Traditional Chinese medicine decoction for treating uterus coldness

A technology of traditional Chinese medicine decoction and palace cold, which is applied in the field of Chinese patent medicine preparations, can solve problems such as unsatisfactory effects, and achieve non-toxic and side effects, good effects, and good effects of palace cold

Active Publication Date: 2013-07-17
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At present, the effect of traditional Chinese and Weste...
the structure of the environmentally friendly knitted fabric provided by the present invention; figure 2 Flow chart of the yarn wrapping machine for environmentally friendly knitted fabrics and storage devices; image 3 Is the parameter map of the yarn covering machine
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The invention relates to the field of medicine formulae and in particular relates to a traditional Chinese medicine decoction for treating uterus coldness. The traditional Chinese medicine decoction is characterized by comprising the following bulk pharmaceutical chemical components by percent: 10-13% of ginger, 8-10% of Chinese-date, 8-10% of angelica sinensis, 6-9% of astragalus mongholicus, 6-9% of motherwort, 5-8% of teasel root, 4-7% of ligusticum chuanxiong hort, 5-7% of saffron crocus, 4-7% of polygala tenuifolia, 3-5% of cistanche, 3-5% of medlar, 4-6% of very light blue, 3-5% of pericarpium citri reticulatae, 4-6% of sliced processed aconite, 2-4% of root of rehmannia, 3-5% of colla corii asini and 3-5% of honeysuckle. The seventeen bulk pharmaceutical chemicals are soaked into water, boiled and deslagged so as to obtain the filtrate. The traditional Chinese medicine decoction has the beneficial effects of low cost, toxic and side effect freeness, yang warming and qi removing, essence solidification and supplementation, chong-ren conditioning and good effect on uterus coldness treatment.

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  • Traditional Chinese medicine decoction for treating uterus coldness


