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Automatic driving system

The invention provides an automatic driving system which not only can realize the automatic driving of a single vehicle, but also can control the running of other vehicles. The automatic driving system comprises a main vehicle system arranged on a main vehicle, and a following vehicle system arranged on a following vehicle, wherein induction units, control units, execution units and information transmission units are arranged in both the main vehicle system and the following vehicle system, the induction unit comprises a vehicle speed sensor, a corner sensor and an external environment sensor, and the execution unit comprises an auxiliary steering mechanism, a throttle control device, a gear control device and an auxiliary brake body. The main vehicle control unit obtains the road information by the external environment sensor and realizes the automatic driving by controlling the execution unit, and the following vehicle utilizes the information of the main vehicle to control the running state thereof, so both of the main vehicle and the following vehicle do not need drivers. The automatic driving system is particularly suitable for the long-distance running of motorcades for combined self-driving tour and the like, relieves the fatigue strength of the driver of the following vehicle, and improves the safety and the comfort of running.

Preparation of high-quality saccharomycetes and milk beer beverage thereof

The invention provides preparation of high-quality saccharomycetes and milk beer beverage thereof, which comprises the following steps of: according to a formula, mixing 10 to 70 weight parts of sour milk, 15 to 80 weight parts of water, 5 to 20 weight parts of juice, 3 to 10 weight parts of sweetener, 0.3 to 0.6 weight part of stabilizing agent and 0.1 to 0.3 weight part of acidity agent, preheating the mixture to between 55 and 60 DEG C, homogenizing and pasteurizing the mixture, and cooling the mixture to between 20 and 50 DEG C; adding 1 to 3 parts of saccharomycetes into the mixture, controlling the temperature to be between 20 and 50 DEG C, and fermenting the mixture for 6 to 24 hours; and filling the fermented mixture into a closed container, controlling the temperature to be between 20 and 40 DEG C, fermenting the mixture for 4 to 10 hours, and sterilizing the fermented product to obtain the high-quality milk beer beverage. The sour milk is prepared from cow milk, sheep milk, ass milk, mare milk and camel milk by lactic acid bacteria fermentation respectively. The selected stabilizing agent consists of sodium hydroxymethyl cellulose, pectin, sucrose ester and glycerin; the sweetener consists of white sugar, honey and high fructose corn syrup; and the acidity agent is lactic acid or malic acid or mixture thereof. Preserved and registered high-quality Kluyveromyces marxianus var. marxianus A3 (CGMCC No. 3781) also can be mixed with beer saccharomycetes and milk wine candida to form a fermenting agent for use.

Preparation method of mosquito-repellent tablets and products

The invention discloses a preparation method of mosquito-repellent tablets. The method is characterized by comprising the following steps of: (1) preparing raw materials; (2) weighing preparation materials; (3) stirring and mixing bamboo charcoal fine powder and natural mosquito-repellent plant essential oil until full saturation adsorption, adding macromolecule elastic colloidal particles of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and evenly mixing the mixture; (4) heating and pressurizing through an injection molding machine for plasticizing injection mold for molding; and (5) checking and sealing the mosquito-repellent tablets and putting in a storage. In addition, the invention discloses the products which are prepared by the preparation method. A multi-pore structure and the characteristics of super-strong adsorption and automatic adjustment and release of bamboo charcoal are utilized to saturatedly adsorb plant oil prepared by various ratios and the products are prepared by injection molding with macromolecule elastic colloidal particles. The products are scientific and reasonable and convenient for use. A mosquito-repellent effect can last as long as 72-120 hours. The odor is pleasant and is capable of enabling people to calm down and be sobering and concentrated. The mosquito-repellent tablets has the functions of stabilizing emotion, eliminating depression, facilitating sleep and relieving worries and muscle fatigue, thereby being suitable for human settlement.

