Full-flow-point rapid detection device for water meter

A detection device and full flow technology, applied in the direction of measuring device, test/calibration device, liquid/fluid solid measurement, etc., can solve the problems of low production efficiency, inability to adjust the water meter in real time with the serial detection device, and fail to solve the problem of quick test of flow point and other issues, to achieve the effect of improving calibration accuracy and production efficiency, and improving sampling accuracy

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-03-13
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In the actual production process of the above method, the performance of the water meter is affected by factors such as equipment conditions and human factors, and because the series detection device cannot adjust the water meter in real time, the unqualified water meter must be returned for read...
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The invention discloses a full-flow-point rapid detection device for a water meter. The full-flow-point rapid detection device comprises an embedded controller and a detection system, wherein in the detection system, a standard water meter and a calibrated water meter are arranged in sequence on a pipeline between a water inlet tube and a water outlet tube; color mark sensors are arranged above the standard water meter and the calibrated water meter respectively; an electromagnetic valve I is arranged on the water inlet tube; a flow point switching electromagnetic valve II is arranged on the water outlet tube; and the embedded controller comprises a frequency multiplication module for performing frequency multiplication on pulses input by using the color mark sensors, a flow point control module which can be used for realizing automatic switch of each flow point, a keyboard module which can be used for receiving input parameters and commands of operating personnel, an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) module which can be used for displaying current testing information, and a main control module which can be used for processing receiving and transmitting commands and computing errors of the calibrated water meter. According to the full-flow-point rapid detection device, the sampling accuracy is effectively increased, and the calibrated water meter can be used for finishing testing of all flow points in a short period of time on the same device, so that the water meter detection accuracy and production efficiency are increased greatly.

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Testing/calibration apparatus

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Liquid-crystal displayRapid detection +3


  • Full-flow-point rapid detection device for water meter
  • Full-flow-point rapid detection device for water meter
  • Full-flow-point rapid detection device for water meter


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Example Embodiment

[0013] A rapid detection device for full flow points of a water meter includes an embedded controller and a detection system. The detection system includes a water inlet pipe and a water outlet pipe. A standard water meter and a calibrated water meter are installed in sequence on the pipeline between the water inlet pipe and the water outlet pipe. Above the standard water meter and the calibrated water meter are respectively installed to convert the water meter plum blossom needle rotation signal. The color code sensor is a pulse signal. The water inlet pipe is equipped with a solenoid valve I that can control the opening or closing of the meter water source, and the water outlet pipe is equipped with a solenoid valve II that realizes flow point switching; the embedded controller includes a The frequency multiplier module that multiplies the pulse input by the color mark sensor, the flow point control module that can automatically switch each flow point, the keyboard module that can receive the input parameters and instructions of the operator, the LCD display module that can display the current test information, and The main control module that can process the receiving and sending instructions and the error calculation of the calibrated water meter. The flow point control module is connected with solenoid valve I and solenoid valve II through the control line.
[0014] Manual ball valves and rotameters are also installed at the front and rear ends of solenoid valve II for the operator to set the flow rate of each flow point. The frequency multiplier module receives the output pulses of the standard water meter and the color mark sensor on the calibrated water meter, and the output pulse accuracy after frequency multiplication is increased by an integer multiple of the input pulse accuracy.
[0015] As attached figure 1 , 2 As shown, the embedded controller 1, the color mark sensor 2, the standard water meter 3, the solenoid valve I4, the solenoid valve II5, the manual ball valve 6, the rotameter 7 and the water meter 8 to be calibrated; the embedded controller 1 is in turn composed of the main control module 1-1, frequency multiplier module 1-2, flow point control module 1-3, keyboard module 1-4 and LCD display module 1-5.
[0016] The water inlet solenoid valve 4 is installed at the water inlet pipe of the device, and three sets of rotameters 7 are installed at the water outlet pipe of the device.
[0017] The embedded controller 1 is used to receive instructions and parameters input by the operator from the keyboard module 1-4, and send the parameters to the frequency multiplier module 1-2 and the flow point control module 1-3 through the data bus to realize the frequency multiplication Multiplier adjustment, control the opening and closing of the water inlet solenoid valve 4 and the flow point switching solenoid valve 5, and can calculate the instantaneous flow rate, the accumulated flow rate and the error of the calibrated water meter according to the received pulse signal, and send the LCD display module through the data bus 1-5 display; the manual ball valve 6 is used for the operator to set the flow value of each test flow point, so that the flow rate meets the requirements of the water meter verification regulations; the rotameter 7 is used to display the current test state The actual instantaneous flow rate can be used by the operator to compare the instantaneous flow value calculated and displayed by the embedded controller 1 to determine whether the standard water meter is abnormal; the color code sensor 2 is used to combine the standard water meter 3 and the calibrated water meter 8 The mechanical rotation signal is converted into a standard pulse electric signal; the standard water meter 3 is used to output a reference signal in the current test state for the embedded controller 1 to calculate the instantaneous flow, accumulated flow, and error of the meter being calibrated.
[0018] Among them, the implementation of program-controlled frequency multiplication is described in detail as follows:
[0019] Signal frequency multiplication has a wide range of applications in electronic design. When the analysis signal is a periodic signal, several complete periodic signals can be obtained through single-period sampling and analysis, so that accurate data analysis results can be obtained using the least sampling period data. In the water meter error test, the standard water meter 3 and the calibrated water meter 8 each time the color code sensor 2 collects a periodic signal, it corresponds to the standard water meter 3 or the calibrated water meter 8 to reflect the current fixed volume of the water flowing through the meter. This periodic signal represents the standard The minimum resolution of the water meter 3 or the calibrated water meter 8. If this periodic signal is multiplied by N times, a periodic signal will output N equal pulses, then the resolution of the standard water meter 3 and the calibrated water meter 8 will be Increase by N times, so in the actual water meter error test process, using the frequency multiplication method to obtain the accurate error time is T/N times before the frequency multiplication.
[0020] The circuit structure of the frequency multiplier module 1-2 in this device is as follows image 3 As shown, the frequency multiplication module is composed of a period measurement module 1-2-1 and a digital frequency synthesis module 1-2-2. Its working principle is to measure a single period of the current signal through the period measurement module, and according to the main control module The frequency multiplication instruction sent by 1-1 calculates the frequency of the output signal, and then uses the digital frequency synthesis module to generate the frequency multiplication signal required for output.


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