System for transmuting nuclear wastes by utilizing isotopic neutron source

A neutron source and nuclear waste technology, applied in the field of nuclear energy science and engineering, to achieve the effects of high safety, simple system and good environmental performance

Active Publication Date: 2017-01-18
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Problems solved by technology

[0005] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is: the present invention aims at the difficulties and deficiencies of the current nuclear waste transmutati...
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Method used

As shown in Figure 1, the present invention includes: nuclear waste assembly 1, neutron source assembly 2, liquid medium 3, heat exchanger 4, graphite reflection layer 5, concrete shielding layer 6 and refueling mechanism 7. The neutron source component 2 uses isotopic neutron sources with high output as much as possible, such as Cf-252 neutron sources, etc. Of course, discarded isotopic neutron sources such as medical and scientific research can also be used to achieve the purpose of fully utilizing resources. In order to ensure full utilization of the isotope neutron source, the neutron source assembly 2 is made into a c...
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The invention discloses a system for transmuting nuclear wastes by utilizing an isotopic neutron source. The system comprises nuclear-waste components (1), neutron source components (2), a liquid medium (3), heat exchangers (4), a graphite reflecting layer (5), a concrete shielding layer (6) and a material exchange device (7). The system is characterized in that spontaneous neutrons of the neutron source components (2) react with the nuclear-waste components (1), heat generated in the reaction process is cooled by the liquid medium and is discharged by the heat exchangers (4); when the neutron source components (2) are completely decayed or the nuclear-waste components (1) are completely transmuted, the neutron source components (2) and the nuclear-waste components (1) are taken out of the material exchange device (7). The system disclosed by the invention has the effects that the transmuting process is completely and spontaneously carried out, human intervention can be avoided, and no new wastes are generated; and the system has the advantages of simple structure, high safety coefficient and good environment-protective performance and the like, and opens up a new path for treating the nuclear wastes.

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Radioactive decontamination

Technology Topic

PhysicsEnvironmental resistance +5


  • System for transmuting nuclear wastes by utilizing isotopic neutron source
  • System for transmuting nuclear wastes by utilizing isotopic neutron source


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Example Embodiment

[0016] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the drawings and specific embodiments.
[0017] Such as figure 1 As shown, the present invention includes: a nuclear waste assembly 1, a neutron source assembly 2, a liquid medium 3, a heat exchanger 4, a graphite reflective layer 5, a concrete shielding layer 6 and a refueling mechanism 7. The neutron source component 2 uses high-yield isotope neutron sources, such as Cf-252 neutron sources. Of course, waste isotope neutron sources such as medical and scientific research can also be used to achieve the purpose of making full use of resources. In order to ensure full utilization of the isotope neutron source, the neutron source assembly 2 is made into a cylindrical shape with a long line. The nuclear waste component 1 is made of MA. In order to ensure a sufficient reaction, the nuclear waste component 1 is also made into a long cylindrical shape. The selection of liquid metal for the liquid medium 3 mainly considers two reasons: First, the liquid metal can effectively derive the heat generated by the transmutation reaction and the heat generated by the decay of nuclear waste. In addition, the use of liquid metal as a coolant is conducive to maintaining the speed of fast neutrons, so that MA has a larger fission section and increases the transmutation performance of the system.
[0018] Such as figure 2 As shown, the nuclear waste component 1 and the neutron source component 2 are evenly arranged in a uniformly spaced manner, the nuclear waste component 1 and the neutron source component 2 are arranged in sequence, and any adjacent three components are distributed in a triangular shape. The spacing is selected according to the actual situation to ensure that the system is in a subcritical state.
[0019] Since the nuclear waste component 1 generates heat during the decay process and the transmutation process also generates heat, it is necessary to export heat from the system. The heat exchanger 4 is cooled in the liquid medium 3 to maintain the liquid medium 3 at the required temperature. The graphite reflective layer 5 mainly prevents neutron leakage and at the same time plays a certain shielding role. The entire reaction process has a certain amount of radioactivity, and a shielding layer needs to be provided. The concrete shielding layer 6 plays a shielding role for the entire system. When the reaction progresses to a certain extent, for example, the nuclear waste component 1 has been completely transmuted, and the radioactivity is lower than a certain requirement. At this time, a new nuclear waste component 1 needs to be replaced by the refueling mechanism 7. Or the isotope neutron source assembly 2 has already decayed, and a new neutron source is needed at this time, and the new neutron source assembly 2 is replaced through the refueling mechanism 7, and the refueling mechanism 7 can move freely in the system.
[0020] Although the illustrative specific embodiments of the present invention have been described above to facilitate those skilled in the art to understand the present invention, it should be clear that the present invention is not limited to the scope of the specific embodiments. For those of ordinary skill in the art, As long as the various changes are within the spirit and scope of the present invention defined and determined by the appended claims, these changes are obvious, and all inventions and creations using the concept of the present invention are protected.


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