LED outdoor lamp

A technology of LED lamps and radiators, applied in the field of lighting, can solve the problems of high temperature of LED light source and power supply, affect the service life of LED lamps, affect the light efficiency and life of LEDs, etc., and achieve compact structure, stable lighting and low production cost Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-11-09
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Problems solved by technology

However, traditional radiators are generally closed cylindrical, which makes the air inside the radiator unable to circulate with the outside air in time, resulting in low heat dissipation efficiency, resulting in excessively high temperature of the LED light source and power supply, thus affecting the l...
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Method used

[0034] The street lamp of the present invention adopts an arc-shaped cover outside, which will not accumulate water and dust. The plurality of heat dissipation fins arranged on the outer wall of the radiator body can provide a larger heat dissip...
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The invention relates to the field of lighting, in particular to an LED outdoor lamp. The LED outdoor lamp comprises a shell and a light generation unit. The light generation unit comprises a plurality of radiators and substrates installed on the radiators. LED lamp beads are installed on the substrate in a packaged mode. The shell comprises an arc cover and an installation base arranged in the arc cover. The installation base is in a grating shape, and the radiators are fixed to the installation base. Each radiator comprises a radiator body, a plurality of radiating holes formed in the radiator body and a deformation part connected with the radiator body, wherein the radiator body is of a hollow structure; the inner wall of the radiator body is provided with convex strips for installation of the corresponding substrate; and the deformation part is matched with the radiating holes and made of a shape memory alloy material. The LED outdoor lamp has the advantages of being compact in structure, dustproof, dampproof, good in radiating effect, stable in lighting and long in service life.

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Mechanical apparatusLighting heating/cooling arrangements +3

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EngineeringHeat spreader +5


  • LED outdoor lamp
  • LED outdoor lamp


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Example Embodiment

[0024] The technical solutions in the embodiments of the present invention will be clearly and completely described below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings in the embodiments of the present invention. Obviously, the described embodiments are only a part of the embodiments of the present invention, rather than all the embodiments. Based on the embodiments of the present invention, all other embodiments obtained by those of ordinary skill in the art without creative work shall fall within the protection scope of the present invention.
[0025] See figure 1 with 2 , An outdoor LED lamp, comprising a housing 1 and a light-emitting unit 2. The light-emitting unit 2 includes a plurality of heat sinks and a substrate mounted on the heat sink, and LED lamp beads are encapsulated on the substrate;
[0026] The housing includes an arc-shaped cover and a mounting seat 8 arranged in the arc-shaped cover, the mounting seat is in the shape of a grid, and the radiator is fixed on the mounting seat 8;
[0027] The radiator includes a radiator body 3, a plurality of heat dissipation holes 5 provided on the radiator body, and a deformed portion 4 connected to the radiator body. The radiator body has a hollow structure and the The inner wall is provided with a convex strip 6 for mounting the substrate, the deformed portion 4 matches the heat dissipation hole 5, the deformed portion is made of shape memory alloy material, and the deformed portion is used to reach a preset value when heated At the temperature value, bending deformation occurs in a direction away from the heat dissipation hole.
[0028] Further, the substrate has a groove that is engaged and fixed with the convex strip on the heat sink.
[0029] Preferably, the deformed portion is arranged on the edge of the heat dissipation hole 5.
[0030] Preferably, a plurality of heat dissipation fins 7 are connected to the outer wall of the radiator body.
[0031] Preferably, the heat dissipation hole 5 is elongated.
[0032] Preferably, the heat sink body 3 has a circular tube shape, and the heat dissipation holes 5 are arranged along the circumferential direction of the heat sink body.
[0033] The invention utilizes the shape memory characteristics of the shape memory alloy material to design the deformed part that can cover the heat dissipation hole. At normal temperature, the deformed part closes the heat dissipation hole to keep the heat dissipation hole in a closed state, thereby avoiding dust, moisture, etc. from entering the heat dissipation In the device, it plays a role of dustproof and moisture-proof. During the lighting process, the LED lamp dissipates heat, and the temperature of the deformed part will gradually increase. When the deformed part is heated to a preset temperature, it will bend away from the heat dissipation hole, which opens the heat dissipation hole, thereby promoting air circulation and improving heat dissipation efficiency .
[0034] In the present invention, an arc-shaped cover is used outside the street lamp, which prevents water and dust from accumulating. The multiple heat dissipation fins arranged on the outer wall of the heat sink body can provide a larger heat dissipation area to help the heat sink dissipate heat and improve heat transfer efficiency. Setting the mounting seat of the radiator in a grille shape can facilitate air flow in the inner cavity of the housing and facilitate heat dissipation.
[0035] In short, the LED lamp of the present invention has the advantages of compact structure, low production cost, dust and moisture proof, good heat dissipation effect, stable lighting and long service life.
[0036] The above-disclosed are only preferred embodiments of the present invention. Of course, the scope of rights of the present invention cannot be limited by this. Equivalent changes made according to the claims of the present invention still fall within the scope of the present invention.


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