Eye protection device of mobile phone

The invention discloses an eye protection device of a mobile phone. The eye protection device of the mobile phone is composed of an external protection device and a lighting circuit. The external protection device is composed of corner brackets and elastic bands. The two ends of the two elastic bands are connected to the upper ends and the lower ends of the two corner brackets respectively, the two corner brackets both surround the two long edges of the mobile phone, and the two elastic bands are arranged on the other two edges of the mobile phone respectively in a sleeved mode. The lighting circuit is composed of LED lamp belts, an LED lamp belt luminance regulating device, an LED lamp belt switch and a battery. The two LED lamp belts are arranged on the two corner brackets respectively and are opposite to a mobile phone screen, the LED lamp belt luminance regulating device and the LED lamp belt switch are arranged on one side, not close to the mobile phone screen, of one corner bracket, and the battery is arranged on one side of the other corner bracket. The LED lamp belts, the LED lamp belt luminance regulating device, the LED lamp belt switch and the battery are connected through wires. By means of the eye protection device of the mobile phone, the eye fatigue problem caused by using the mobile phone at night or in a dark light environment can be effectively solved, and the harm of light emitted by a mobile phone backlight source to the eyes of a mobile phone user is eliminated.

Vehicle-mounted multifunctional oxygen generator

The invention relates to a vehicle-mounted multifunctional oxygen generator, which comprises air inlets, an air solenoid valve, air oil-less compressors, a condenser, an inlet air filter mechanism, an air buffer tank, an active carbon filter, an oxygen generation air solenoid valve, an oxygen generation mechanism, an oxygen buffer tank and oxygen outlets which are connected in series in sequence; the air inlets comprise a vehicle internal air inlet and a vehicle external air inlet; the air solenoid valve and the oxygen generation air solenoid valve are both two-position three-way solenoid valves; the vehicle internal air inlet is communicated with the air inlet a of the air solenoid valve; the vehicle external air inlet is communicated with the air inlet b of the air solenoid valve; the oxygen outlets comprise an oxygen outlet at the driving position, and an oxygen outlet at the compartment position; the inlet air filter mechanism consists of a primary filter and a precision filter which are connected in series; the oxygen generation mechanism is a pressure swing adsorption oxygen generation mechanism, which comprises a left air inlet valve, a right air inlet valve, a left exhaust valve, a right exhaust valve, a vacuum pump, an exhaust silencer, a left oxygen generation adsorption tower, a right oxygen generation adsorption tower, a pressure equalizing valve, a left oxygen production valve and a right oxygen production valve.

Horizontal hair drying massage device

The invention relates to the field of cleaning and nursing, particularly relates to a hair drying device after hair washing, and specifically relates to a horizontal hair drying massage device. The horizontal hair drying massage device comprises an external soft pillow, a hair drying cavity, an air blowing module, a heating module, a massage module and a control module; the air blowing module comprises two axial flow fans, two air inlet tubes and an air outlet tube; the heating module comprises a resistance wire mesh and a temperature sensor; the massage module comprises uniformly arranged massage balls and a rotating shaft for driving the massage balls to move. By virtue of the horizontal hair drying massage device provided by the invention, when people lay on the bed for rest, the hair is dried, thereby providing convenience for the workers with fast-paced life and the elderly and patients disabled in actions; the horizontal hair drying massage device can promote blood circulation on the scalp so as to maintain the health of the scalp while relieving the fatigue; and meanwhile, the air blowing temperature can also be constant to prevent the moisture loss of the hair during high temperature, prolonging the service life of the resistance wire mesh to a certain extent, and saving power.

Television set with eyesight protection function and implementation method for same

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The invention is suitable for the technical field of television sets, and provides a television set with an eyesight protection function and an implementation method for the same. The television set comprises an MCU, a timing module, an audio-video signal processing module and a memory, wherein the memory is used for storing eyesight protection information and a preset value for the duration for watching TV programs; the MCU is used for setting a timing module according to the preset value for the duration for watching the TV programs stored in the memory, controlling the television set to stop playing the TV programs when the duration for watching the TV programs reaches the preset value, and calling the eyesight protection information from the memory and transmitting the eyesight protection information to the audio-video signal processing module; the timing module is used for computing the duration for watching the TV programs, and notifying the MCU when the duration for watching the TV programs reaches the preset value; and the audio-video signal processing module is used for processing the eyesight protection information transmitted by the MCU. The technical scheme provided by the invention can provide convenience for a user to relax optic nerves regularly while the user watches the TV programs.

