Inspection for quality control of Longxuejie

A technology for control and detection, dried dragon's blood, which is applied in the field of detection of Chinese herbal medicines and can solve problems such as difficulty in accurately reflecting product quality.

Active Publication Date: 2005-12-28
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The currently implemented standard quality control only measures dragon blood B (C 18 h 20 o 5 ) content, the research found that the main components of dragon blood j...
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A method for controlling quality of sangusis draconis uses liquid phase chromatography to determine contents of dracoresene A and B in Chinese traditional raw medicine of sangusis draconis simultaneously. The method includes steps of making adaptive test of chromatograph condition and system, preparing control solution, preparing test sample solution and carrying out determination.

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Component separation

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Test sampleLiquid phase +6


  • Inspection for quality control of Longxuejie
  • Inspection for quality control of Longxuejie


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Example Embodiment

[0091] Examples:
[0092] Chromatographic conditions and system suitability test Use octadecylsilane bonded silica as filler; glacial acetic acid solution (1→100)-acetonitrile (63:37) as mobile phase, and detection wavelength is 275nm. Column temperature: 30°C. The number of theoretical plates calculated based on loureirin A and B peaks should not be less than 5000, and the resolution of loureirin A and B peaks should be greater than 2.0.
[0093] Preparation of Reference Substance Solution Accurately weigh the appropriate amount of Loureirin A and Loureirin B reference substances that have been dried under reduced pressure of phosphorus pentoxide for 24 hours, and dissolve them in methanol to make it containing 0.18mg of Loureirin A and containing dragon blood per 1ml A mixed solution of 0.04 mg of element B is available.
[0094] Preparation of the test solution: Take about 0.25g of the powder (passed through No. 3 sieve), accurately weigh it into a 25ml measuring flask, add about 20ml of methanol, and ultrasonically treat it for 10 minutes to dissolve the dragon’s blood. Let it cool to room temperature. Dilute methanol to the mark, shake well, filter through 0.45μm microporous membrane, discard the first filtrate, and get it.
[0095] Determination method Precisely draw 10μl of the reference solution and 5μl of the test solution, inject it into the liquid chromatograph, and determine it.


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