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Blood enriching and qi replenishing health-care product

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The invention discloses a blood enriching and qi replenishing health-care product, which is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 10-30 parts of dangshen, 10-30 parts of astragalus, 5-15 parts of large-head atractylodes rhizome, 10-25 parts of Chinese yam, 10-20 parts of liquoric root, 5-12 parts of lucid ganoderma, 10-20 parts of pine pollen, 3-8 parts of crassula coccinea, 3-8 parts of sword bean, 8-15 parts of white paeony root, 10-20 parts of tuber fleeceflower root, 10-20 parts of Chinese angelica, 10-30 parts of prepared rehmannia root, 15-30 parts of longan, 15-30 parts of red dates, 8-15 parts of cistanche deserticola, 5-10 parts of Chinese caterpillar fungus, 8-15 parts of glossy privet fruit, 10-25 parts of dwarf lilyturf root, 5-15 parts of lily, 10-25 parts of lotus seed, 3-8 parts of szechuan lovage rhizome, 10-20 parts of suberect spatholobus stem, 5-12 parts of twotooth achyranthes root, 5-10 parts of acanthopanax root and 3-8 parts of snow lotusherb. In the blood enriching and qi replenishing health-care product, natural raw materials are mixed scientifically, and various active ingredients in the raw materials are combined organically, influence mutually and coact, so that good health-care effects such as blood enriching, qi replenishing, spleen strengthening, liver protecting, kidney reinforcing, vital essence replenishing, heart fireclearing, nerve calming and the like are achieved, viscera, qi and blood are conditioned, and the human immunity is enhanced.

Traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating prostatic hypertrophy and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicine composition, in particular discloses a traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating prostatic hypertrophy and a preparation method thereof. The traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating prostatic hypertrophy is characterized by being prepared from the following components: Radix scutellariae, phellodendron bark, oldenlandia, tuckahoe, rhizoma alismatis, rhizoma anemarrhenae, safflower, raspberry, self-heal, houttuynia, rough gentian, dried rehmannia root, yam rhizome, chuanxiong rhizome, angelica, morinda root, broomrape, moutan bark, gardenia, red peony root, dandelion, lysimachia, coix seed, prepared aconite root, radix linderae, cassia, rhubarb, bitter cardamon, turtle shell, centipede, bombyx batryticatus, oyster, pangolin, antler, mastic, myrrh and menthol. The traditional Chinese medicine composition prepared by the invention can be used for clearing away heat to purge pathogenic fire, removing dampness to reduce phlegm, promoting blood circulation to diminish inflammation, nourishing the kidney to replenish essence, nourishing the kidney to reduce urination, softening hardness to dissipate stagnation and dissipating blood stasis to remove stagnation, and can improve the immunity of human bodies, improve the arterial blood flow and dilate vessel walls. By using the traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating 920 cases, the total effective rate reaches 96%.

Traditional Chinese medicine composition of foot soaking and massage

The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine compound for foot health care, which belongs to the field of external soaking Chinese herbal products. The technical scheme is that the compound comprises the following raw materials by weight portions: 10-20 portions of angelic, 10-15 portions of safflower, 15-20 portions of astragalus root, 10-15 portions of ginseng, 10-15 portions of cassia twig, 10-15 portions of asarum herb, 10-15 portions of ledebouriella root, 10-15 portions of chrysanthemum flower, 10-15 portions of bark of Chinese corktree, 10-15 portions of moutan bark, 10-15 portions of red peony root, 10-15 portions of red sage root, 10-15 portions of mulberry twig, 10-15 portions of Chinese flowering quince, 10-15 portions of Szechuan lovage rhizome, 10-15 portions of cyathula root, 10-15 portions of wild jujube seed, and 10-15 portions of fleece-flower stem. The traditional Chinese medicine compound has obvious efficacy and the functions of invigorating vital energy, elevating yang, promoting the production of body fluid to quench thirst, activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, dredging the channels and collaterals, expelling wind to disperse cold, and tranquilizing by nourishing the heart. By foot soaking, the effective components of the raw materials are adsorbed by skin, which obviously improves the immunity of human body and has relatively high curative effect on regulating and treating people under sub-health condition.

