Durable rainproof and windproof distribution box

A distribution box, durable technology, applied in the substation/distribution device shell, etc., can solve the problems of heat dissipation, rainproof, and windproof in the distribution box, achieve good heat dissipation, breathable and dry performance, low failure rate, The effect of improving sensitivity

Active Publication Date: 2015-02-25
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[0007] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is: to overcome the technical problem that the distribution box in the prior art cannot take into account heat dissipation, rainproof and windproof, and to provide a durable rainproof and windproof distribution box. ...
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The invention relates to a durable rainproof and windproof distribution box which comprises a reaction mechanism and a sealing mechanism. The reaction mechanism comprises a floating barrel connected with a collection barrel. A floating mechanism is arranged in the floating barrel. The floating mechanism drives the sealing mechanism to be started under the buoyancy of water or wind. The sealing mechanism comprises a rotatable shield assembly for achieving annular opening and sealing of the interior and exterior of the distribution box. A reaction can be made rapidly in a strong wind or heavy rain weather by means of the high sensitive reaction structure; the distribution box is sealed by means of the rotating mechanism, and dust, impurities and rainwater are prevented from entering the distribution box. In good weather, a ventilation hole duct between a fixed ventilation plate and a movable ventilation plate is opened, and the good radiating and ventilation draying performance is ensured. Compared with other opening mechanisms, the rotating mechanism is faster in reaction and lower in failure rate.

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Substation/switching arrangement casings

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  • Durable rainproof and windproof distribution box
  • Durable rainproof and windproof distribution box
  • Durable rainproof and windproof distribution box


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Example Embodiment

[0029] The present invention will now be described in further detail with reference to the drawings. These drawings are all simplified schematic diagrams, which merely illustrate the basic structure of the present invention in a schematic manner, so they only show the structures related to the present invention.
[0030] Such as figure 1 As shown, the present invention is a durable rainproof and windproof power distribution box, which includes a power distribution box closing mechanism, a rainproof and windproof reaction mechanism and a power distribution box body,
[0031] The closed structure of the distribution box includes a ventilation assembly arranged on the wall of the distribution box, the body of the distribution box is cylindrical, and the ventilation component includes a plurality of vents 17 arranged on the wall of the distribution box body. The axis of the opening 17 is parallel to the axis of the main body of the distribution box. The ventilation component includes a number of shielding plates corresponding to the number of the vents 17 and a shielding plate driving mechanism. The shielding plate is arc-shaped, and the area of ​​the arc-shaped outer wall is larger than The area of ​​the vent 17, the driving mechanism includes a rotating shaft 19 coaxial with the axis of the distribution box and a rotating steering gear 20, the rotating shaft 19 is fixed on the output shaft of the rotating steering gear 20, and the shielding The board is fixedly connected to the rotating shaft 19 through a number of connecting rods 18;
[0032] The reaction mechanism includes a collector arranged on the outer wall 1 of the distribution box and a driver arranged inside the distribution box; the collector includes a collecting port and a collecting bucket 4, and the collecting bucket 4 is installed on the outer wall of the distribution box. 1, the collection port is installed on the upper part of the collection bucket 4, the collection port is provided with a collection plate 3 facing the collection cavity of the collection bucket 4, and an air collecting plate 2 is provided on the upper part of the collection plate 3. The included angle between the collecting plate 3 and the wind collecting plate 2 is less than 120° and greater than 90°. There are a number of rain drain holes densely distributed on the wind collecting plate 2, and a rain drain cavity is provided at the bottom of the collecting bucket. The rain drainage cavity is connected to the bottom of the collection bucket through a filter plate 14, a drainage hole 14 is provided at the bottom of the rain drainage cavity, and a sponge 13 is filled in the rain drainage cavity;
[0033] The drive includes a drive barrel 5, a drive, and a circuit assembly. The outer wall of the drive barrel 5 is fixed inside the distribution box, and the drive barrel 5 is provided with a guide rail 6 inside. The drive includes a drive rod 7 and a floating assembly. 11. The driving rod 7 and the guide rail 6 are slidably connected, the floating assembly 11 is fixed on the side of the driving rod 7 facing the bottom of the driving barrel 5. The floating assembly includes a fixed sleeve 15 and a floating piece 16, and the fixed sleeve 15 is fixed On the driving rod, the floating piece 16 is trumpet-shaped, the horn opening of the floating piece 16 faces the bottom of the driving barrel, the necked end of the floating piece 16 is fixed on the fixing sleeve, and the floating piece 16 is a plastic sheet , The diameter of the floating piece 16 increases sequentially from the bottom of the drive rod upward;
[0034] The bottom of the driving bucket 5 is in communication with the bottom of the collection bucket 4, and the top of the driving bucket 5 is in communication with the external environment of the distribution box through a louver window 9;
[0035] A permeable plate made of porous material is provided at the bottom of the collection bucket 4;
[0036] The circuit assembly includes a travel switch and a time relay arranged on the side of the guide rail facing the top of the driving barrel, the micro switch is connected to the input end of the time relay, and the output end of the relay is connected to the steering gear, when the time relay is connected When on, the steering gear rotates the steering gear to drive the rotating shaft, so that the shielding plate shields the vent to close the inside of the distribution box. When the time relay is disconnected, the steering gear is turned back to drive the shielding plate to return, and the vent is broken open.
[0037] A filter screen 10 is provided at the connection position between the bottom of the driving bucket 5 and the collecting bucket 4;
[0038] The collecting plate 3 is arc-shaped in the transverse direction, and the collecting plate 3 and the wind collecting plate 2 form a semi-cylindrical collecting cavity; the travel switch is a micro switch 8; the driving rod 7 is hollow inside Plastic rod.
[0039] When the outside wind or rain is strong, the collecting bucket collects wind or rain, thereby introducing wind or rainwater to the driving bucket. The floating assembly 11 in the driving bucket floats under the buoyancy of wind or water, thereby driving the micro Turn on the time relay to drive the enclosed equipment in the distribution box. The ventilation component closes the distribution box to prevent rainwater and strong wind from intruding. After the rain stops, the water in the collecting bucket and the driving bucket will flow out through the permeable plate and evaporate. , Make the drive rod return to the position, after a certain period of time, it can be considered that the ventilation component is automatically opened by the time relay.
[0040] Taking the above-mentioned ideal embodiment according to the present invention as enlightenment, through the above-mentioned description content, relevant staff can make various changes and modifications without departing from the scope of the technical idea of ​​the present invention. The technical scope of the present invention is not limited to the content of the description, and its technical scope must be determined according to the scope of the claims.


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