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High-speed wrapping machine

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The invention discloses a high-speed wrapping machine. The high-speed wrapping machine comprises a wrapping support and a hollow main shaft, the right end of the hollow main shaft is provided with a rotation support, multiple installation planes are respectively arranged around the rotation support, and multiple support frames are respectively installed on the installation planes; and the high-speed wrapping machine comprises multiple aslant arranged reel shafts, the central portions of the multiple reel shafts are each provided with a reel, the rear portions of the multiple rear shafts are respectively correspondingly rotationally installed on the multiple support frames, the multiple support frames are each provided with an adjustment screw rod, and the rear ends of the adjustment screw rods are respectively in rotational connection with the rear ends of the reel shafts rotationally installed on the support frames. The application performance is good, the adjustment is simple, the locking is reliable, the safety is high, the rigidity of the rotation support is high, during high-speed rotation, loosening is not easily generated, the problem of adjustment of the angle of a wrapping band in a wire and cable production process and the pitch problem of coverage of multiple wrapping bands are solved, the production efficiency is improved, and the high-speed wrapping machine is suitable for a wrapping machine rotating at a high speed.
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