Soil loosening device for rhizoma polygonati planting

A technology for loosening device and soil, applied in adjustment devices, lifting devices of agricultural machinery, applications, etc., can solve the problems of uneven soil height and low efficiency, and achieve the effect of controlling the leveling thickness, saving driving resources and improving work efficiency.

Inactive Publication Date: 2020-08-25
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[0004] A soil loosening device for Polygonatum planting proposed by the present invention solves the problems tha...
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The invention discloses a soil loosening device for rhizoma polygonati planting, and relates to the field of planting of rhizoma polygonati. In accordance with the problems that in the prior art, a soil loosening device for planting of the rhizoma polygonati is low in efficiency, and the soil height is uneven after the soil is loosened, the invention provides the following scheme of the soil loosening device for rhizoma polygonati planting. The soil loosening device comprises a top plate, wherein side plates are fixedly connected to four corners of the bottom end of the top plate, an air cylinder is fixedly mounted at the middle of the bottom end of the top plate, a piston rod of the air cylinder faces downwards vertically, and a horizontal mounting plate is fixedly connected to the pistonrod; and the mounting plate is located between the side plates, two groups of vertical plates in symmetric distribution are fixedly connected to the bottom end of the mounting plate, a first loosening roller and a second loosening roller are respectively and rotatably mounted between each group of the vertical plates, and rotating shafts at one end of the first loosening roller and the second loosening roller both penetrate through the corresponding vertical plates. The soil loosening device not only can effectively improve the soil loosening efficiency, but also can perform flattening treatment on the loosened soil for different thickness, subsequent rhizoma polygonati planting is facilitated, and the soil loosening device is suitable for promotion.

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  • Soil loosening device for rhizoma polygonati planting
  • Soil loosening device for rhizoma polygonati planting
  • Soil loosening device for rhizoma polygonati planting


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Example Embodiment

[0025] Example 1: When it is necessary to loosen the soil for planting Polygonatum, move the device to the area to be loosened, and then push the device to move, and at the same time start the drive motor 20, the output shaft of the drive motor 20 drives the two first pulleys 10 to rotate , The first pulley 10 drives the second pulley 8 and the third pulley 11 to rotate through the transmission belt, so that the second pulley 8 drives the first loose roller 6 to rotate. The loose teeth on the first loose roller 6 initially loosen the soil. The third pulley 11 drives the second loosening roller 21 to rotate, and the loosening teeth on the second loosening roller 21 loosen the soil after the preliminary loosening. During the loosening of the soil, the cylinder 3 can be controlled so that the cylinder 3 drives the installation The board 4 moves in the vertical direction, and the mounting board 4 drives the sliding block 19 to slide inside the chute 18, so that the depth of the loosening of the soil by the device is adjusted;

Example Embodiment

[0026] Embodiment 2: After the soil is loosened, the loosened soil is flattened through the horizontal plate connected at the bottom end of the connecting plate 12 and the spreading plate 14. If the thickness of the spreading needs to be adjusted, it can be pulled out and adjusted The pin on the turntable 17 then rotates the adjustment turntable 17 so that the adjustment turntable 17 drives the threaded rod 16 to rotate, so that the threaded rod 16 drives the flat plate 14 to move in the vertical direction, while the flat plate 14 drives the guide rod 15 to move up and down. This completes the adjustment of the flattened soil thickness. After the adjustment is completed, insert the pin into the socket and the pin hole again to fix the position of the adjustment dial 17.


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