Enzyme catalyzed corn fine dried noodles and preparation method thereof

A production method and corn flour technology, which are applied in the field of miscellaneous grain products, can solve the problems of poor processing performance, weak viscoelasticity, and narrow use surface of corn flour, and achieve the effects of good cooking properties and fresh aroma retention.

Pending Publication Date: 2019-12-20
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Therefore, zein cannot form a gluten network structure, the viscoelasticity is weak, and the processing performance is poor.
Therefore, corn dough has a rough taste and is not suitable for processing into corn noodles and other flour foods when o...
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The invention discloses enzyme catalyzed corn fine dried noodles and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps: S1, performing enzyme catalysis and puffing oncorn to prepare flour, uniformly stirring 51 parts of the prepared flour and 49 parts of refined wheat flour and then performing mixing to obtain multifunctional enzyme catalyzed corn flour; S2, kneading the multifunctional enzyme catalyzed corn flour which is obtained by mixing to prepare multifunctional enzyme catalyzed corn dough with uniform floccus; S3, enabling the multifunctional enzyme catalyzed corn dough to enter a curing machine through a conveying system and then performing static curing; S4, performing calendaring on the cured multifunctional enzyme catalyzed corn dough through acalendering machine step by step, and then cutting the multifunctional enzyme catalyzed corn dough into primary cut-strips when the calendering thickness is 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm; and S5, enabling the primary cut-strips obtained in the S4 to enter a drying room, taking off the primary cut-strips after 3 hours to 5 hours and then performing secondary strip cutting and cutting the primary cut-strips intosecondary cut-strips, and simultaneously packaging the secondary cut-strips to prepare a finished product. The corn noodles produced by adopting the method are prepared by adopting pure dry flour tobe different from corn noodles which are directly prepared through high-temperature extrusion, and therefore, a fresh fragrant smell and a complete nutrition system of corn can be remained greatly, and a higher cooking property is achieved.

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Food science

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Example Embodiment

[0020] Example 1:
[0021] A method for making corn noodles includes the following steps:
[0022] S1: Stir and mix 51 parts of enzymatic corn puffed powder and 49 parts of refined wheat flour into multifunctional enzyme corn flour;
[0023] S2: Slowly add 25-32 parts of water to the multifunctional enzymatic corn flour obtained in step S1 to form a uniform flocculent multifunctional enzymatic corn dough;
[0024] S3: The multifunctional enzymatic corn dough obtained in step S2 enters the cooking machine through the conveying system for static curing for 10-20 minutes, and the static curing temperature is 20-30°C to obtain the matured corn dough after curing;
[0025] S4: The matured corn dough obtained in step S3 is gradually rolled through a rolling press, and when the rolling thickness is 0.5-1.2mm, it is sliced ​​into primary slices;
[0026] S5: Pass the primary cut strips obtained in S4 into the drying room through the conveyor system. After 3-5 hours after being off the shelf, the second cut strips are cut into secondary cut strips, and the secondary cut strips are packed into Finished product.
[0027] As a further preference of Example 1, the corn kernels used to make the corn enzyme powder are required to be free of impurities and moths and meet the food grade of first-class food. After crushing, add 0.1% to 0.5 lipase and soak in water for 3 to 5 hours; The water content of the corn kernels is adjusted to 12%-13.5 by drying with a type dryer. The corn is processed in a puffing machine to puff the corn. The puffed pure corn products are ground into primary corn flour, and then the primary corn Corn flour is sieved through a 100-120 mesh sieve to get corn enzymatic flour for use.
[0028] Furthermore, the extrusion steps of corn are: a1: crush the corn kernels; add 0.1% to 0.5% yeast protease and soak for 10 hours; a2 use a centrifugal dryer: adjust the water content of the corn flour material to Between 12% and -13.5; a3: Single (double) screw extrusion is carried out after being put into the puffing machine; the corn enzymatic flour obtained by the a3 treatment; here, as the amount of enzymatic corn flour increases, the dough is mixed When the dough viscosity increases, but it is easier to form, cooked corn noodles continue. The appearance of raw corn noodles is the golden yellow of corn, and the color is uniform; however, small particles can be seen on the surface. As the enzymeized corn flour increases, there are no small particles. After the corn noodles are cooked, the color becomes lighter, but the surface is smooth and bright; as the content of corn puffing powder increases, the corn noodles expand and the degree of sticking increases slightly, but does not affect the taste and chewiness; the content of enzyme corn flour is higher When time, the hardness increases; the corn noodles with different flour blends all have corn flavor. Therefore, as a further example, the time for crushing corn with a crusher in step a1 is 3.4-14 min; the screw speed of the extruder in step a2 is 250.0 rpm, and the extrusion temperature from zone I to zone V They are: 60°C, 90°C, 140°C, 145°C, 145°C, and the cutting machine speed is 500rpm.
[0029] As a preference of the above-mentioned embodiment, the wheat flour is required to be free of impurities, free of insects, and meet the standards of special flour in the requirements of grade wheat flour.
[0030] As a further preference of the above embodiment, the temperature of the water added in step S2 is 10--30°C.
[0031] As a further preference of the above-mentioned embodiment, the flocculent multifunctional corn dough in step S2 is mixed with multifunctional enzymatic cornmeal from S1 and placed into a long single (double) shaft twisted-crew noodle mixer, and water is gradually added , Stir for 5-10 minutes, and make it.
[0032] Corn noodles can be obtained by the above-mentioned production method.


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