Suspending swing arm assembly

A suspension pendulum, assembly technology, applied to the cantilever mounted on the pivot, suspension, transportation and packaging, etc., can solve the problems of shaking or difficulty in returning, bad steering wheel, direction failure, etc., and achieve increased wear resistance. , good safety, good ride comfort

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-10-24
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The design and manufacturing level of the swing arm is directly reflected in the driving stability of the steering wheel. Poor desi...
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The invention discloses a suspending swing arm assembly, and belongs to the technical field of auto spare parts. The suspending swing arm assembly comprises a ball pin, internal and external ball seats and a housing which are sequentially arranged in match from inside to outside; a dustproof cover is arranged between the external wall of the ball pin and the housing, and the external wall of the ball pin is extended out of the housing; the internal ball seat is made of resin; the ball pin, the external ball seat and the housing are all manufactured by forging aluminum-silicon-magnesium alloy; and concave grooves are formed in the internal wall of the internal ball seat. The suspending swing arm assembly has the advantages of capability of automatically compensating the abrasion loss, high strength of extension and capability of achieving self-lubricating effect; and with the adoption of the suspending swing arm assembly, relatively high safety and relatively high riding comfort can be kept when a vehicle runs in various road conditions.

Application Domain

Pivoted suspension arms

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  • Suspending swing arm assembly


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Example Embodiment

[0012] Such as figure 1 As shown, the suspension arm assembly of the present invention includes a ball pin 1, an inner ball seat 2, an outer ball seat 3, and a housing 4 that are fitted in sequence from the inside out. The ball pin 1 extends on the outer wall of the housing 4 and A dust cover 5 is installed between the shells 4, wherein the inner ball seat 2 is made of resin, and the ball pin 1, the outer ball seat 3, and the shell 4 are all forged from aluminum-silicon-magnesium alloy; at the same time, the inner ball seat A groove 6 is provided on the inner wall of the inner ball seat 2, and the groove 6 surrounds a circle along the horizontal circumferential direction of the inner wall of the inner ball seat 2. A clamp 7 is provided on the outer wall of the dust cover 5.
[0013] The above-mentioned embodiments are only used to explain the inventive concept of the present invention, but not to limit the protection of the rights of the present invention. Any insubstantial modification of the present invention using this concept should fall within the protection scope of the present invention.


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