Intelligent management platform of vehicle rental system

A technology of intelligent management and leasing system, applied in transmission systems, handling coins or valuable banknotes, instruments, etc., can solve the problems of manpower and material resources, achieve significant economic and social benefits, improve use efficiency and management staff work efficiency Effect

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[0003] The invention provides an intelligent management platform for a vehicle rental system, which can effectively solve the defect that the rental business in ...
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[0057] Note: the GSM antenna cannot be juxtaposed with the GPS antenna, and the wires must not be e...
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The invention discloses an intelligent management platform of a vehicle rental system, comprising an intelligent vehicle-mounted terminal, network signals and a background monitoring center, wherein the intelligent vehicle-mounted terminal is a terminal set having the functions of positioning, navigation, wireless communication, network access and multimedia service; the network signals are used for providing supports for the signal transmission between the intelligent vehicle-mounted terminal and the background monitoring center; and the background monitoring center is used for receiving the information of the intelligent vehicle-mounted terminal and a user, processing the information and then sending the information to the intelligent vehicle-mounted terminal and the user. The system can be used for learning information such as the position state, and the like of a vehicle in real time, automatically counting the rental condition of the vehicles and carrying out intelligent dispatching and remote control on the vehicle. The system saves a large quantity of manpower and material resource investments, greatly improves the utilization efficiency of the vehicle and the working efficiency of managers and achieves obvious economic and social benefits.

