Monitoring the monitoring system.
[0162] The tail mine is mounted, and the external displacement of the dam body, the internal displacement of the dam body, the length of the beach, the warehousing level, the water level, and the video surveillance 7-class monitoring and monitoring, daily monitoring facilities are easy to be affected by the flood season, thunderstorm season, etc. Data image lacking phenomenon. At present, there is only a good video surveillance. Other monitoring facilities have been invalid for half a year. It has not been recovered, and the library monitoring and monitoring process facility in this period is 1.
[0163] The correspondence between the process and the hazard index is as follows.
[0165] (3) High-risk locations (E) - The downstream area of ​​the first karace library.
[0166] There are seven groups of Yinshan Village in the northwhere of the reservoir area. It is about 300m from the tail mines; there is highway through the north, the most recent distance is 30m; the downstream is about 700m has the ball line special line; the downstream of the tail mine When the number of passes is usually 2 people, three classes work; 120 people in the downstream area.
[0167] The Correspondence between the Downstream Regional Waves and Hazard Index.
[0168] The downstream area of the head area affects the risk exposure 122 High-risk venue risk index feature 9
[0169] (4) High-risk items (M) (energy).
[0170] The tail mine, the design of the total dam is 95m, the whole warehouse is 1880m 3 The library level is three levels.
[0171] The correspondence between the design of the tailings design and the hazard index is as follows.
[0173] (5) High risk operation (K 2.
[0174] The correspondence between the job and the hazard index is as follows.
[0176] According to the standardization standard for safety production standardization, the initial safety production standardization level is full of 100 points, and the first level is highest.
[0177] The initial high-risk risk management frequency indicators of the unit are measured from the level of corporate safety production control, that is, the unit safety production standardization score assessment method is used to measure the probability of an inherent risk of the unit inherently risk.
[0178] The reciprocal of the standardized score in unit safety production is used as a high risk of risk control. Then the initial high-risk risk control frequency of the metering unit is: g = 100 / V
[0179] G - unit initial high risk risk control;
[0180] V - safety production standardization self-evaluation / review score.
[0181] The tail mines provide information showing the level of safety production standardization, tentatively value 90 points, that is, the safety production standardization score V = 90.
[0182] Calculate the final unit security risk control indicator G = 100 / V = ​​100/90 = 1.11.
[0183] In the case where the unit dynamic risk indicator is inherently risk, high risk risk control indicators, the inherent risk index of the tail mine is 91.8, and the high risk of risk management is 1.33, and the initial security risk of enterprises is. 0 = 102.
[0184] According to the safety risk level of tailings, the initial safety risk level of the tail mine is grade III, and the warning signal is yellow.


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