Automatically formed packaging method apparatus for throwing firecrackers

A technology of automatic molding and packaging equipment, which is applied in the direction of offensive equipment, weapon types, pyrotechnics, etc. It can solve the problems of no technical data, low efficiency of manual production, uneven powder content of dropped guns, etc., to improve production efficiency and simple structure , reliable effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2007-09-12
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[0002] At present, most of the molded packaging of the cannon is handmade, and the efficiency of manual production is low, and the amount of gunpowder in each cannon is uneven.
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The invention is an automatic forming packaging method and device of, adopting imitating handcraft casing action, pack falling cannon through a mechanism possessing the machine of paper burster, paper cutter, distributor, paper moulding, baiting, clamping under chuck, clamping upper grip, rotating, opening upper grip, opening under grip, opening of clamping, blanking and fraping of clamping tongue, instead of handcraft-making method. The equipment is made of three parts: paper-bursting part, distributor, molding machine. paper-bursting part finishes the following working procedure: drawing paper, cutting paper and advancing paper; distributor finishes distributing and baiting; molding machine finishes stamping , clamping upper grip, clamping under chuck, under chuck's rotating, upper grip's opening, under chuck's opening and unloading.

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Paper sheetFirecracker +3


  • Automatically formed packaging method apparatus for throwing firecrackers
  • Automatically formed packaging method apparatus for throwing firecrackers
  • Automatically formed packaging method apparatus for throwing firecrackers


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[0012] The accompanying drawings show an embodiment of the present invention, and the present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings and embodiments.
[0013] It can be seen from the accompanying drawings that the present invention adopts the action of imitating manual packaging by adopting a method of paper separation, paper cutting, material separation, paper forming, blanking, clamping the lower chuck, clamping the upper chuck, rotating, The mechanical equipment of opening the upper chuck, opening the lower chuck, pushing out the chuck tongue, blanking, and chuck tongue tightening mechanism replaces the manual method. It can automatically complete the packaging of the gun, including paper pulling, paper cutting and feeding, stamping forming, material distribution, clamping upper chuck, clamping lower chuck, lower chuck rotation, upper chuck loosening, and lower chuck loosening A complete set of packaging actions such as opening and unloading. The equipment is composed of three parts: the paper separating mechanism part, the material separating mechanism part, and the forming and packaging mechanism part. Among them, the paper separating mechanism partially completes the paper pulling, cutting and feeding processes; the material separating mechanism partially completes the feeding and blanking procedures; the forming and packaging mechanism partially completes the stamping and forming, clamping the upper chuck, clamping the lower chuck, and the lower chuck Rotation, upper chuck loosening, lower chuck loosening, and unloading processes.
[0014] In Figure 1, the camshaft 16 is driven by the motor to rotate, driving the sprocket on the shaft to transmit to the incomplete gear mechanisms 22, 23 with a transmission ratio of 1:1, the driving wheel 23 of the incomplete gear mechanism and the paper cutting The knife cam 25 is coaxial, and with the rotation of the knife cam 25, the periodic paper cutting action is completed. The driving wheel 23 of the incomplete gear mechanism is transmitted to the front paper feeding wheel 26 at a transmission ratio of 1:1, while the driven wheel 22 of the incomplete gear mechanism is transmitted to the rear paper feeding wheel 19 at a transmission ratio of 1:1, thereby realizing Intermittent paper feeding action. Because the front paper feeding wheel 26 rotates continuously, and the rear paper feeding wheel 19, 21 rotates intermittently, it can ensure that the paper cutter 24 is always under tension when cutting paper, which is convenient for cutting paper. . The cut paper is sent directly below the lowering tube 6 by the front feeding wheel 26. At this time, the lowering tube starts to move down under the control of the lowering tube cam 27, and the paper passes through the backing plate 7 and the upper chuck 8 until Lower chuck 10. The distributor 3 divides the material under the action of the distributing cam 34, and sends the divided material to the lower chuck 10 containing the packaging paper through the guide tube 4 and the discharging tube 6. After the discharging is completed, the discharging The tube 6 starts to move up under the action of the lower chuck control cam 27. At this time, the upper chuck 8 begins to tighten, and at the same time, the side wings begin to fold, and the lower chuck 10 starts to be clamped under the control of the lower chuck control cam 29. At the same time of clamping, the timing belt wheel 14 starts to rotate under the driving of the electric motor to complete the packaging action of the gun throwing. After the gun is packed, the upper chuck 8 is loosened, and the lower chuck 10 is loosened at the same time to complete the unloading.
[0015] The process route is shown in Figure 3: The paper for packaging gunpowder (gunpowder) is cut into the required shape through the paper cutting mechanism, and some glue is applied to the edge of the paper, and then the paper is sent to a fixed position. The paper is formed by the paper forming mechanism, and then the formed paper is sent to the forming packaging container. The forming packaging container is equipped with a material distributing and unloading mechanism. The gunpowder in the gun is accurately divided by the dispenser and then sent Into the shaped packaging container containing the packaging paper; the shaped packaging container is also provided with upper and lower chucks for clamping the throwing gun, and a rotating device is connected to the upper and lower chucks to make the upper and lower chucks rotate relative to each other. , The upper and lower chuck simultaneously rotate the lower chuck 3 to 4 times to complete the molding and packaging of the gun. After molding, loosen the upper and lower chuck, and push the discharge tube close to the lower chuck upward to force the lower chuck. The chuck is loosened, so that the molded shot can be discharged.


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