Scattering process of high-pressure roller grinding material cake

A high-pressure roller mill and material cake technology, which is applied in the field of magnetite ore, can solve the problems of not being able to meet the requirements of the high-pressure roller mill’s large processing capacity, affecting the sorting effect, and small processing capacity of the equipment, so as to achieve good industrial application prospects. Good dispersion effect and large processing capacity

Active Publication Date: 2021-08-13
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Problems solved by technology

However, the application practice of this wet cylindrical material breaker in mines shows that there are still the following problems: First, the processing capacity of the equipment is small and cannot meet the requirements of high-p...
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The invention discloses a scattering process of a high-pressure roller grinding material cake. The scattering process adopts three times of scattering, specifically, the first time of scattering adopts a jaw crusher for dry-type scattering, the second time of scattering adopts a spiral ore washer for wet-type scattering, the third time of scattering adopts a single-layer vibrating screen for screening and scattering, undersize products and overflow of the spiral ore washer are combined for subsequent wet-type coarse grain magnetic separation and tailing discarding, and oversize products are returned to a high-pressure roller mill for remilling. According to the scattering process of the high-pressure roller grinding material cake, the dry-wet combined scattering process is adopted for the first time, the high-pressure roller grinding material cake is scattered sufficiently, and the scattering effect is good; the spiral ore washer is applied to high-pressure roller grinding material cake scattering for the first time, the combined effect of cutting, rolling and loosening of the spiral ore washer on materials is achieved, and the spiral ore washer has the advantage of being large in processing capacity; and the selected jaw crusher, the selected spiral ore washer and the selected single-layer vibrating screen are conventional equipment with mature technology and high processing capacity, and the industrial application prospect is good.

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Grain treatments

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MineralogyEngineering +4


  • Scattering process of high-pressure roller grinding material cake
  • Scattering process of high-pressure roller grinding material cake
  • Scattering process of high-pressure roller grinding material cake


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Example Embodiment

[0029] To describe the present invention, the dispersion process of a high pressure roller fabric of the present invention will be further described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings and examples.
[0030] Depend on figure 1 As shown in the principle of the scattering process of the present invention, the relief process of a high pressure roller fabric cake of the present invention adopts the following steps:
[0031] 1) First dry scatter
[0032] The high pressure roller mill of the maximum cake is given to the PE-150 × 250A jaw crusher for the first dry dispersion, adjusting the drain of the jaw crusher to discharge the granularity ≤ 20mm, and the first Sub-drying products;
[0033] 2) Second wet dispersion
[0034] The second wet dispersion was carried out in a 240 × 2000 spiral washing machine for the first dry dispersion product, which obtained a spiral washing machine overflow, a spiral washing machine.
[0035] 3) The third screen is screened
[0036] The spiral massage machine of step 2) is given to the screening operation to perform the third screening, the third screen is screwed, and the sieve size is 3mm, sieved under the screen size. Combined with spiral washing machines and subsequent wet coarse magnetic separation, the product returned to high pressure roll mills on the screen.
[0037] Depend on figure 2 Photo shown in the high pressure roller abrasive pie and image 3 , Figure 4 , Figure 5 , Image 6 It is seen that the maximum cake is a high pressure roller abrasive cake of about 100mm, respectively, after the first dry scatter, the second wet dispersion, the third screen is scattered, the material has been fully loose, No sticky clothing ( Figure 5 , Image 6 ), Have achieved unexpected dispersion effect.


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