Moxibustion stick containing poria cocos peel, pteris multifida poir and lavender

A technology of fenugreek and tuckahoe skin, applied in the medical field, can solve the problems of single disease treatment and difficult to exert, and achieve the effects of high burning temperature, not easy to fall ash, and obvious curative effect.

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-05-31
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Common moxibustion sticks mostly use moxa leaves as the main raw material, add some spices and essential oils, the treatment effect is good, the bur...
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The invention relates to a moxibustion stick containing poria cocos peel, pteris multifida poir and lavender, and particularly provides a moxibustion stick for moxibustion therapy. The moxibustion stick is prepared by taking poria cocos peel, pteris multifida poir and lavender as active ingredients, and adding perfume and essential oil. The moxibustion stick has a long burning time and a high burning temperature, is easy to ignite without falling ashes easily, is convenient to use, has the effects of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and expelling wind to regulate Qi, and has a significant curative effect on diseases including common skin and cutaneous dropsy, hematoma and the like.

Application Domain

Devices for heating/cooling reflex pointsPteridophyta/filicophyta medical ingredients +4

Technology Topic

FlavorRemove blood +12


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Example Embodiment

[0022] Implementation case 1:
[0023] Preparation of raw materials: 16g of Poria cocos, 10g of Pteris vulgaris, 5g of spices, 1g of mugwort oil, 68g of lavender, and mulberry paper.
[0024] ①Weigh 16g of Poria Bark, 10g of Pteris vulgaris, 68g of Lavender, and 5g of plant spice mixtures such as cinnamon, ginger, woody, asarum, peppercorns, and grind into fine powder;
[0025] ②After mixing the above fine powder, stir and add 1g of mugwort oil, stir well and mix well;
[0026] ③Select a piece of mulberry paper with a length of 26cm and a width of 20cm, weigh 30g of the above mixture and spread it on the mulberry paper, compact and roll it into a cylinder with a diameter of about 1.5cm, fix the edge of the mulberry paper with glue or paste, and dry it , Serve the moxibustion strip needed.
[0027] The moxibustion strip produced by the above scheme has a beautiful appearance, no pungent odor and slightly fragrance.
[0028] When using the Poria Bark and Pteris lavender moxibustion stick of the present invention, one end of the moxibustion stick is lighted, and the burning end of the moxibustion stick is held in the hand to suspend the burning end 1.5 to 3 cm above the patient's skin for smoking and roasting. It is advisable to have a warm sensation without burning pain. Generally, each moxibustion for 5-7 minutes until the skin is flushed. It is also possible to place the lighted moxibustion strips and the skin of the moxibustion site not at a certain distance, but to apply moxibustion as a bird pecking, which is called bird pecking moxibustion.
[0029] After following the above moxibustion treatment plan, the moxibustion strip has a long burning time, high burning temperature, easy to ignite but not easy to fall off, easy to use, and has a significant effect on common skin and subcutaneous edema and hematoma.


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