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A technology of mass percentage and thickener, applied in the field of carrot paper, can solve problems such as backlog, low price, and environmental pollution

Inactive Publication Date: 2010-06-30
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In 2002, the output of carrots in China was as high as 6.61 million tons, but the price was relatively low. In 2001, it was 1.2 yuan/kg; in 2002, it was reduced to 0...
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The invention discloses edible packing paper, which is one of effective ways of reducing white pollution and realizing green packing. The edible packing paper is prepared by taking carrots as a basic material, adding appropriate amounts of thickeners, plasticizer and water repellent agent and studying production process parameters and formulas of carrot paper out by using the natural color of the carrots. An adhesive is optimally prepared by compounding three kinds of thickeners such as sodium alga acid, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and agar which are in an optimal ratio of 1:2:1; the edible packing paper contains 3 percent of plasticizer; and the carrot paper is dried at an optimal temperature of 60 to 65 DEG C and optimally contains 12 to 14 percent of water. The carrot paper can be used as an inner package of food to achieve a packing function, also can be directly used as instant food to reduce environmental pollution and improve the sense of beauty of the food, and has vast market application prospect.

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[0017] Raw materials: 75% carrot, 10% soluble starch, 0.4% sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC-Na), 0.8% sodium alginate, 0.4% agar, 4% glycerol, remaining calcium chloride (water repellant).
[0018] Process flow:
[0019] Washing→peeling→cutting→curing→beating---→degassing→forming→drying→the paper obtained from the product has good tensile strength and elongation ratio, and has a smooth hand.


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