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Online production and media coordination portal/system for telephone ringback messages and digital media content

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The Invention is a multi-faceted web-based interface that includes such functional components as ringback message and other DMC sub-type production, ringback message and other DMC sub-type distribution, ringback subscriber, ringback caller, and other DMC sub-type user data evaluation, ringback and other DMC sub-type message valuation, single point online interface for diverse multi-users and objectives, and multi-adaptive formatting of ringback messages or other DMC sub-type messages for most cellular and land-line phone carriers' platforms. The Invention facilitates the production of a wide variety of ringback or other DMC sub-type audio, video and gaming message content such as: personalized information, advertisement and promotional offerings, and complex multiple segmented messages that utilize stock audio or video online content inventory combined with customized content or user provided content. The Invention's online interface and online production capabilities provide a highly efficient manner in which to create this variety of production output. The Invention also provides an online interface capable of formatting and gathering information from most telephone carriers. This capability allows the Invention to maintain a centralized database for storing ringback subscriber or other DMC sub-type user groups and ringback caller demographic information and in turn, the Invention provides national advertisers the ability to promote their advertisements on ringback subscriber messages across many carriers simultaneously. The Invention's dynamic “Ringback Coordination Center” bidding sector provides real time valuations of the advertising offerings between all parties, coordinating the most advantageous utilization of the ringback messages or other DMC sub-type messages for all parties concerned.
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