Wing-shaped part

An airfoil and airfoil technology, applied in the field of airfoils, can solve problems such as the need to improve mechanical integrity, and achieve the effect of improving the efficiency of the whole machine

Active Publication Date: 2015-07-08
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[0003] There are various improved airfoils, see for example US6190128B1 which discloses a cooled moving blade for a gas turbine having a contoured base portion formed by an elliptical curved surface, and a ...
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The invention relates to a wing-shaped part. A specific relation between the chord length, the mounting angle and the angle of bend is set, and the equilibrium relation of various indices such as overall efficiency, economic efficiency, mechanical integrity and working service life can be effectively improved.

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Pump componentsBlade accessories +3

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Mechanical integrityEngineering +3


  • Wing-shaped part
  • Wing-shaped part


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Example Embodiment

[0016] The composition structure and working principle of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings.
[0017] figure 1 Lists the arbitrary indexing of the airfoil from the reference point A0 at the bottom end to the point A6 at the distal end, and each indexed section of the airfoil is an airfoil.
[0018] figure 2 The terms chord length L, installation angle, bending angle β, leading edge radius r, thickness h used to define the airfoil exemplarily.
[0019] Such as figure 2 As shown, the middle arc 1 is the line connecting the center of the inscribed circle around the airfoil and is called the middle arc. Leading edge 2 refers to the foremost point of the arc in the airfoil, called the leading edge of the airfoil. The trailing edge 3 refers to the last point of the arc in the airfoil called the trailing edge. The line between the front and rear edges of the airfoil is called the airfoil chord, and the length of the chord is called the chord length L. The radius of the inscribed circle at the leading edge of the airfoil is called the leading edge radius r. The diameter of the inscribed circle of the airfoil circumference is called the thickness h. The angle between the chord line and the line L2 perpendicular to the longitudinal axis L1 is the installation angle α. Mid arc at trailing edge 1 The angle between the tangent line and the chord line is the bend angle β.
[0020] According to the height index, the airfoil has the chord length L, the installation angle α and the bending angle β as listed in Table 1, wherein the data in Table 1 retain three decimal places. The leading edge radius is 1-3mm, and the maximum thickness h is 15-20mm.
[0021] Index
[0022] Although the content disclosed and described in this article is regarded as the most practical typical embodiment, it is not a limitation to the scope of protection of the present invention. Those skilled in the art should understand that on the basis of the technical solution of the present invention, the technology in the field Various modifications or variations that can be made by personnel without creative work are still within the protection scope of the present invention.


Thickness15.0 ~ 20.0mm

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