Rat-proof device convenient to disassemble

A technology for easy disassembly and lightning protection device, applied in ground installation, transportation and packaging, animal husbandry, etc., can solve problems such as cable, sensor damage, loss of realistic conditions, helicopter safety threats, etc., to achieve high reliability and stable effect. , the effect of field practicability and operability

Pending Publication Date: 2022-03-15
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Problems solved by technology

However, helicopters in the field do not have a closed hangar and flat ground, and are generally located in a wide field. The two conventional methods of warding off and eliminating rats lose their realistic conditions and cannot meet the requirements of helicopters in the field to prevent roden...
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Method used

1) landing gear is equipped with the position and quantity of "bamboo hat shape" anti-rat plate, and the quantity is fixed, and the assembly and disassembly work is simple;
3) the main material of the device is an alloy, which is resistant to snakes and rodents, and has a long life;
3) tightly seal the mouth of the bag and realize the tight inclusion of many pairs of undercarriage tire ground contact parts by the mode of fastening of the bag mouth frenulum;
4) device surface has insulation layer, and inside has rubber washer, and there is brush bar on outer edge, and electric current is difficult for gathering on the contact surface with landing gear, avoids thunderstorm weather and uses anti-rat board to cause ablation injury to helicopter.
The present invention adopts the mode of pure mechanical type, and flexible mode is connected simply and reliably, and volume is little, and quality is...
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The invention provides a rat-proof device convenient to disassemble, and the device comprises a rat-proof assembly which is used for preventing snakes and rats from entering a helicopter; the locking device is arranged on an undercarriage of the helicopter and used for installing the rat-proof assembly on the undercarriage of the helicopter; the lightning protection device is arranged on the rat-proof assembly and is used for preventing thunder and lightning; the snake and mouse preventing effect is achieved by cutting off the route of snakes and mice entering the helicopter; meanwhile, the influence of extreme weather such as strong wind and thunderstorm is considered, the use effect is stable in special weather, reliability is high, and outfield practicability and operability are high.

Application Domain

Animal repellantsGround installations

Technology Topic

Extreme weatherThunder +3


  • Rat-proof device convenient to disassemble
  • Rat-proof device convenient to disassemble
  • Rat-proof device convenient to disassemble


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Example Embodiment

[0032] See Figure 1-2 In order to solve the lack of application of conventional anti-mouse plates on the helicopter, the present invention has proposed a "bucket" anti-mouse plate that can be directly mounted on the landing rack rocker arm and the buffer struts. The design is directly cut off the riser into the helicopter path between the riser enters the helicopter "must" pass the channel-rocker arm and buffer bracket. The "bucket" structure is effective and reduced, and the anti-mouse is in the windside, reducing the effects of weather on the effect of anti-mouse.
[0033] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention: design provides a non-protected mouse plate structure mounted on a lightning protection of the landing gear.
[0034] The device is mainly composed of a rubber ring 1, a clamp 2, a handle fan-shaped anti-mouse panel 3, a hook lock 4, a hair brush strip 5.
[0035] 1 Panel material selection:
[0036] 1) Making thin panel, the material is 0Cr18Ni9-Δ1.0;
[0037] 2) The panel surface is coated with an epoxy resin sheet for an insulating coating.
[0038] 2 Device position relationship and method of use:
[0039] 1) Suitable position of the rubber ring 1 in the rack buffer strip;
[0040] 2) Pulling the brush strip in the outer edge of the handle fan-shaped anti-mouse panel 3;
[0041] 3) Two-stranded fan-shaped anti-mouse panel 3 to the rubber ring 1 position, secured with a cassette 2;
[0042] 4) lock the two panels between the hook locks.
[0043] 3 key points of the present invention
[0044] 1) The landing gear is equipped with the position of the "bucket" anti-mouse plate, the quantity is fixed, and the assembly disassembly is simple;
[0045] 2) The equipment is adaptable, which can be used in a multi-type helicopter, which is not limited by the landing gear;
[0046] 3) The main material of the device is alloy, the snake rat is taking food, the life is long;
[0047] 4) The device has an insulating layer with a rubber gasket in the inside, and the outer edge has a brush strip, and the current is not easy to collect on the contact surface of the landing gear, to avoid thunderstorm weather to ablate damage to helicopter.
[0048] 5) From the assembly position analysis, the anti-mouse wind wind surface is the side, the wind is small, the use effect is small in the weather.
[0049] The present invention adopts the cutting of the riser to enter the helicopter internal route, and achieve anti-wool mouse effect; at the same time, the invention considers extreme weather, thunderstorms and other extreme weather effects, stable effect, high reliability, external field utility and operability .
[0050] See image 3 The present invention is directed to the structural characteristics of active domestic helicopters, which is designed with an inverted umbrella. This structure is like an umbrella, the umbrella tip is closely incorporated with the landing gear tire floor contact to prevent mice from drilling, and the umbrella The cone is unfolded and reaches a height to prevent mice from climbing. Theory and experimental verification, the present invention prevents the mice from climbing the body from the mice from climbing the body, which can effectively prevent the helicopter.
[0051] Technical issues to be solved by the present invention: Design a ribir rat and structure of a helicopter field resident.
[0052] The device is mainly from the umbrella surface 6, the zipper 7, the strip of the package 8, the inclusted port strap 9, an umbrella elastic ring 10.
[0053] Device position relationship and method of use:
[0054] 1) The umbrella is converted into an inverted tape umbrella with certain stiffness through the zipper and an umbrella elastic circle;
[0055] 2) The inverted cone chanterelle is closely incapped through the tip of the umbrella tip.
[0056] 3) The striking port is tightened by the inclination of the incluspective strap to achieve a close blending of the ground contact portion of the landing gear tire floor contact;
[0057] 4) Invert the cone type umbrella opens up the envelope to live the entire landing gear;
[0058] 2 key points of the present invention
[0059] 1) The structural manner of the present invention is logical, the quality is small, allowing the user more powerful;
[0060] 2) The equipment is adaptable, which can be used for all helicopters of the tire type landing gear;
[0061] 3) The equipment uses a zipper, a lace connection method, a small size, foldable, and strong portability.
[0062] The present invention adopts a pure mechanical manner, and the flexibility is simple and reliable, the size is small, the mass is small, and the portability is strong, which is very suitable for the helicopter field residence; at the same time, the invention is stable, high reliability, external field utility And strong operability, solving the problem of damage to the body in the mouse climbing the body in the helicopter field, can effectively prevent helicopter mice.


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