Method for sorting batteries by sucker-type electromagnets

An electromagnet and sucker-type technology, which is applied in the field of battery sorting by using a sucker-type electromagnet, can solve problems such as low sorting efficiency, misoperation, and expensive equipment, achieve high sorting speed, avoid misclassification, The effect of simple structure

Inactive Publication Date: 2010-06-02
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Indicator light indication Sorting uses indicator lights to arrange the same array as the batteries in the battery turnover tray. The sorter receives computer instructions to light up the indicator lights corresponding to the current type of batteries. The battery at the position is selected. This sorting method has a relatively simple structure, but it cannot avoid misclassification of batteries caused by human misoperation, which seriously affects product quality; the electromagnet ejection sorting method corresponds to each pre-sorted battery in the battery turnover tray. An electromagnet is installed below. The electromagnet receives...
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The invention provides a method for sorting batteries by sucker-type electromagnets for the society. The upper part of each pre-classified battery (4) corresponds to a sucker-type electromagnet (1); a current pre-classified battery (5) is firmly attracted by a magnetic filed generated by an electrified sucker-type electromagnet and vertical to a moving installation plate (2) or a battery turnover tray (3) at the time; and the current pre-classified battery (5) is separated from the battery turnover tray (3) and other pre-classified batteries (4). The method for sorting batteries by sucker-type electromagnets has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, high sorting speed and the like and can avoid the mistaken sorting caused by the artificial misoperation, thereby improving the sorting speed and the sorting quality of the batteries.

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Electrical batteryEngineering +2


  • Method for sorting batteries by sucker-type electromagnets
  • Method for sorting batteries by sucker-type electromagnets
  • Method for sorting batteries by sucker-type electromagnets


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Example Embodiment

[0012] Implementation Plan 1:
[0013] There are 96 battery holes (6) on the battery turnover tray (3). The assembled batteries are sequentially installed in the middle of the battery holes of the battery turnover tray, and then put into the battery formation testing equipment for formation and testing, and the system computer root battery formation testing Data and specific classification methods divide the batteries in the battery turnover tray into several categories, and the computer transmits the classification information of the batteries to the sorting machine. The sorting machine has a mounting plate (2) on the top of the battery turnover tray (3) to install a suction-cup electromagnet. Each pre-sorted battery (4) corresponds to a suction-cup electromagnet (1), and the suction-cup electromagnet receives The computer instructions and the relay control respectively maintain the power-on or power-off state, and the magnetic field generated by the energized suction-cup electromagnet firmly attracts the current battery (5). At this time, move the mounting plate (2) or the battery turnover tray (3) vertically, and the current battery (5) is still sucked on the suction-cup electromagnet (1) and separated from the battery turnover tray and other pre-sorted batteries.


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