Three in one network type household gateway based on EPON access

A technology of home gateway and access module, which is applied in the field of home gateway to achieve the effect of simple operation and convenient maintenance

Active Publication Date: 2009-03-11
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Since the home gateway involves many industries from external broadband access technology to various household appliances and monitoring equipment for internal home networking, many standard organizations at home and abroad have researched and formulated a variety of different ...
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The invention provides a triple-play type home gateway based on EPON access, which comprises hardware and software. A hardware platform takes an embedded processor CPU and a media processor as the core, the CPU is connected with an EPON ONU module through a WAN interface and is connected with a media processor through a PCI bus; Ethernet, voice, and video interfaces are arranged for expanding a plurality of mini-PCI slots in which functional modules including WiFi are inserted, as well as for connecting a plurality of USB interfaces of Bluetooth, Zigbee networking modules or a video camera, and then the wire and wireless hybrid networking of the internal home networks is implemented by the configuration mode including Web. The software comprises EPON access, core functions, transmission functions, business functions and networking function modules. The invention supports local Web management, TR-069 remote management, remote configuration and software upgrading, and can meet the demands of internal networking of modern home and automation of home equipment.

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Data switching by path configurationNetwork connections

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Functional moduleRemote management +13


  • Three in one network type household gateway based on EPON access
  • Three in one network type household gateway based on EPON access
  • Three in one network type household gateway based on EPON access


