Novel punching machine tool equipment

A technology of equipment and lathes, applied in the field of new punching lathe equipment, can solve the problems of low safety, high labor intensity of workers, low processing efficiency, etc., and achieve the effects of improving product quality, good processing effect and improving safety.

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-01-04
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Problems solved by technology

However, sometimes the same workpiece needs to be drilled with different diameters, so the drill bit can only be replaced continuously. Moreover, when the processed workpiece is processed with coolant, the coolant cannot be recycled, which is costly, low in efficiency, and...
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Method used

The beneficial effect of the present invention is: this novel punching lathe equipment equipment is simple in design, by being provided with protective cover, can prevent the staff from splashing and accidentally injuring the staff, improve safety; by the setting that sound insulation layer and steel plate layer cooperate, not only It can effectively reduce noise, and the steel plate layer has high strength and is not easy to be damaged; the motor is connected with a solar panel, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly; through the coordinated setting of the circulating pump and the re...
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The invention discloses novel punching machine tool equipment which comprises a base and a protection cover, wherein the protection cover is positioned above the base; the protection cover is provided with two layers, namely, a sound insulating layer and a steel plate layer from outside to inside respectively; a working platform and a support column are arranged on the base; a motor is arranged on the support column; the motor is connected with a solar battery plate and a gearbox; a rotating shaft is arranged at the bottom of the gearbox; a drill bit set is arranged on the rotating shaft; a water outlet is formed in the working platform and connected with a water tube; a circulation pump is arranged on the water tube; a refrigeration device is connected with the circulation pump; a water spray gun is arranged on the refrigeration device. The novel punching machine tool equipment disclosed by the invention is good in sound insulation effect, favorable in energy conservation and environmental friendliness and excellent in processing effect.

Application Domain

Maintainance and safety accessoriesBoring/drilling machines

Technology Topic

Steel platesAgricultural engineering +9


  • Novel punching machine tool equipment


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0014] The specific embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings.
[0015] like figure 1 As shown, a new type of punching lathe equipment includes a base 1 and a protective cover 2, the protective cover 2 is located above the base 1, and the protective cover 2 is provided with two layers, from the outside to the inside, the sound insulation layers 4 and 2 are respectively. Steel plate layer 3, the base 1 is provided with a workbench 7 and a pillar 6, the pillar 6 is provided with a motor 8, the motor 8 is connected with a solar panel 12 and a gearbox 9, the bottom of the gearbox 9 is A rotating shaft 10 is provided, a drill bit assembly 11 is provided on the rotating shaft 10, a water outlet 13 is provided on the worktable 7, a water pipe 14 is connected to the water outlet 13, and a circulating pump 15 is provided on the water pipe 14, A refrigeration device 16 is connected to the circulating pump 15 , and a water spray gun 17 is arranged on the refrigeration device 16 .
[0016] The length of the base 1 is 200-300 cm.
[0017] The width of the base 1 is 50-100 cm.
[0018] The protective cover 2 is provided with a see-through window 5, which can observe the working condition of the equipment in real time.
[0019] The bottom of the base 1 is provided with rollers 19 for easy handling.
[0020] A lifting mechanism 18 is arranged between the rollers 19 and the base 1 . When the equipment is transported, the rollers 19 are lowered to facilitate handling, and when the equipment is placed, the rollers 19 are retracted to prevent the equipment from moving.
[0021] The beneficial effects of the present invention are as follows: the equipment of the novel punching lathe is simple in design, and by being provided with a protective cover, it can prevent the splash of scraps from accidentally injuring the staff and improve the safety; Noise, and the strength of the steel plate layer is high, which is not easy to be damaged; the solar panel is connected to the motor, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly; through the cooperation of the circulating pump and the refrigeration device, the cooling water is used to effectively reduce the temperature of the workpiece, improve the product quality, and the processing effect is good; A drill bit combination is provided, and a suitable drill bit can be selected according to actual needs.
[0022] The above are only specific embodiments of the present invention, but the protection scope of the present invention is not limited to this, and any changes or substitutions that are not conceived of without creative work should be included within the protection scope of the present invention.


Length200.0 ~ 300.0cm
Width50.0 ~ 100.0cm

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