Travel luggage electric bicycle

A travel luggage electric bicycle is composed of a front wheel disc, a support frame outer layer, a front lamp meter case, a braking handlebar, a power supply switch handlebar, a bicycle box body, a coded lock, a rear box cover, a tail lamp, a pulley, a charging socket, a motor shell, a rear wheel disc, a storage battery outer box, a riding wheel, foot pedals and a lower box body, and the components are made of plastics, and therefore the weight of the bicycle can be reduced. Front wheel shaft accessories, a horn shell, a braking steel wire, a handlebar pipe combination, a front box cover, a braking sleeve, a small gear combination, a chain and a big gear combination are made of metal materials, and strength can be improved. A seat cover and a seat cushion are made of artificial leather and sponge and have elasticity. The travel luggage electric bicycle is suitable for being used as a vehicle which a user can carry when the user is in a long journey, and articles carried by the user in the long journey can be placed in the bicycle box body for storage. When the bicycle can not be ridden conveniently, the user can push or pull the bicycle with hands, and physical power can be saved. When the user gets on or get off a car or a boat or the user goes up or goes down stairs, the handlebar pipe combination can be folded, and the bicycle can be lifted by hands conveniently. When power is not enough, the user can pedal to ride the bicycle with legs, and the bicycle is simple in structure and multipurpose.
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Operating bed adjustable in height and used in ophthalmology department

The invention discloses an operating bed adjustable in height and used in the ophthalmology department. The operating bed comprises a bed board, wherein a lifting mechanism is arranged on the lower surface of the bed board, a fixing device is arranged on the bed board, a detecting device is arranged above the fixing device, the fixing device is composed of a group of sliding rails I arranged on the upper surface of the bed board, a group of sliding wheels respectively embedded into the sliding rails I, a cross beam with two ends respectively connected with the sliding wheels, through holes formed in the side surfaces of the cross beam, a group of n-shaped side pillows installed on the cross beam in a sleeved mode and penetrating through the through holes, an outer thread arranged on the side surface of the other end of an installing rod and a bolt installed at the other end of the installing rod in a sleeved mode jointly, and the lifting mechanism is composed of multiple extensible tables connected with the lower surface of the bed board, dividing plates arranged at the bottoms of the extensible tables, bases arranged on the lower surfaces of the dividing plates, threaded rods distributed on the lower surfaces of the bases in an equal angle mode and supporting tables movably arranged at the other end of each threaded rod in a sleeved mode jointly. The operating bed has the advantages of being simple in structure and high in practicability.

Computer desk with lifting device

Disclosed is a computer desk with a lifting device. The desktop is provided with a notch, second and third transverse baffles of the rear portion of the computer desk are provided left and right sliding channels of pistons, the pistons are connected to a lifting plate with folded vertical rods, and the vertical rods contact with longitudinal baffles of first and second transverse baffles; a rotary disc with a winding disc and a buffering disc is arranged below the desktop and is connected to a support through a rotary shaft; a first steel rope of a right piston is connected to the winding disc through first, second, third and fourth pulleys; a handle of the rotary disc contacts with a movable positioning device with a round bar, and the round bar is arranged on a first positioning tube; a pin tube with a movable shaft is arranged on a frame below the rotary disc and contacts with a vertical shaft pad arranged in a second positioning tube, and a buffering device of the vertical shaft corresponds to the buffering disc; a second steel rope of the round bar is connected to the shaft through fifth, sixth and seventh pulleys; the right sliding channel is provided with a short tube with a short baffle, and a third steel rope of the short baffle is connected to the second steel rope through eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth pulleys.

Comprehensive health-care automobile seat cover and action method thereof

The invention provides a comprehensive health-care automobile seat cover and an action method thereof. The comprehensive health-care automobile seat cover comprises a head cover portion, a back cover portion and a seat cover portion which are sequentially linked from top to bottom, wherein a neck health care pillow is arranged between the head cover portion and the back cover portion, a first supporting-massaging mechanism in a bag cavity of the neck health care pillow comprises a first supporting air bag and a first massaging assembly, the first massaging assembly comprises a left plastic seat and a right plastic seat which are symmetrically arranged, a left neck massaging head is arranged on the left plastic seat in a folded mode, a right neck massaging head is arranged on the right plastic seat in a folded mode, and the left neck massaging head and the right neck massaging head are connected with a power supply and a first control switch. A waist health care backrest cushion is arranged between the back cover portion and the seat cover portion, a second supporting-massaging mechanism is arranged in a bag cavity of the waist health care backrest cushion and comprises a second supporting air bag and a second massaging assembly, the second massaging assembly comprises two electric motors symmetrical in a left-right mode, the electric motors are in driving connection with eccentric wheels, a plurality of massaging balls are arranged on the eccentric wheels, and the electric motors are connected with the power supply and a second control switch.
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