Plastotype high-voltage dual-self locking module connector

A connector and high-voltage technology, applied in the field of plastic high-voltage dual self-locking module connectors, can solve the problems of high price, heavy metal parts, and the development of electric vehicles that are prone to electric shock, and achieve the effect of small space and strong practicability

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-08-03
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But it is not suitable for the current field of new energy electric vehicles: metal parts are heavy, exp...
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The invention discloses a plastotype high-voltage dual-self locking module connector which comprises a plug (1) and a socket (2), wherein the plug (1) is connected to the socket (2); the plug (1) comprises a plug shell (11), an insertion hole shell body (12), an insertion hole assembly (13) and self-locking switches (14); the insertion hole assembly (13) is connected inside the plug shell (11) by the insertion hole shell body (12); the self-locking switches (14) are connected to a left end and a right end of the plug shell (11); the socket (2) comprises a socket shell (21), a contact pin shell body (22) and a contact pin assembly (23); and the contact pin assembly (23) is connected in the socket shell (21) by the contact pin shell body (22). The plastotype high-voltage dual-self locking module connector is applicable to fields such as new-energy electric automobiles. The connector is characterized by high mechanical strength, high reliability, resistance to high voltages, a light weight, modularization and good electric performance, etc.

Application Domain

Vehicle connectorsIncorrect coupling prevention +3

Technology Topic

Self lockingHigh pressure +4


  • Plastotype high-voltage dual-self locking module connector
  • Plastotype high-voltage dual-self locking module connector
  • Plastotype high-voltage dual-self locking module connector


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Example Embodiment

[0026] Example 1
[0027] The plastic high-voltage dual self-locking module connector includes a plug 1 and a socket 2, and the plug 1 and the socket 2 are connected; and the feature is that the plug 1 includes a plug housing 11, a jack housing 12, and a jack assembly 13 And the self-locking switch 14; the jack assembly 13 is connected to the plug housing 11 through the jack housing 12; the self-locking switch 14 is connected to the left and right ends of the plug housing 11; the socket 2 includes a socket housing 21 and a pin housing 22 And the pin assembly 23; the pin assembly 23 is connected in the socket housing 21 through the pin housing 22; the wire 3 is respectively connected with the jack assembly 13 and the pin assembly 23.
[0028] The plug shell 11 and the socket shell 21 are made of 30% glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 material. Compared with traditional electrical connectors, it has high strength, anti-shock, more high voltage resistance, safety, light weight and low cost.
[0029] The plastic high-pressure dual self-locking module connector is processed and formed at one time by an injection molding process.
[0030] The plug housing 1 and the socket housing 21 are provided with positioning pins. The color of the docking part is designed to prevent wrong connection. Meet a variety of docking needs. Avoid the possibility that the user does not understand the product or the circuit is dangerous after wrong connection in a dark environment. Ensure the safety of the entire circuit.
[0031] Mechanical structure, manual loading and unloading is simple and fast. Has two self-locking functions. The key part: self-locking structure. Reliable and stable, preventing accidental disconnection caused by misoperation. Manual unlocking, no tools required, safe and fast. The self-locking switch is a plastic part, which is a mechanical lock structure. When the plug 1 and the socket 2 are connected, the hook structures on the left and right sides of the plug housing 11 and the hanging structures on the left and right sides of the socket housing 21 are locked. At this time, push the self-locking switches installed on the left and right sides of the plug housing 11, and when the self-locking switch reaches its locking position, the "hook" is locked, that is, the previous locking mechanism cannot be unlocked. Prevent accidental disconnection of connected products due to misoperation. See Figure 9 to Figure 11 ,among them, Picture 9 Lock at center A, Picture 11 Double-sided locking at center B.
[0032] The traditional modular connector is the modularization of the shell and the insulator. The size of the shell and the insulator are unchanged, but the diameter, number and hole coordinates of the insulator are changed. Disadvantages: 1 module size is limited. The size of the insulator limits the number of contacts that it can install. When the number of contacts is small, the installation space is wasted. 2 The insulator aperture, quantity and hole position coordinate variables are extremely large, the mold needs to be large, and the mass production effect is poor, which limits the modularization effect.
[0033] The modular assembly of the plastic high-voltage double self-locking modular connector is the design focus. The pin assembly 23 and the jack assembly 13 are modularly assembled in the housing, and the outer surfaces of the pin housing 22 and the jack housing 12 are provided with connecting rails and positioning pins. All the pin housings 22 are the same, and all the jack housings 12 are also the same, and can be mass-produced. Users can assemble them in parallel according to the quantity used, and finally insert them into the shell for docking use. The shell structure is the same, the external dimensions are variable, and the shell model types are divided according to the number of contacts.
[0034] The contact body shell is consistent and the connecting mechanism can be assembled and integrated in parallel at will. No tools, manual disassembly, simple and fast. To meet the user's requirements for the space in the car, several connectors are required to connect several contact components in parallel. Small space, strong practicability, to meet user needs.
[0035] The working temperature of the plastic high-voltage double self-locking module connector is -20°C to +125°C, and the fire rating is UL94V-0. Suitable for new energy electric vehicles and other fields. With good mechanical strength, high reliability, high voltage resistance, light weight, modularity and excellent electrical performance, it has become the most used battery pack, DC/DC adapter, and high-voltage junction box in the field of electric vehicles. Reliable, high-voltage connectors.


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