Formula for low-temperature wear-resisting plastic coating material

A spreader and formulation technology, which is applied in the field of low-temperature wear-resistant plastic spreader formulations, can solve the problems of wear-resistant ceramic coatings such as low strength, ceramic coating shedding, and poor wear resistance, so as to increase wear resistance and life span , good wear resistance

Active Publication Date: 2011-04-13
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[0002] The pure low-temperature waste heat power generation exhaust gas transmission pipeline of the new dry-process cement production line contains certain powdery particles, the wind speed is fast, and the wear is serious. In the past, the bent pipe was usually covered with ceramic pipes or wear-resistant ceramic coati...
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The invention discloses a formula for a low-temperature wear-resisting plastic coating material, which comprises the following components in percent by weight of 65-85 percent of bauxite chamotte, 5-10 percent of silicon carbide, 5-15 percent of aluminate cement, one or a mixture of 0-5 percent of silicon micro powder and 0-8 percent of aluminum oxide micro powder, 0-3 percent of rho-Al2O3 micro powder, and 0-2 percent of a composite additive of sodium tripolyphosphate and methylcellulose. The coating material made by using the formula is used in a coating of a conveying pipeline, and has the advantages of good wear-resisting property, difficult shedding and long service life.

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Sodium triphosphateAluminium +5


  • Formula for low-temperature wear-resisting plastic coating material
  • Formula for low-temperature wear-resisting plastic coating material


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Example Embodiment

[0020] Example 1, a low-temperature abrasion-resistant plastic coating formulation, the weight percentage of each component in the formulation is 80% high alumina bauxite clinker, 10% silicon carbide, and 10% aluminate cement.

Example Embodiment

[0021] In Example 2, the weight percentage of each component in the formula is 65% high alumina bauxite clinker, 10% silicon carbide, 10% aluminate cement, 5% silica powder, 7% alumina powder, ρ-Al 2 O 3 Micro powder 3%.

Example Embodiment

[0022] In Example 3, the weight percentage of each component in the formula is 85% high alumina bauxite clinker, 5% silicon carbide, 5% aluminate cement, 1% alumina powder, ρ-Al 2 O 3 2%, composite additive 2%.


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