Polypropylene composite material as well as preparation method and application thereof

A technology of composite materials and polypropylene, which is applied in the application field of polypropylene composite materials and its preparation, and the preparation of seamless automotive dashboards, can solve the problems affecting the appearance of the whole vehicle, and achieve broad market prospects, excellent low-temperature impact performance, The effect of low VOC

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-10-22
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The invention discloses a polypropylene composite material for a car seamless dashboard. The polypropylene composite material consists of the following raw materials in percentage by weight: 50-70% of propylene-ethylene block co-polypropylene, 3-10% of polyethylene, 5-30% of a thermoplastic elastomer, 5-30% of talcum powder, 0.5-3% of a composite photo-thermal stabilizing agent, 0.1-1% of a lubricating agent, 0.5-4% of anti-scratch additives and 0-5% of a coloring agent. The polypropylene composite material for the car seamless dashboard can show excellent low-temperature impact resistance, particularly, can be used for meeting the multi-axial low temperature impact performance of fracture toughness at -35 DEG C, also has the characteristics such as scratch resistance, weather resistance and low total carbon, and can be used for meeting the requirements of a high-grade car seamless blasting dashboard. The invention also discloses a preparation method of the polypropylene composite material. The preparation method is simple to operate, does not need special equipment, is low in cost, and is suitable for industrial production.

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  • Polypropylene composite material as well as preparation method and application thereof
  • Polypropylene composite material as well as preparation method and application thereof
  • Polypropylene composite material as well as preparation method and application thereof


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[0037] Examples 1~5
[0038] The copolymer polypropylene (i.e. propylene-ethylene block copolymer polypropylene), polyethylene, talc, thermoplastic elastomer, scratch-resistant additives, lubricants, composite light and heat stabilizers and other components are in parts by weight in Table 1. The mixing ratio is uniformly mixed in the mixer to obtain the mixed material. The mixed materials are fed into the twin-screw extruder from the feeder. The temperature of the twin-screw extruder from the feeding section to the head is: 190℃, 210℃, 220℃, 220℃, 220℃, 220℃, 220℃, 230℃, the temperature of the die is 230℃. After high-speed shearing and mixing by a twin-screw extruder (screw speed of 800r/min), extrusion, drawing, air cooling, pelletizing, drying and packaging by the machine head, a polypropylene composite product is prepared.
[0039] Table 1
[0041] The raw material sources and main performance indexes used in Examples 1 to 5 are shown in Table 2:
[0042] Table 2


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