Solar energy three-dimensional concentrating collector

A technology of concentrators and heat collectors, applied in the field of solar thermal energy utilization, can solve problems such as inability to be commercialized, and achieve the effects of low cost, reduced cost, and reduced processing difficulty

Inactive Publication Date: 2005-06-01
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The 3D solar light focusing and heat collecting apparatus includes support frame, sunlight reflecting condenser, light spot receiving heat absorber. The sunlight reflecting condenser includes at least two parts, the horizontal condenser with north-south axis and the vertical condenser connected to the north end of the horizontal condenser. The double-panel heat absorber is set in the center of the horizontal condenser perpendicularly and has its north end connected to the vertical condenser perpendicularly. The said fixed structure can solve the problem of light focusing and heat collecting to the moving sun. The present invention has simple structure, low cost, high heat collecting efficiency and other advantages.

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Solar heating energySolar heat devices +2

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  • Solar energy three-dimensional concentrating collector
  • Solar energy three-dimensional concentrating collector


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Example Embodiment

[0014] Example one
[0015] See figure 1 , This embodiment is a curved-plane concentrator, that is, the horizontal concentrator adopts a curved surface form, and the vertical concentrator adopts a planar form. It is composed of a heat absorbing body 1, a vertical concentrating disc 2, a horizontal concentrating disc 3, a mold frame 4 and connecting pieces. The optimal solution for the heat sink 1 is to use a heat collecting box with glass on both sides and an insulation layer sandwiched on the frame; the plate core is made of flat plate heat collectors; there are four connection tubes at both ends; the length of the heat collecting box is The height of the compact disc 3 is the same, and its height is twice the height of the horizontal condenser disc 3, and the width is 8 cm. The mold base 4 is a model support for determining the translational parabola of the horizontal poly-disc 3, and two mold bases are installed at the front and rear of the horizontal poly-disc 3. The mold base 4 is made with reference to several points of the parabola, and the reference parabola is x 2 =100y, take the line segment below the focal plane as the curved surface shape of the convergent disc, the width of the focal plane is 100cm, and the height of the focal point is 25cm, so the opening width of the horizontal convergent disc 3 and its mold base 4 is 100cm, and the height is 25cm, the angle of entry on both sides is 45°. In order to obtain a better condensing effect, the parabola can be treated with wide focus, that is, the middle part of the height of the horizontal concentrator disc 3 is widened and lowered, so that the light spot of the lower half of the horizontal concentrator disc 3 is moved up and up. Half of the light spot moves down, and after the light crosses, it falls on the receiving plate of the heat collecting box with a certain width, which can increase the time of receiving the light spot. Therefore, the width and height of the mold base 4 and the horizontal poly-disc 3 are determined according to the selected parabola. The vertical condenser disc 2 is a flat surface, its width is the same as the horizontal condenser disc 3, and the height should be 10-30 cm higher than the height of the heat collecting box. The mold base can be welded by angle steel. The heat collecting box is connected with the mold frame 4 and the vertical condenser disc 2 into a whole. The two ports at the north end are used when installing the pipe, and the pipe port at the south end is for cleaning. The heat collectors can also be arranged by vacuum tubes, but this scheme has gap leakage, that is, part of the light spot cannot be received at the gap. The material of the poly disc can be a polished stainless steel plate with a thickness of 0.3 ~ 0.5mm, or a galvanized plate with aluminized taperon film.

Example Embodiment

[0016] Example two
[0017] Referring to FIG. 2, this embodiment is a hyperboloid-type concentrating heat collector, that is, both the horizontal concentrator and the vertical concentrator are curved. It is also composed of a heat sink, a vertical condenser, a horizontal condenser, a mold base and connectors. The manufacturing method and structure are similar to those of the embodiment. In order to increase the heat collection effect, its vertical condenser adopts a translational parabolic surface structure, and the lower part of the vertical condenser is processed into a curve corresponding to the horizontal condenser. The two condensers are connected by a triangular joint.


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