Method capable of automatically tracking moving object in space-augmented reality system

An augmented reality and automatic tracking technology, applied in image data processing, instruments, calculations, etc., can solve problems such as lack of flexibility, increased cost and complexity, and small work scope

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-05-15
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3) Mechanical tracking method: use the physical connection of mechanical joints to measure the position and direction of moving objects, and the working range of this method is s...
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Provided is a method capable of extending viewport range of a single projector and automatically tracking a moving object in a space-augmented reality system. The method utilizes a disc-shaped rotating base capable of automatically feeding a rotating angle back, the single projector is fixed on the disc-shaped rotating base, and an optical axis of the projector is coincided with an axis of the disc-shaped rotating base. A projection matrix of the projector is simultaneously confirmed and dynamically updated according to a rotation matrix of the projector and a translation matrix of an object. The multiplying order of the matrixes includes that the rotation matrix is multiplied by the current projection matrix, and then multiplied by the translation matrix of the object to acquire a new projection matrix.

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Image analysis

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  • Method capable of automatically tracking moving object in space-augmented reality system
  • Method capable of automatically tracking moving object in space-augmented reality system
  • Method capable of automatically tracking moving object in space-augmented reality system


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Example Embodiment

[0010] The specific implementation of the patent of the present invention includes the following steps:
[0011] <1> According to the configuration of the figure, fix the projector 2 on the rotating base 1 so that the optical axis of the projector 2 coincides with the axis of the rotating base 1 (a line passing through the center of the rotating disc);
[0012] <2> Select any three points on the object motion trajectory 4 (take the arc-shaped trajectory as an example), and calibrate the projector at the positions of the selected three points. This process obtains the world coordinates corresponding to the three points. Theorem also calculates the world coordinate equation of the trajectory of the object on the plane based on the world coordinates of the three points;
[0013] <3> Place the object at a certain point on the motion track, start to rotate the disc-shaped rotating base and move the object along the motion track at the same time, and get the rotation matrix R according to the rotation angle and the moving distance proj And the object's translation matrix T obj ,Calculate the new projection matrix M′ according to formula (1) view;
[0014] <4> The projector is in the new position according to the new projection matrix M′ view Project the enhanced information onto the surface of the object to track the object.
[0015] The following program code segment written in C language and OpenGL functions illustrates the method of calculating a new projection matrix in the augmented reality system:


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