Health beverage containing Lepidium peruvianum and production method thereof

The invention discloses a health beverage containing Lepidium peruvianum. The beverage is prepared from the following raw materials by weight: 40-60 parts of Lepidium peruvianum, 5-20 parts of walnut, 10-30 parts of American ginseng and 5-20 parts of earthworm. The production method comprises the following steps: crushing the raw materials, heating, distilling, adjusting the pH value, distilling, adjusting the pH value, conducting vacuum filtration and conducting deslagging. The method uses Lepidium peruvianum as the main raw material, and extracts the nutrients contained in Lepidium peruvianum, so as to give full play to the health care effects of Lepidium peruvianum, walnut, American ginseng and earthworm. The health beverage containing Lepidium peruvianum contains abundant nutrients such as nucleic acid and amino acids, and contains rich Lepidium peruvianum amide, Lepidium peruvianum selenium, special enzymes, antibiotics, trace elements and anticancer factors; and the beverage can enhance human immunity, eliminate fatigue, resist fatigue and anemia, improve sleep quality, enhance memory, regulate endocrine, balance hormones, relieve menopause, improve impotence and premature ejaculation and boost sexual function by long-term drinking.

Maotai-flavor baijiu type agilawood wine and preparing method thereof

The invention provides maotai-flavor baijiu type agilawood wine and a preparing method thereof. The wine is prepared from, by weight, 90-93 parts of maotai-flavor baijiu and 7-10 parts of agilawood wine mother liquor. The agilawood wine mother liquor is formed by soaking agilawood into maotai-flavor baijiu with the amount being 90-110 times that of the agilawood. According to the maotai-flavor baijiu type agilawood wine, fragrance and pharmacology ingredients in the agilawood can be soaked into the wine effectively, and the agilawood wine has the effects of anesthetizing, pain relieving, calming, cough stopping and blood reducing, can improve immunity of the human body, and is healthcare wine; the agilawood wine is outstanding in maotai-flavor, elegant in agilawood, pure, mild, full, long in aftertaste and free of bitter mouthfeel of medicinal liquor. According to the preparing method for the maotai-flavor baijiu type agilawood wine, at first, the method of soaking the agilawood into a part of baijiu to prepare the agilawood wine mother liquor and then carrying out blending is adopted, is beneficial for preserving wine flavor and traditional Chinese medicine fragrance, and has the advantages of being simple in technology, easy to realize and reasonable in ratio.
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Health-care type mulberry cake and production method thereof

The invention discloses a health-care type mulberry cake and production method thereof. The health-care type mulberry cake is composed of the following raw materials in parts by weight: 15-20 parts of mulberry extract, 8-10 parts of peony extract, 5-8 parts of mint extract, 50-80 parts of glutinous rice flour, 8-10 parts of L-arabinose, 5-7 parts of plant oil, 2-4 parts of honey, and 10-20 parts of water. The production method comprises (1) dividing glutinous rice flour into two parts according to the ratio of 6:4, putting the 40% of the glutinous rice flour into a baking oven, baking at 180-200 DEG C to be brownish yellow, cooling in air and uniformly stirring with the 60% of the glutinous rice flour; (2) mixing the processed glutinous rice, mulberry extract, peony extract, mint extract, L-arabinose and plant oil and stirring uniformly, adding honey, mixing with water, kneading, compacting for shaping, and steaming; and (3) packaging and sterilizing. According to the health-care type mulberry cake, the application scope of mulberry is expanded to cake making field, the cake kind is increased, unique health-care value is applied to cakes, and the health-care type mulberry cake possesses the health-care efficacies of nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, maintaining beauty and keeping young, suppressing cough and dispelling phlegm, reducing blood pressure, reducing blood sugar, enhancing body immunity and the like.

