Gluing machine

A glue machine and rubber hose technology, which is applied in the field of glue machines, can solve the problems of insufficient sealability, inability to guarantee stability, waste of glue, etc., and achieve the effects of easy promotion, simple structure, and convenient use

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-03-04
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Problems solved by technology

No matter what field the glass is used in, glass glue will be used to fix and seal the edges during the glass installation process. The traditional way of gluing is to squeeze the glue on the edge of the glass installation by hand, wh...
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Method used

A kind of gluing machine as shown in Figure 1, comprises support 1, motor 7 and roller 3, and support 1 is hinged roller 3 by axle 2, and axle 2 connects bull gear 4, and bull gear 4 meshes pinion 5, and small The gear 5 is connected to the motor 7 through the moving shaft 6, the motor 7 is connected to the pusher 9 through the push shaft 8, the pusher 9 is connected to the push rod 10, the push rod 10 is connected to the top of the rubber hose 11, ...
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The invention discloses a gluing machine. The gluing machine comprises a support, a motor and a roller, wherein the support is hinged with the roller via an axle; the axle is connected with a gear wheel; the gear wheel is meshed with a pinion; the pinion is connected with the motor via a moving shaft; the motor is connected with an impellor via a pushing shaft; the impellor is connected with a pushing rod; the pushing rod is connected with the top end of a glue pipe; the bottom end of the glue pipe is connected with a gluing nozzle; the glue pipe is connected with a rack via fixing frames; the motor is a low-voltage low-speed motor; the surface of the roller is rough. The gluing machine has the beneficial effects of simple structure, convenience in use, wide application range, capability of guaranteeing glue discharge quantity stability by squeezing a glue liquid via the impellor, high operation efficiency and easiness in popularization.

Application Domain

Liquid surface applicatorsCoatings

Technology Topic

Plug nozzleLow speed +5


  • Gluing machine


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Example Embodiment

[0011] like figure 1 The shown glue machine includes a bracket 1, a motor 7 and a roller 3. The bracket 1 hinges the roller 3 through the wheel shaft 2. The wheel shaft 2 is connected to the large gear 4. The large gear 4 meshes with the pinion 5, and the pinion 5 passes through the moving shaft 6. Connect the motor 7, the motor 7 is connected to the pusher 9 through the push shaft 8, the pusher 9 is connected to the push rod 10, the push rod 10 is connected to the top of the rubber hose 11, the bottom of the rubber hose 11 is connected to the glue nozzle 12, and the rubber hose 12 is connected to the frame through the fixing frame 13 1. The motor 7 is a low-voltage and low-speed motor. The surface of the roller 3 is rough, the structure is simple, it is easy to use, and it has a wide range of applications. The pusher is used to squeeze the glue, which ensures the stability of the glue output, high work efficiency, and is easy to promote.


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