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[0007] Example 1:
[0008] Use ginger, jujube, angelica, astragalus, motherwort, dipsacus, Chuanqiong, saffron, Polygala, Cistanche, medlar, scallion, tangerine peel, make-up slices, raw land, donkey-hide glue, honeysuckle Its components (% by weight) are ginger Chen 11.6, Jujube 9.2, Angelica 9.2, Astragalus 6.9, Motherwort 6.9, Dipsacus 5.6, Chuanqiong 5.6, Saffron 5.6, Polygala 5.6, Cistanche 4.6, Chinese wolfberry 4.6, Green onion 4.6, Tangerine peel 4.2, attached sheet 4.2, raw land 2.8, donkey-hide gelatin 4.6, honeysuckle 4.2. Take the total weight of the above-mentioned 17 kinds of APIs to 216 grams, add water to 1000-1200ml, soak for 4-6 hours, boil for 60-90 minutes with a martial fire, remove the residue to obtain about 200ml of filtrate, add 300-400ml of water to the medicine residue, and simmer In 30-40 minutes, about 100 ml of filtrate is obtained by removing the residue, and a total of about 300 ml of medicinal soup is obtained, and the traditional Chinese medicine decoction of the present invention is prepared. Take it twice in the morning and evening on an empty stomach, each taking about 150ml, 10 days as a course of treatment. Then wait for the second day of the next menstrual cramps before starting to take it and continue taking it for 4 menstrual cycles.
[0009] The ginger of the present invention sweats and relieves the surface, warms the stomach and relieves vomiting, warms the lungs and relieves cough, detoxifies fish and crabs, and detoxifies drugs. It is an aromatic pungent stomach medicine with warmth, excitement, sweating, anti-vomiting, detoxification, etc.; jujube nourishes the spleen and stomach, nourishes qi and promotes fluid, regulates ying and antidote. Cure stomach deficiency, lack of food, weak spleen, loose stools, insufficient qi, blood and body fluid, discord between camp and guard, and heart palpitations. Women are irritable; Angelica sinensis liver, heart, spleen and large intestine meridian, through long-term clinical observation, its main functions such as enriching blood and promoting blood circulation, regulating menstruation and relieving pain, moisturizing the bowel, etc.; Astragalus invigorating Qi and strengthening the surface, diuretic toxin, purging pus, Converge sore muscles. Used for qi deficiency and fatigue, lack of food, loose stools, subsidence of the qi, chronic diarrhea and prolapse of the anus, bleeding in the stool, spontaneous sweating, qi deficiency and edema, astragalus discs, ulcers difficult to ulcerate, chronic ulceration, blood deficiency and yellow impotence, internal heat to reduce thirst ; Chronic nephritis, proteinuria, diabetes; Motherwort tastes bitter and cool. Invigorate blood, remove silt, regulate menstruation, and eliminate water. Treatment of women with irregular menstruation, fetal leakage, dystocia, dystocia, postpartum blood dizziness, blood stasis, abdominal pain, uterine bleeding, hematuria, diarrhea, carbuncle and sore; hurt. Used for low back pain; paralysis of the limbs; fall and flutter trauma, damage to muscles and bones, fetal movement, redness, bandage, carbuncle sores. Liquor Dipsacus is mostly used for rheumatic arthralgia, fall and flutter injury; Chuanqiong promotes blood circulation and promotes qi, expels wind and relieves pain. It is used for irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain, chest and hypochondriac pain, swelling and pain, headache, rheumatic arthralgia; saffron saffron has a wide range of medicinal purposes, with activating blood to remove blood stasis, cooling blood and detoxification, relieving depression and soothing, The effects of beautifying and beautifying the skin have significant effects on preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and regulating liver and kidney functions. For women, saffron can invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, enrich blood, nourish blood, regulate blood, promote blood circulation, nourish energy and guide the two-way regulation. Saffron can be used for irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, postpartum blood stasis and abdominal pain; Warm in nature, bitter and pungent in taste, it has the functions of soothing, nootropic, expectorating, and reducing swelling. It is used for insomnia, forgetfulness and palpitations caused by heart-kidney incompatibility, trance, uncomfortable expectoration, sore swelling, swelling, breast swelling Pain; Cistanche cistanche mainly treats the deficiency of kidney yang, warms the essence and blood, protects the liver and moisturizes dryness, and has very important therapeutic effects and effects; wolfberry kidney nourishes essence, nourishes the liver and eyesight, nourishes blood and soothes the nerves, promotes body fluid, quenches thirst, nourishes lungs and relieves cough. Cure liver and kidney yin deficiency, soreness of waist and knees, dizziness, dizziness, faint and teary eyes, cough due to fatigue, diminishes thirst, and nocturnal emission; the function of green onion is to express, promote yang, and detoxify. Cure typhoid fever, headache, yin-cold abdominal pain, internal resistance to worms, dysentery, carbuncle; tangerine peel can regulate qi and invigorate the spleen, regulate the middle, dry dampness, and reduce phlegm Indications of spleen and stomach Qi stagnation, abdominal distension or pain, indigestion. The chest tightness and abdominal distension in the damp turbidity obstruction, anorexia and loose stools Cough and asthma caused by phlegm dampness in the lungs; preparation of attached tablets to restore yang to rescue adversity, to replenish fire and yang, dispel cold and relieve pain. It is used for dying yang deficiency, cold limbs and weak pulse, insufficient heart yang, chest obstruction and heartache, deficiency and cold vomiting and diarrhea, cold pain in the abdominal abdomen, deficiency of kidney yang; the role of the earth is to clear heat and cool blood, nourish yin, and promote body fluid. Used for fever, crimson tongue polydipsia, yin deficiency internal heat, bone steaming heat, internal heat quenching thirst, vomiting blood, epistaxis, spotted rash; donkey-hide gelatin is a traditional blood-tonifying medicine, and it has been a good tonic since ancient times. , Hemostasis, nourishing yin, moisturizing dryness, nourishing blood, and anti-fetus; Honeysuckle has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, and dispelling wind and heat. It is used for carbuncle swelling and furuncle, throat numbness, erysipelas, hot blood dysentery, wind-heat cold, febrile fever. These 17 raw materials are cleverly formulated, and the drugs coordinate with each other to play the special effects of palace cold.
[0010] The raw materials of the present invention can also be implemented in an embodiment in which the proportions (weight percentages) listed in the following table are mixed. The processing technology is the same as in Example 1.
[0012] The following describes the present invention in further detail in conjunction with the clinical trials conducted by our hospital, namely Wendeng Central Hospital, Weihai City, Shandong Province:
[0013] 1. Case selection: 60 cases in this group, aged 23-47 years old, all have different degrees of uterine cold.
[0014] 2. Treatment method: Take it twice in the morning and evening on an empty stomach, each taking about 150ml, 10 days as a course of treatment. Then wait for the second day of the next menstrual cramps before starting to take it and continue taking it for 4 menstrual cycles.
[0015] 3. Diagnostic criteria: delayed menstruation, at least ten days and a half months, at most two or three months. Even menstruation is seen once a year or a half (B-ultrasound usually fails to ovulate normally). Lower abdomen swells and falls before menstruation, dark blood color, increased vaginal discharge, leucorrhea with fishy smell, sore waist and knees, and cold limbs. Two breasts are distended and painful, chest is full, a few have nausea, nausea is very similar to pregnancy reaction. Abdominal pain during menstruation, dark menstruation and blood clots. Individual patients have dysmenorrhea to an unbearable degree. Some felt cold in their lower abdomen and cold all over.
[0016] 4. Curative effect standard:
[0017] Significantly effective: the menstrual cycle returns to normal, the menstrual blood is bright red, the symptoms of waist and knee aches disappear, and the vaginal discharge has no peculiar smell.
[0018] Effective: The symptoms of soreness and coldness in the waist and knees disappear, the menstrual cycle returns to normal, and the menstrual blood is bright red, but white with a fishy smell.
[0019] Invalid: All symptoms of Gong Han remained unchanged.
[0020] 5. Treatment results: 60 cases were treated by the present invention, 14 cases were markedly effective, 42 cases were effective, 4 cases were ineffective, and the total effective rate was 93%.
the structure of the environmentally friendly knitted fabric provided by the present invention; figure 2 Flow chart of the yarn wrapping machine for environmentally friendly knitted fabrics and storage devices; image 3 Is the parameter map of the yarn covering machine
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the structure of the environmentally friendly knitted fabric provided by the present invention; figure 2 Flow chart of the yarn wrapping machine for environmentally friendly knitted fabrics and storage devices; image 3 Is the parameter map of the yarn covering machine
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