Method for manufacturing rich reverse type first chrysanthemic acid

A manufacturing method and technology of chrysanthemic acid, which is applied in the field of producing the first trans-rich chrysanthemic acid by melting crystallization method, can solve problems such as differences in insecticidal efficacy, and achieve the effects of low production cost, high yield and clean process

Active Publication Date: 2009-12-30
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As the acid moiety composition of pyrethroid pesticides, different isomers of the fi...
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The invention provides a method for manufacturing a rich reverse type first chrysanthemic acid. The method is characterized by comprising the following steps: using a racemization (+/-) first chrysanthemic acid with a purity of 93-99 percent and a forward inverse ratio between 3/97 and 20/80 as the material; crystallizing by means of melt crystallization at a temperature of 39.7-51 DEG C to obtain a rich reverse type first chrysanthemic acid with a forward inverse ratio of 1.5/98.5-9/91; and sweating, filtering and crystallizing the rich reverse type first chrysanthemic acid to obtain the rich reverse type first chrysanthemic acid with high purity, wherein the sweating temperature is 1-3 DEG C higher than the crystallizing temperature.

Application Domain

Organic compound preparationCarboxylic compound separation/purification

Technology Topic

ChemistryChrysanthemic acid +2


  • Method for manufacturing rich reverse type first chrysanthemic acid
  • Method for manufacturing rich reverse type first chrysanthemic acid
  • Method for manufacturing rich reverse type first chrysanthemic acid


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[0022] Accurately weigh the racemic (±) first chrysanthemum acid, melt it completely at 60°C, stir the crystallization slowly at the corresponding crystallization temperature for 2 to 7 hours, keep it warm and filter, and then heat the filter jacket to make the crystal sweat. The liquid is pressed out, and the temperature is lowered to transfer the crystals, and the first chrysanthemum acid with high cis-trans ratio rich in trans can be obtained, and the filtrate can be melted and crystallized.


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