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At the strategic level, interoperability is an enabler for coalition building. It facilitates meaningful contributions by coalition partners. At this level, interoperability issues center on harmonizing the world views, strategies, doctrines, and force structures.

System and Method for Searching for Internet-Accessible Content

A system and method for searching and voting on Internet-accessible content is presented. One or more meta servers or sites store information about the structure and location of content on one or more Internet host servers. HTML-linked content on the one or more Internet host servers is indexed and stored on the one or more meta servers, and non-HTML content on the one or more Internet host servers is processed by the present invention into HTML content, indexed, and stored on the one or more meta servers. Each meta server includes a local search engine that can be queried by a user. A plurality of different types of queries can be conducted by the user, including local queries, global queries, and peer-to-peer network queries. The user is provided with search results which point to relevant content on one or more of the meta server and/or one or more of the Internet host servers. After viewing the content, the user can cast votes relating to the user's satisfaction with the search results. The present invention also includes a central repository which tracks user votes, query progressions, and information about content on each of the meta sites. The present invention also provides a plurality of enhancement plug-ins for standard web robots, including a toolbar for conventional web browsers. The toolbar can be used to securely solicit and collect authenticated user votes from standard web sites, as well as to vote-check top results returned by supported search engines. The plug-ins facilitate interoperability between existing Internet software (and technology) and the present invention.

National healthcare information/transaction network for interoperability: standardizing delivery of healthcare through biometric smart cards & biometric smart chip-based devices

InactiveUS20070043594A1Simple and convenient and experienceAutomate completionDigital data processing detailsUser identity/authority verificationPoint of careMarket place
Novel systems, methods and apparatus are disclosed for enabling the standardization of healthcare delivery which provides a simple, convenient and paperless experience for the patient. In an embodiment, ubiquitous standardization of communication nationwide and internationally at point-of-care is initiated and implemented via patient mobile device. The integration of mobile device biometrics improves the privacy and security of patients and the incorporation of NFC technology effectuates the simple transfer of information—from patient data to electronic transactions—allowing the patient and healthcare industry to instinctively interact with their healthcare electronic environment. The present invention produces more accurate, appropriate and reduced redundancy in the healthcare delivery system and integrates a mechanism for enabling market place interaction of the consumer-driven healthcare movement—putting more control/access into the patient's hands. This instant invention bridges today's connectivity gap in the healthcare arena and as such, revolutionizes the payment, bank and healthcare industries.
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