Purple sweet potato Chinese caterpillar fungus vermicelli and preparation method thereof

A production method and technology of Cordyceps powder are applied in the field of vermicelli, which can solve the problems of lack of trace elements, and achieve the effects of good health care function and enhancement of human immunity.

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-09-26
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[0003] Aiming at the problems existing in the above-mentioned prior art, the object of the present invention is to provide a kind of vermicelli with purple swe...
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The invention discloses purple sweet potato Chinese caterpillar fungus vermicelli which comprises, by mass, 0.001% of Chinese caterpillar fungus, 20% of fresh purple sweet potato, 0.2% of edible iodine salt, 0.4% of edible vegetable oil, and the balance of sweet potato starch. The preparation method comprises the steps of: 1) crushing the Chinese caterpillar fungus and the fresh purple sweet potato, and mixing the crushed Chinese caterpillar fungus and the fresh purple sweet potato with the sweet potato starch, the edible iodine salt andthe edible vegetable oil according to the mass ratio; 2) pouring the mixture into a vermicelli machine to obtain molded vermicelli; 3) freezing the vermicelli obtained by step 2) at a temperature of minus 27 DEG C for 6 to 8 hours, and then carrying out thawing; and 4) drying the thawed vermicelli for 6 to 8 hours to obtain the final product, and then carrying out packing. The purple sweet potato Chinese caterpillar fungus vermicelli provided by the invention has great health function, has the advantages of anti-cancer, liver protection, anti-aging and human immune function strengthening.

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Food preparation

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CordycepsCancer +4


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Example Embodiment

[0013] Example: A purple potato cordyceps vermicelli, including cordyceps, fresh purple potato, sweet potato starch, edible iodized salt and edible rape oil, the mass ratio of each component is: Cordyceps: 0.001%, fresh purple potato: 20%, edible iodine Salt 0.2%, edible rape oil: 0.4%, the balance is sweet potato starch.
[0014] The method for preparing the purple sweet potato cordyceps vermicelli includes the following steps:
[0015] 1) Crush Cordyceps and fresh purple sweet potato, then mix them with sweet potato starch, edible iodized salt and edible vegetable oil according to the mass ratio, and then add water to the mixture and stir evenly, where the mass ratio of water to the mixture is 4:6; specific production At the same time, peel the fresh purple sweet potato into a pulp, beat the cordyceps into powder, and then mix it with starch evenly.
[0016] 2) Pour the stirred mixture into the vermicelli machine, and the vermicelli is extruded by the spiral rod under the steam temperature of 100℃ by the vermicelli machine;
[0017] 3) The noodles obtained in the previous step are frozen for 6-8 hours at a temperature of minus 27°, and then thawed; the original moisture is removed by freezing, so that the noodles can be opened quickly;
[0018] 4) Dry the thawed vermicelli for 6-8 hours to obtain the final product, and then package it. Through drying, the moisture is quickly removed, the inherent characteristics of the product are maintained, and the traditional sun exposure method is replaced at the same time, so as to protect the cleanliness of the product from external pollutants.
[0019] It is made up of fresh purple sweet potato and Cordyceps sinensis. It uses the 78 essential elements (selenium, anthocyanins, etc.) contained in the purple sweet potato to synthesize the elements contained in Cordyceps (cordycepin, cordycepic acid, polysaccharides, SOD, Carbohydrates, etc.), which are rich in nutrients, can resist aging, anti-oxidation, enhance human immunity, and have anti-cancer and liver-protective effects.


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