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Example Embodiment

[0022] The technical focus of the present invention is to fully comply with China Telecom’s EPON equipment technical requirements V2.1, support CTC V2.1OAM and its extensions, support DBA and multiple SLAs, support port speed limit and bandwidth control, and support 1000Base-PX10/PX20. This kind of PON physical interface can be interconnected with EPON equipment supporting the CTC V2.1 standard, which is fully applicable to the EPON network being constructed by the operators and the private network market. The home gateway of the present invention realizes the integrated service function of "three networks in one", and the user-side interfaces provided include: 4 100M LAN interfaces; 2 FXS interfaces for connecting ordinary telephones, and 1 FXO interface for power failure escape Port; video output port includes AV terminal, S terminal, YPbPr interface, remote control infrared interface conforms to IrDA1.1 standard.
[0023] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with embodiments and drawings.
[0024] The home gateway provided by the present invention includes hardware and software.
[0025] The hardware internal design adopts the following open architecture: the hardware platform is based on the embedded processor CPU and the media processor. The CPU is connected to the EPON ONU module through the WAN interface and the media processor through the PCI bus; it is equipped with an Ethernet interface, Voice interface, video interface, multiple mini-PCI slots used to extend the function modules including WiFi, and multiple Host USB2.0 interfaces used to connect to Bluetooth, Zigbee networking modules or video cameras. The internal configuration mode realizes the wired and wireless hybrid networking of the home internal network to meet the security and transmission distance requirements of the home device control mode.
[0026] Its software structure is as figure 1 Shown: It is composed of EPON access, core function, transmission function, business function and networking function modules. Among them: EPON access module connects core function and transmission function module through interface, and transmission function module connects business function and networking function module through interface ; The core function module has the functions of OAM, TR-069 remote management, security management and local management. QoS (Quality of Service), the Chinese name is "Quality of Service". It refers to the ability of the network to provide higher priority services, including dedicated bandwidth, jitter control and delay (for real-time and interactive traffic situations), improvement of packet loss rate, and designated networks under different WAN, LAN and MAN technologies Traffic, etc., while ensuring that the priority provided for each traffic does not hinder the progress of other traffic. QoS is a security service guarantee mechanism of the network.
[0027] The EPON access module completes the access function of the home gateway and realizes the connection between the home network and the telecommunications network. The access method is based on EPON technology. The networking function of the home gateway mainly realizes the connection with the internal control subnet and terminal equipment of the home. The transmission function of the home gateway mainly realizes the transmission of IP packets between internal devices of the home network and the telecommunication network, and can also realize the transmission of IP packets between internal devices. The business functions realized by the home gateway device of the present invention mainly include IPTV, VoIP, and optional WiFi supporting mini-PCI slots and other functional modules.
[0028] The core functions of this home gateway mainly include: support TR-069 unified management, support remote management of operators, support remote upgrades, support remote and performance monitoring; support local management functions, support WEB, CLI, support remote reporting of faults; powerful QoS function in order to realize the hierarchical processing and forwarding of multiple service streams; it can effectively prevent illegal access to the external network and illegal access to the internal network, support connection authentication, and provide system logs and security logs.
[0029] The principle of EPON access module (EPON ONU module) is as follows figure 2 Shown: The circuit design is based on the ONUMAC chip, which can be divided into PON interface circuit, UNI interface circuit, embedded CPU peripheral memory circuit, and power conversion circuit. The ONU MAC chip completes the MPCP and other protocol conversions specified in IEEE802.3-2005. The selected MAC chip and its firmware fully comply with China Telecom’s EPON equipment technical requirements V2.1, support CTC V2.1 OAM and its extensions, and support CTC regulations. This kind of DBA algorithm can be interconnected with EPON equipment supporting CTC V2.1 standard. In the EPON system, in order to achieve point-to-multipoint bidirectional transmission, a burst mode gigabit optical transceiver module must be used. The optical module on the OLT side is 1490nm CW transmission (DFB or FP laser), 1310nm burst reception (PIN or APD); 1490nm CW reception (PIN or APD) on the ONU side, 1310nm burst transmission (DFB or FP) . Since the selected ONUMAC chip integrates the Serdes chip, it can be directly connected to the ONU optical module of the LVPECL interface level. In the burst control of the optical module, it is compatible with the optical module that is turned on at a low level or a high level. The EPON ONU module of the present invention supports two PON physical interfaces, 1000Base-PX10/PX20, and is fully applicable to the EPON network being constructed by operators and the private network market.
[0030] The principle block diagram of the home gateway design scheme of the present invention is as follows image 3 Shown. From image 3 It can be seen that the hardware platform of the home gateway is based on the Intel Xscale network processor and media processor. The network processor completes the processing of data services and voice services, and connects to the EPON ONU module through the WAN interface, and connects to the media processing through the PCI bus. The media processor is Philips PNX17xx, which completes the processing of video-related services. The hardware platform of the home gateway can be divided into: network processor minimum system module, LAN switching module, VoIP module, video processing module, EPON ONU module, mini-PCI expansion module, power conversion module, etc. The minimum network processor system includes DDRII interface 64MBSDRAM, 16MB Nor flash, 64MB NAND flash, PCI interface, Rs232 Console interface, JTAG interface, clock, reset and other peripheral circuits. The Codec/SLIC circuit in the VOIP module completes the analog telephone interface circuit function and the analog-to-digital conversion function. It connects to the network processor through the PCM interface and the SPI interface. The voice signal compression/decompression, protocol conversion, etc. are completed by the network processor; the DAA circuit is FXO interface circuit, when the user makes a local call or the device is powered off, the relay will switch to the FXO port. The LAN switch module is connected to the network processor through the MII interface, and four 10/100Base-TX interfaces are extended by a simple two-layer Ethernet switch chip. The video processing module includes video processor, Video encoder, Audio DAC, etc. It provides audio and video interfaces such as AV terminal, S terminal, and YPbPr interface. The infrared remote control chip is connected to the network processor through GPIO.
[0031] The software architecture block diagram of the present invention is as Figure 4 As shown, the technical difficulty lies in the development of software functions, especially the transplantation and development of application layer software, and it meets the requirements of national standards for home gateway functions.
[0032] The home gateway of the present invention supports three working modes: bridge, router, and Bridge/Router hybrid mode; supports IGMP Proxy, IGMP Snooping, provides multicast forwarding function, and supports static routing. VoIP supports SIP/H.248 protocol, supports PPPoE/DHCP/static IP and many other ways to obtain IP. The phone number settings can be set remotely through the system network management. IPTV supports multiple video formats such as H.264 and MPEG-4, and supports live broadcast and on-demand functions, completing the basic functions of an IPTV set-top box.
[0033] The home gateway of the present invention has the functions of obtaining its own IP address and the terminal within the home to obtain the IP address, supports address resolution and supports IPV4/V6 addresses.
[0034] The home gateway device of the present invention has a powerful QoS function to realize the hierarchical processing and forwarding of multiple service flows, mainly including: supporting the QoS mechanism required by the external network; supporting source/destination IP, source/destination MAC, source/destination port number, Protocol type TOS, 802.1p, VLAN tag and other flow classification rules; with priority processing capability to ensure that high-priority services occupy the export bandwidth first; support access rate control based on service flow; support wireless QoS mechanism.
[0035] The home gateway device of the present invention supports OAM and TR-069 remote management, supports remote management of operators, supports remote upgrades, and supports remote and performance monitoring. The local management is a web network management, which has the functions of configuration management, fault management, performance management and security management of the home gateway, and supports local software/firmware upgrades.
[0036] The "three-in-one" EPON home gateway of the present invention is located at the end optical node of the FTTH optical access network and has a home gateway function, which is equivalent to a home gateway with an EPON uplink interface, provides Ethernet/IP services, and supports VoIP Support TR-069 remote management for services and IPTV services. Its main function is to provide an interface with the public network, provide various business interfaces required by the smart digital home, and act as a gateway to be accessed by internal devices and external networks.
[0037] The working process of the present invention is:
[0038] The first step is to complete the registration and authorization of the EPON access module under the management of the EPON OLT central office equipment, and establish the uplink path of the home gateway IP service; the second step, the user's voice service, first of all, the VoIP service of the home gateway The functional module is converted into SIP protocol or H.248 protocol voice IP package, according to the service strategy and QoS strategy of EPON system for VoIP, and the setting of the operator's NGN softswitch network to realize the interconnection and intercommunication of voice services; the third step , The user’s video service, according to the content provider’s settings and the EPON system’s IPTV service strategy and QoS strategy, realizes IPTV service access, and the media processor inside the home gateway completes H.264, MPEG-4 and other videos Format compatible codec, connect to ordinary TV or standard high-definition TV, provide users with multiple video services such as live broadcast and on-demand; the fourth step, Ethernet data services can be accessed through the LAN port or WiFi wireless access module, according to the EPON system The data service strategy and QoS strategy provide users with high-bandwidth data services; the fifth step, the home gateway's networking function for the home network is mainly realized by extending the corresponding functional modules through the USB port or the Ethernet port, because the EPON home gateway of the present invention The open architecture can realize the access of multiple networking functions; the sixth step, the unified management of the home gateway by the EPON system is mainly realized through the TR-069 remote management protocol.


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