Xylo-oligosaccharide red jujube soybean milk powder and preparation method thereof

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The invention relates to xylo-oligosaccharide red jujube soybean milk powder and a preparation method thereof. By taking 55 to 70 parts of soybean, 15 to 30 parts of maltose, 0.5 to 10 parts of xylo-oligosaccharide and 2 to 10 parts of red jujube concentrated juice with 50 to 70 weight percent of solid matter as raw materials, the preparation method comprises the steps of adding water to the soybean, and performing grinding to form milk; adding the red jujube concentrated juice, the maltose and the xylo-oligosaccharide, and performing proportional mixing to be uniform; performing instant sterilization at high temperature, performing concentration by adopting a triple-action concentration method, performing sterilization, performing spray drying to obtain particles, and performing detection to obtain a finished product. The xylo-oligosaccharide red jujube soybean milk powder has a bifidus factor function of the xylo-oligosaccharide on promotion of probiotics multiplication and has a human immunity improving effect of red jujube; vitamin by needed a human body can be supplemented, so that the xylo-oligosaccharide red jujube soybean milk powder has effects of prolonging life, improving intelligence, moistening lung, eliminating dryness, replenishing Qi and enriching blood; the effects of the existing vitamin soybean milk can be achieved without a vitamin additive.

Asparagus health tea

The invention discloses an asparagus health tea. With asparagus as main raw material and with rhizoma atractylodis alba, medlar, honey and the like as auxiliary materials, the asparagus health tea with rich nutrition and higher nutritional value is a perfect healthcare product; and the asparagus health tea is prepared by the raw materials in the following parts by weight: 100-200 parts of asparagus, 20-30 parts of rhizoma atractylodis alba, 20-30 parts of medlar, 20-30 parts of curnu cervi pantotrichum, 10-20 parts of morinda officinalis, 10-20 parts of angelica sinensis, 10-20 parts of folium isatidis, 5-15 parts of American ginseng, 5-15 parts of rhizoma zingiberis, 5-10 parts of Cordyceps sinensis, 5-10 parts of radix angelicae and 5-10 parts of honey. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: (1) taking the asparagus, liquorice, the medlar, hawthorns, pseudo-ginseng, the angelica sinensis, the folium isatidis, ginseng, the hizoma zingiberis, semen cassia and the radix angelicae; crushing a mixture; adding water to the mixture so as to soak the mixture for 3-5 hours; and then decocting the mixture for 30-60 min; filtering a decocted liquor so as to obtain a filter liquor; and concentrating the filter liquor to a concentrated liquor with a relative density of 1.1; and (2) adding the honey to the concentrated liquor; and conventionally sterilizing the concentrated liquor so as to obtain the asparagus health tea.

Preparation method of skim squid protein functional active peptide with small molecular weight

The invention relates to the field of nutrient supplements, in particular to a preparation method of a skim squid protein functional active peptide with small molecular weight. The preparation method comprises the following steps: firstly, performing viscera removal treatment on a squid to obtain a squid body and then performing cutting treatment and breaking treatment to obtain minced squid pieces; secondly, performing ultrasonic decoloring treatment, ultrasonic color fixing treatment and extraction treatment on the squid pieces to obtain a squid protein extracting solution; thirdly, performing enzymolysis treatment, pressurizing treatment and ultrafiltration treatment in sequence to obtain the active peptide. According to the preparation method provided by the invention, through pressurizing an enzymatic hydrolysate, the obtained active squid small peptide is uniform in broken chain, and the molecular weight can be controlled within 3KD; through the decoloring treatment and the color fixing treatment, the treatment time of the squid body is greatly shortened, and a fat layer in the squid body is removed, so that the quality of the small peptide is radically ensured; all steps and parameters in the preparation method provided by the invention have synergetic effects, so that the quality of an active peptide product can be further ensured.
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