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[0013] In order to overcome the inefficient management of the existing car rental market, this intelligent management platform system integrates computer management technology, GPRS wireless communication technology, and GPS satellite positioning technology. Through the central management platform, the rental vehicle can be positioned. Dispatch, fuel cut, power cut, door opening and closing operations, etc., can automatically count the order tasks of vehicles, greatly improving the efficiency of vehicle use.
[0014] This system uses three parts to realize this management function:
[0015] 1. A vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal set on the vehicle body, which has functions such as positioning and navigation, wireless communication, network access, and multimedia services. The terminal includes a GPS host located on the vehicle body, a SIM card slot and a SIM card, and also includes The user's IC card and the card reader installed in the car door. In order to maintain a good signal transmission, the GPS host and the SIM card slot are equipped with antennas.
[0016] 2. Network signal: Provide support for signal transmission between the vehicle intelligent terminal and the background monitoring center. The network signal can be a GSM cellular network signal, a 3G network signal, a radio signal or other network formats that can be transmitted over a long distance.
[0017] 3. Background monitoring center: Receive information from the vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal and user, process it and send it to the vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal and user. The leasing company establishes a background monitoring center, and installs a host for each vehicle. The host logs in to the background monitoring center through the GPRS network, and transmits the location information of the vehicle and the status of the vehicle to the background monitoring center at regular intervals. The back-end monitoring center analyzes and records the information transmitted by the vehicle, and can query the historical information of the vehicle through the central software, and count the rental status of the vehicle.
[0018] The operating principle of the system of the present invention is as follows:
[0019] 1. The background monitoring center sets the information of the IC card as a valid card and sets the lease task.
[0020] 2. The customer opens the valid vehicle during the valid time period with a valid IC card, and uses the on-board card reader to read the information. At this time, the customer swipes the card to open the door and restores the vehicle oil circuit. At this time, the vehicle can be started normally; when the customer advances or exceeds the task validity period When the card is invalid.
[0021] 3. When the customer is in the middle of use, as long as the flame is turned off and the door is closed, the vehicle will automatically release the lock and cut off the oil circuit within 10 seconds, and the vehicle is in an anti-theft state.
[0022] 4. During the customer's continued use, when the IC card is swiped again, the vehicle will automatically swipe the card to open the door and restore the oil circuit, and the customer can use it normally.
[0023] 5. After the set task starts, after the first valid credit card swiping, the product uploads the business data to the center, and this task starts.
[0024] 6. If the customer stops using the vehicle before the rental time and wants to make a settlement, the customer only needs to swipe the IC card twice within three seconds after the car is closed and the data will be uploaded. The task ends and the card becomes invalid.
[0025] 7. If the customer uses overtime, a settlement instruction will be issued automatically after the time expires. At this time, the IC card has expired and the door cannot be opened again. At this time, the back-end monitoring center needs to contact the customer manually. At this time, the customer will stop at 10 The door is automatically locked within seconds, the vehicle is in the anti-theft state, and the vehicle oil circuit is locked.
[0026] Several issues to be noted during use:
[0027] 1. This management platform involves the need for signal transmission data, it is best to have GPS and mobile phone signals, but it must be ensured that all parking lots need at least mobile phone signals, so as to ensure normal data transmission;
[0028] 2. When the customer does not deliver the car, he needs to explain to the customer to pull out the key and place it in a fixed and inconspicuous place to prevent criminals from having a chance.
[0029] The installation process of this intelligent management platform is as follows:
[0030] 1. Install the SIM card:
[0031] Each device needs to insert a SIM card, and the GPRS function must be activated;
[0032] 1) SIM card detection: Insert the SIM card into an ordinary GSM mobile phone for detection.
[0033] ——If the SIM card has a power-on password, please remove and cancel
[0034] ——Test call
[0035] ——Test answering the call
[0036] ——Test GPRS network connection
[0037] 2) Install the SIM card
[0038] A. Open the back cover of the host, and use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the four screws on the back cover;
[0039] B. You can see the SIM card slot, push the SIM card slot in the designated direction, insert the SIM card and fasten it in the opposite direction.
[0040] 2. Positioning and fixing of GPS antenna
[0041] When installing the GPS antenna, make sure that the receiving surface is upward (the sky), and there is no metal obstruction or shielding above;
[0042] 1) Suggested installation location for GPS antenna:
[0043] ——Hidden under the front windshield
[0044] -Hidden under the front dashboard (the skin is non-metallic)
[0045] ——Under the trim under the rear windshield
[0046] ——In the front bumper (the skin is non-metallic)
[0047] ——Under the wiper board (the skin is non-metallic)
[0048] Note: If the windshield is pasted with a heat shield film containing metal wires, it will reduce the GPS receiving signal strength and cause the GPS to malfunction. Please change the GPS antenna installation position at this time.
[0049] 2) The GPS antenna can be attached to a metal object or pasted firmly with wide sponge and strong double-sided tape. Please note that the GPS antenna cannot be removed.
[0050] 3) The GPS wire is hidden and pulled near the host, and the antenna plug is inserted into the corresponding socket of the host.
[0051] 3. Positioning and fixing of GSM antenna
[0052] 1) Suggested installation location for GSM antenna:
[0053] ——A hidden place under the front dashboard
[0054] ——Under the trim under the rear windshield
[0055] -Inside the A or B pillar trim on the left and right of the cab
[0056] 2) In order to ensure the stability of the system, keep the GSM antenna away from the host as far as possible, at least 1.5 meters, the farther away the better.
[0057] Note: The GSM antenna cannot be collocated with the GPS antenna, and the wires should not be twisted with each other to avoid interference, and try to stay away from the speakers.
[0058] 3) Because the GSM antenna is not waterproof. Water in the antenna will greatly reduce the network signal strength and even cause the device to shut down. The place where the antenna is placed must be dry.
[0059] 4. Host selection and fixation
[0060] 1) To avoid damage by thieves, host selection should be as concealed as possible;
[0061] 2) Avoid placing it with emission sources, such as reversing radar, anti-theft device and other vehicle-mounted communication equipment;
[0062] 3). It can be fixed with screws or pasted with wide sponge strong double-sided tape;
[0063] 4) Suggested installation location:
[0064] ——In the front dashboard of the driver's seat
[0065] ——In the front dashboard of the right front seat
[0066] ——In the car center console
[0067] 5) The installation of GPS terminal equipment is relatively simple. It is recommended to install it by a professional organization designated by the dealer, and try to install the device host in a relatively hidden place of the vehicle.
[0068] 6) Since the GPS terminal equipment is not waterproof, if water enters it will cause damage to the equipment and even cause vehicle failure.
[0069] Note when installing the host:
[0070] 1). The door signal input line is connected to the door sensor of the car, not to the central control lock. The door magnetic line is a line used to indicate the state of the door. This machine is suitable for negative trigger mode.
[0071] 2) Pay attention to the wiring direction of the alarm button line. Once the host is connected to the power supply, when the alarm button is not pressed, if the alarm button indicator is always on, it means that the alarm button wire is connected reversely. Under the correct wiring, the indicator light is off during normal operation. The indicator light of the alarm button will only light up when the alarm button is continuously pressed for more than 2 seconds or in an alarm state.
[0072] 3). After installation, please check the working status of the indicator light. Under normal circumstances, the red and green lights flash continuously, and the time interval is about 1 second.


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