Siraitia-grosvenorii sweet ginger slice and preparation method thereof

A technology of Luo Han Guo and ginger slices, applied in the field of Luo Han Guo sweet ginger slices and its preparation, can solve problems such as unsuitable for consumption

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-04-15
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However, traditional ginger candies are mostly made of ginger and white sugar, and are not suitable f...
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The invention provides a siraitia-grosvenorii sweet ginger slice and a preparation method thereof. The siraitia-grosvenorii sweet ginger slice is prepared by uniformly mixing 8-10 parts by weight of ginger powder, 1-3 parts by weight of fresh siraitia grosvenorii leaching liquid with the concentration of 20 Baume degree and 1-2 parts of maltodextrin with stirring, performing tabletting and microwave drying. The siraitia-grosvenorii sweet ginger slice has the health-care effects of siraitia grosvenorii and ginger, also is sweet, free of cane sugar and good in mouthfeel, and is edible by the elderly, diabetic patients, cardiovascular patients and fat persons.

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Food ingredient functionsFood preparation

Technology Topic

MaltodextrinSucrose +4


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Example Embodiment

[0015] Example 1:
[0016] A preparation method of Luo Han Guo sweet ginger slice includes the following steps:
[0017] (1) Preparation of fresh mangosteen fruit extract: crush ripe fresh mangosteen fruit and extract with hot water, the weight ratio of fresh mangosteen fruit and water is 1:3, extract three times, combine the extracts, and concentrate to 20 Baume ;
[0018] (2) Wash ginger slices, dry, crush, pass through a 100-mesh sieve, and make ginger powder;
[0019] (3) Weigh ginger powder 9 and 20 Baume fresh Luo Han Guo extract 2 and maltodextrin 2 in parts by weight, mix and stir evenly;
[0020] (5) Press the tablet with a tablet press and dry it in microwave.

Example Embodiment

[0021] Example 2:
[0022] It was carried out according to the method steps of Example 1, except that the ratio of the amount of materials used was 8, ginger powder, fresh Luo Han Guo extract 2, 20 Baume, and 1.5 maltodextrin.

Example Embodiment

[0023] Example 3:
[0024] It was carried out according to the method steps of Example 1, except that the proportions of the materials used were 10 ginger powder, fresh Luo Han Guo extract 3 with 20 Baume degree, and maltodextrin 3.


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